Thought of the Day: Reach Out And Touch No One

The other night I felt like watching Survivor Series 1989 for no apparent reason and something occurred to me when I watched the opening match.As the guys were coming out for the match, it’s amazing how close the fans got to the wrestlers.  They could often touch the guys on the back or high five them on the way to the ring.  That still happens today, but it’s when the wrestlers want to go over there due to how far away they are from the crowd.  I understand why they do it now, but I miss having the wrestlers that close to the fans.  It makes things so much more personable.

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  1. M.R. says:

    I notice it alot more around the ring, with the smaller mats there used to only be about five feet between the ring and the guardrail, always thought it looked cooler that way.