Lucha Underground – December 3, 2014: Maybe They Should Try Above Ground?

Lucha Underground
December 3, 2014
Location: Lucha Underground Arena, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

I’m finally caught up with these guys but unfortunately it’s right around the time when things are starting to slow down. The stories are getting a bit dull but there’s still more than enough time to fix things before it gets too boring. The main story continues to be Mundo/Puma vs. Ryck/Cisco/Castro, while Cueto is still behind the scenes pulling the strings. Let’s get to it.

Big Ryck is in Cueto’s office and has just signed a big money contract. Cueto calls violence his favorite form of entertainment, and things are about to become a lot more entertaining.

Here are Ivelisse and Son of Havoc for a chat. She isn’t pleased that Son of Havoc has been treated like such a joke since he debuted here, having to face a woman and half a man so far. If they wanted to deal with this, they wouldn’t have signed a seven year contract to fight here. If this is what they wanted, they would be living in Nashville. Yeah yeah yeah, take those shots at companies that have actually been around longer than five weeks. Havoc issues an open challenge.

Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Son of Havoc

Escarlate is an exotico, which basically means cross dressing wrestler. Striker says Gorgeous George was something like an exotico, which is like saying Chyna and Miss Elizabeth are the same kind of characters because they’re both women. Escarlata hits a high cross body to start things off but Havoc isn’t pleased. Back up and Escarlata tries to kiss him in the corner but settles for a top rope armdrag.

They head outside with Havoc taking a flip dive off the apron, setting up a missile dropkick back inside. Ivelisse gets on the apron as Havoc hiptosses him into the corner for two. A backdrop sends Escarlata over the post and out to the floor but he avoids a cross body. Escarlata is favoring his shoulder as Ivelisse comes in, drawing in Mascarita Sagrada for a distraction so Escarlata can grab a rollup for the pin.

Rating: D. Much like the Sagrada matches, these matches may mean a lot in Mexico but American audiences are going to need someone a lot more competent than Vampiro or Striker to explain the idea. On top of that, the match was bad with some basic flips but too much going on to keep track of anything. Bad match and not a good idea in the first place.

Mundo goes in to yell at Cueto, saying he’s going to hurt him more every time Cueto sends Big Ryck after him. Cueto offers to pay Mundo off but Johnny takes the key from around Cueto’s neck for insurance.

Famous B. vs. Mil Muertes

Muertes jumps him before the bell before choking B. across the ropes. He slams B. out of the corner and the spear sets up the Flatliner for the pin.

Post match Mil holds Famous up for the lick from Catrina.

Video on Drago, focusing on how awesome dragons are.

Drago vs. King Cuerno

Cuerno immediately dropkicks him down and stomps away. He seems very angry but is nice enough to stand in one place so Drago can take him down with a springboard hurricanrana. The King slams him down though and nails Drago in the ribs a few times. I love how Cuerno stalks him like a hunter would. Those little things can carry a character. Back up and Drago kicks the knee out to send Cuerno to the floor, setting up a big dive.

The same chick from last week is shown watching from the entrance again. A running Blockbuster gets two for Drago with Cuerno grabbing the referee to break up the count. Back up and a rolling cradle gets two for Cuerno before he sends Drago outside for a dive of his own. Drago is done so the sitout AA (the Thrill of the Hunt) is enough for the pin.

Rating: C. I like Cuerno more than most of the people on this show but he needs to get on to someone other than Drago. It’s not a bad match or anything but it feels like Cuerno is just several steps ahead of him, which doesn’t make for the most entertaining matches. Good enough here though and Drago didn’t look bad.

Johnny Mundo comes out and demands Cueto come out here and pay him the $100,000 he stole at the first show. Instead he gets Big Ryck, who threatens to put Mundo through another table unless he leaves. Mundo dives through the ropes to take Ryck down before telling Cueto to get out here again. Cue Konnan, who says the money really belongs to Puma. Mundo’s actions have caused Puma to be attacked over and over so Puma will no longer have Mundo’s back.

The distraction lets Ryck nail Mundo, only to have Puma come in for a save. The good guys dropkick Ryck out to the floor but start slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Security can’t break them up so Cueto comes out with a briefcase containing the money. It’s supposed to be Ryck’s signing bonus, but Ryck has to earn it. Therefore, next week we’re having a $100,000 ladder match. Striker: “Dirtsheet quality news!”

Chavo Guerrero Jr./Pentagon Jr. vs. Sexy Star/Fenix

Fallout from last week with Chavo and Pentagon attacking Star, causing Fenix to come out for a save. Pentagon and Star get things going but all four are in a second after the bell. Fenix dropkicks Chavo out to the floor but Pentagon throws Star after him, leaving the masked men to speed things up. Fenix knocks him to the floor so it’s back to Chavo vs. Fenix with Guerrero slapping on a chinlock.

That goes nowhere as Fenix pops up and makes the tag off to Star to hammer on Chavo, until Pentagon trips her up from the apron. Pentagon comes in and chokes on the ropes as the heels keep control. Star finally slaps Chavo in the face, allowing for the hot tag off to Fenix. Things speed up as Fenix kicks him in the head, only to have Pentagon come back in with a quick powerbomb for two. Chavo nails a dropkick for two before Pentagon comes in for a double team.

Fenix nails a handspring cutter on Pentagon, setting up the real hot tag to Star for her revenge. Everything breaks down and Chavo takes over on Star, only to have Fenix dive into a double stomp to his back but get suplexed into the corner by Pentagon. Star DDTs Chavo down and hits a big dive out to the floor to take out Pentagon again.

Fenix backdrops Chavo outside as well, setting up a huge dive of his own. Back in and Star dives into a slam, setting up the “Five Star Frog Splash” (seriously, can we have Striker shot already?) until Fenix makes the save. He superkicks Pentagon down and nails a top rope double knee to the chest to give Star the pin.

Rating: D+. This is a tricky one as the match felt more like a lucha tag with everyone all over the place, but that takes away most of the storytelling that goes with it. The match was kind of a mess, though it was exciting enough to keep me interested. Star probably needs to win a singles match against a guy to validate all this stuff, but this was better than nothing.

Overall Rating: D. I really wasn’t feeling this one but they’ve set up enough stuff going forward. The problem here is that most of the wrestling hasn’t been great, and at the end of the day that’s going to catch up with you. I like the main event story though as Mundo and Puma should be able to tear the house down, which Cueto and Konnan make things a bit more interesting. The ladder match next week should be interesting as well. Not a good show this week but there’s a lot to look forward to if they can make it work.

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