Reviewing the Review – Monday Night Raw: December 8, 2014

Monday was another special edition of Raw that really didn’t feel all that special. We had the annual Slammy Awards and they really didn’t feel like they meant anything this time around. Other than that it was the go home show for TLC, meaning it’s time for Big Show vs. Cena. Again. Let’s get to it.

I already wrote a full column on the awards themselves so I’ll skip over talking about them here.

Seth Green was the guest host and was fine in the role. Well as fine as a totally unnecessary guest host can be on this show.

The Stooges helped Rollins beat Ziggler. This was one of those little things that help me get through a match, as Ziggler didn’t do a clean job. You know, meaning he’s not Rollins or Harper against Ryback but that’s another story for later in the week. The match was nothing special due to time constraints.

Kofi beat Stardust in another nothing match. New Day is growing on me and a win over the Dusts on Sunday’s pre-show should help things out a good bit.

We got an interesting exchange between Heyman and Rollins with Paul trying to fire Seth up before his tables match on Sunday. I like that little hint that Heyman and Lesnar are scared of Cena as it plays up the continuity of Cena having Lesnar beaten in their last match. Actually this is the kind of thing that makes the rest of the show so frustrating: they’re clearly capable of having a well thought out story like this but it gets weighed down by so many other things that it’s almost impossible to get through the rest of the show.

Charlotte debuted and got pinned by Natalya in two and a half minutes. My guess is WWE thinks the fans aren’t going to remember this in a few months when Charlotte shows up again. This would be the opposite of what I saw in the previous segment: instead of thinking their way through a well done story with good continuity, they’re basically saying “eh screw it. No one is going to care.” It’s a problem that could be solved so easily: either don’t have Charlotte appear here, have her appear with some other NXT girl, or have her win. Seriously you couldn’t put her out there against Rosa?

Bray came out and explained that the rocking chair used to belong to Abigail and that he first saw her sitting in it. I love the little bits we get of Bray’s backstory but most of it is left to our own imaginations, which is how something like that should be. Dean returned (did he ever actually leave?) and had another great moment by returning in an ambulance, complete with smoke coming out of the back. They had a big brawl and Bray ran off with Dean laying on the table, begging him to come back. It’s an awesome visual, but it makes me wonder what the point was in having Dean do a stretcher job when they’re just going to ignore it like three days later. Again with the continuity issues.

Cena promised to put Rollins through a table in serious mode.

Harper and Rowan had a very quick brawl ending in a DQ. Again, save that big match for a PPV showdown like you should. Doing something like this was fine though because it didn’t matter and didn’t end in a fall. Then again this was Harper vs. Rowan so WWE actually cares about them, unlike Charlotte.

Naomi is going to Hollywood for an audition but Jimmy is worried about Miz. This makes Naomi think he doesn’t trust her as this story continues to be one of the best done things they have going on right now.

The Russians admitted they hurt Zeb, drawing out Swagger to try and break Rusev’s ankle. This ends how you would expect it to.

Ryback/the Usos beat Miz/Mizdow/Kane with Ryback pinning Miz, BECAUSE WE CAN’T FREAKING PIN KANE AND A CHAMPION HAS TO DO A FREAKING JOB! More on this on Smackdown.

AJ made Summer tap to the Black Widow in yet another nothing match.

The Stooges still won’t let Big Show do a job as they ran in to give Cena the DQ win. Again, we can job a champion on Raw (and another on Smackdown) but Big Show has to be protected. This is the most perplexing thing going on in WWE at the moment and I really do not understand it.

The show ended with the Survivor Series teams brawling and Cena going through a table. I couldn’t remember this ending earlier today when I was watching Smackdown because it’s so similar to the endings we’ve seen in the last few weeks. That’s a really bad sign.

Overall Raw was the exact same thing we’ve seen for weeks but with an awards ceremony going on in the background. WWE is really needing something to freshen things up at the moment and it’s getting harder and harder to sit through these shows. You’ll occasionally get a flash of good but it gets dragged right back down into the same drek that we’ve been sitting through for months with one idea being repeated for months and long promos that set up another Cena vs. Lesnar match that people don’t care to see.

Between that and Kane/Big Show not being allowed to job but champions or young stars losing almost every week, it’s really hard to get behind something in WWE. That’s what NXT is for I guess, which continues to be by far and away more entertaining because they don’t try to do so many other things besides just have a wrestling show.

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  1. Hamler says:

    Youre spot on all over the place. Totally agree.

    Raw has been an absolute bore lately. It feels like the writers are just going through the motions. And after watching NXT last night, it makes me wonder why I continue to watch RAW every week.