2014 Awards News Story Of The Year

This one is a big easier to get through.I’m going to knock out the stories that just don’t measure up.

1. TNA thrown off SpikeTV, goes to Destination America.

At the end of the day, TNA just doesn’t matter in the big picture.  They’ve been the same default second biggest promotion in America for years now and they’re such a tiny blip on the radar that this just doesn’t mean much.  Now they’re going to have even fewer people watching their product which is likely to keep screwing up and not capitalizing on the talent they have.  It’s something you mention but it’s just not a big deal due to how insignificant TNA really is.

2. WWE Network doesn’t do that well.

No it hasn’t, but again I’d like to point out that we’re about nine months into something that is going to direct the company for like, ever.  They’re already getting it better and the numbers could go up over time.  It’s a story, but WAY too early to tell us much.

3. WWE signs Kenta, Steen and Devitt.

Much like the Network but in the other direction, it’s hard to say what this means.  It’s a big splash and gets headlines, but we need to see what these guys are going to mean on the main roster.


Now we get to the big stories.

1. Ultimate Warrior Dies After Appearing On Raw.

It’s not often in my life that I’m shocked by something, but this actually stunned me.  I mean….he was there twenty four hours earlier and then HHH is breaking news that he’s passed away.  It capped off the perfect weekend to end someone’s career, but my goodness this was jarring.

2. Daniel Bryan Needs Surgery.

I don’t think anything else changed the entire landscape of wrestling as much as this did.  Bryan was the guy and was going to be the focus of the company for the rest of the year and now he can’t even get in the ring.  It’s going to be very interesting to see where he is when he gets back, because he’s going to have to rebuild a lot of his career.

3. CM Punk.

I think we have a winner.  At the end of the day, Punk walking out changed a lot (though not as much as Bryan) immediately.  However, it’s all the aftermath that has been the talk of the wrestling world this year.  From Punk just leaving to the teasing of him coming back to the podcast to him signing with UFC (and doing the same thing that he criticized Rock and Lesnar for), nothing has meant more this year than the never ending saga of CM Punk.  To put this in perspective, I turned on ESPN today and Punk was sitting there on Sportscenter in the middle of the afternoon.  I don’t remember Cena doing that, but Punk is right there doing it now.  Punk is the story of the year and could be next year as well.

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