Lucha Underground – December 17, 2014: Beware The Dark Side

Lucha Underground
Date: December 17, 2014
Location: Lucha Underground Arena, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

The main story coming out of last week is Johnny Mundo taking the $100,000 in the ladder match and then laying out Cueto. It’s hard to say where things go from here, but the main story seems to be the continuing feud with the boss because that’s how wrestling works anymore. Let’s get to it.

We open with a bunch of the roster in the ring and Dario Cueto coming out to address them. Everyone in the ring will be competing in a Lucha Underground ten way match, as well as another ten competing in a ten way match of their own. The winners will receive something much more valuable than money.

Drago vs. Big Ryck vs. Prince Puma vs. King Cuerno vs. Mascarita Sagrada vs. Fenix vs. Mariachi Loco vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Son of Havoc vs. Super Fly

One fall to a finish. It’s a big brawl to start with everyone going after Ryck but he shoves all of them away. Sagrada actually puts Ryck in a hammerlock and kicks his legs out, only to have…..something happen to him. I’m not sure what because the camera was on Vampiro and Striker. It doesn’t help that Striker is starting to lose his voice. Actually wait. That’s a REALLY good thing.

Everyone goes after Ryck again before Pentagon backdrops Drago onto Fenix. Sagrada misses a kick to Pentagon’s head before both guys head out to the apron. The little guy monkey flips Fenix down on the floor before Super Fly hits a huge moonsault from the top to take out Pentagon again. It’s Son of Havoc vs. Puma in the ring with both guys flipping around a lot until Havoc headscissors him down onto the bad ribs.

Puma sends him right back to the floor and hits a big flip dive before high fiving Danny Trejo. Ryck comes back in to wreck some people, including throwing Drago onto Super Fly and Pentagon. Everyone else gets their heads taken off with clotheslines. Puma and Fenix dropkick Ryck out to the floor before they trade running kicks to the jaw. Cuerno comes in to make a Tower of Doom to take down Fenix and Puma, only to have Havoc hit a shooting star on Cuerno for two.

Fenix hits a big flip splash for two on Puma, leaving us with Drago vs. Super Fly. Cuerno makes the save but Drago hammers him down, only to get kicked in the face. The Thrill of the Hunt is good for two as Mariachi Loco comes back in and superkicks Cuerno down for two. Pentagon grabs Loco for a package piledriver (called a Muscle Buster by Striker) for two more.

Sagrada comes back in to hammer on everyone but Puma throws him into the air for a kick to the ribs (it would be a punt Vampiro, not a field goal). Not that it matters as Ryck drills Puma with a clothesline, only to have everyone go after him again. Drago gets knocked to the floor for a great looking dive from Cureno, followed by the parade of dives to put most of the people down. Fenix hits a kind of 619 to Ryck but Puma kicks him down a second later. Puma hits the 630 on Ryck but walks into a tornado DDT from Fenix. A sitout tombstone is enough for Fenix to pin Puma in a pretty big upset.

Rating: C+. This was fun but it was so insane that it was hard to keep track of. The dives are always cool to see, but I’m not wild on the lack of focus on the storyline and the emphasis going onto the insanity with the dives and flips. Yeah they’re fun, but eventually people are going to stop caring because they’ve seen them before.

Battle Royal

Mil Muertes, Sexy Star, Ricky Mandel, Pimpinela Escarlata, Cicso, Johnny Mundo, Famous B., Cortez Castro, Bael, Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Well, it is different. Bael is the recently debuted B-Boy. Star dives through the ropes to go after Chavo during the entrances before throwing him in for the first time. Mundo is quickly thrown over the top but hangs on as only he can. Famous B. (I don’t know who he is either) is thrown out early as Escarlata takes down Cortez and Cisco, only to get dropkicked by Star.

There goes Mandel as this is a mess so far. Striker calls Escarlata him and her in the span of five seconds, only to have Escarlata be eliminated a few seconds later. Chavo throws Star to the mat before pulling on her hair. A high cross body goes badly for Star and Chavo easily eliminates her. Mundo gets knocked to the apron but manages to fight off all three members of the Crew. He even manages to eliminate Cisco and Cortez, allowing Muertes to spear Bael and dump him.

We’re down to Chavo, Mundo and Muertes with Guerrero getting the early advantage. Mundo fights back but misses a dropkick, allowing Chavo to monkey flip him to the apron but Johnny hangs on again. Muertes grabs Chavo for a German suplex but Mundo sunset flips him, sending Chavo flying. Vampiro: “I haven’t seen that since All Japan!” Then watch TNA because I’ve seen it there at least three times, but I guess that doesn’t count because it’s not from Japan.

Catrina trips up Mundo and Muertes sends him to the apron, only to have Johnny springboard back in. Chavo gets crotched on the ropes, setting up the Flying Chuck for the elimination by Mundo. We’re down to Muertes vs. Mundo and the slugout is on. Johnny is knocked back to the apron but grabs Muertes by the leg. Striker of course talks about Catrina’s skirt.

A knee to the face staggers Mil and Mundo sends him to the apron. Some kicks to Mil’s ribs have him in trouble but he knocks Mundo down on the apron. Johnny just keeps kicking though and gets back in, setting up an enziguri to put Muertes down again. The End of the World hits knees though and Johnny comes up limping, allowing Mil to clothesline him (of course called a Lariato by Striker because….well because he’s Striker) out for the win.

Rating: C-. This is another match where I really don’t know what I’m supposed to say about it. It’s a battle royal and not a particularly interesting one. Yeah the right guy won and it likely sets up Fenix vs. Muertes for something, but at the end of the day, most battle royals just aren’t that interesting, this one included.

Here’s Cueto with something this promotion has needed for awhile: the Lucha Underground Championship. He’s come up with the most brutal match ever: Aztec Warfare. On the first show of the new year, the winner will be crowned the first ever Lucha Underground Champion. That brings him to Muertes and Fenix. They’ve battled to get here, but now they’re facing each other for….the final spot in Aztec Warfare. The loser however will enter last. It sounds like a Royal Rumble from here.

Fenix vs. Mil Muertes

Muertes knocks him down to start and hammers away on Fenix’s back. A very bouncy springboard armdrag (with Muertes just standing there like a nitwit) takes Mil down before a missile dropkick sends him out to the floor. Fenix follows him out with a big corkscrew dive but both guys are down. Back in and the spear takes Fenix down as the announcers keep talking about Catrina looking good. Fenix pops back up with a handspring into a kick to the head, only to have Muertes plant him for two. Another handspring into a cutter gets two for Fenix but he springboards into a European uppercut. The Flatliner gives Muertes the win.

Rating: C. Just a basic power vs. speed match here and more proof that Muertes needs a better finisher. It’s just not a good move for a guy that strong to use as a finisher. Change him over to something like a spinebuster or just that spear, but get him away from the same thing Mr. Anderson uses.

In the back, Cueto looks at the title and says the gold in the belt comes from each of the Aztec tribes. He tells someone off camera that they can’t touch it to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. The show was fun for the most part but I’m really not wild on them basically throwing out most of the stories for a one night competition to set up another competition. Now hopefully they can tie things back together with the stories to make it all come full circle, but I’m starting to lose faith in these guys. I’m just not feeling this idea of going for a fun show rather than setting up lasting stories. It makes them feel a little desperate, which isn’t a good sign. Hopefully I’m looking too deeply into this, but I’m not wild on this show.

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