2014 Awards: Wrestler of the Year

I’ve made my pick for this pretty clear so we’ll wrap up the year with something else.

We’ll start with the usual suspects.

John Cena had his usual good year but it was nothing spectacular. He won another World Title and then entered into a never ending feud with Brock Lesnar. His Wyatt feud was nothing great and died after that first match at Wrestlemania. It says a lot when what would be a career year for most people is average at best for Cena.

Orton has to be mentioned as well given that he main evented Wrestlemania and had some great matches as part of the reformed Evolution. Again though, this just wasn’t a blow away year for him and while good, there are people who beat him without much effort.

Daniel Bryan is the big white goat faced elephant in the room on this one. The first half of the year was as strong as it could have been for him with an outstanding match at the Royal Rumble and then that whole Wrestlemania thing. The neck injury literally stopped him cold though and that’s more than enough to take him out of contention. If this wrapped up in the summer like the PWI Awards, it would go to Bryan in a heartbeat.

Roman Reigns…….just no. I still don’t buy that the Slammy voting was fair on this as there’s no reason to vote him Wrestler of the Year. He had a good year but there are multiple people who have beaten him out.

Brock Lesnar wrestled four times this year and went 3-1 (remember Night of Champions was a DQ). I need more than that to give him an award.

Dean Ambrose would get on here if he had actually won anything of note, but he’s lost almost every major singles match he’s had. The fact that he’s still over is a very good sign though.

You have to mention AJ Styles, who was technically TNA World Champion when the year started and has gone on to become one of the kings of the indies and a big deal in Japan. This run continues to make me wonder what the heck TNA was thinking when they turned him into Crow Styles for so long last year, as well as treating him like a second rate guy who should be lucky enough to be in the same ring as whatever 50 year old they were pushing at the moment. As good as AJ was though, there was one just above.

And that would be Seth Rollins. From the beginning of the year with Shield to the heel turn to winning Money in the Bank to feuding with Ambrose, Cena and now Reigns, the guy has feuded with top starts and defeated most of them while also becoming as big of a heel as there is in the company. Rollins came off as pure evil this past Monday when he threatened to break Edge’s neck even after getting what he wanted. The guy can talk, has great matches and is nailing his character. What more could you possibly ask for?

This was the year of the Shield and they’re going to be a big deal in this company for years to come. Rollins is in the lead right now, but it’s going to be very interesting to see where this goes from here.


  1. Gunther_224 says:

    Ziggler had a pretty good year too. 3 IC title wins and the rub of a lifetime at Survivor Series.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    He’s up there but hte first half of the year was pretty meaningless.

  2. Si says:

    Can’t argue with Rollins at all, no one had a complete year at all so it is really hard to have a runaway winner with this