New Column: How Do You Like Your Wrestlemania?

Comparing a rare two straight quality Wrestlemanias.  With science!


  1. Bj says:

    Idk about u but seeing sting come 2 a wwe 2 wrestle a match was memorable. Seeing him on that stage w/da entrance da crowd and him facing hhh gave me goosebumps. Never thought I would c sting n a wwe and at mania!!!

    klunderbunker Reply:

    That was up there, but it wasn’t as big after the debut at Survivor Series. Also it kind of went away when HHH came out with his robot army.

    Bj Reply:

    Yea hhh entrance did kinda dull da moment a lil(altho I loved his entrance). And altho memorable I coulda did w/out dx vs da nwo. Specially since sting was a thorn n their side and y would Nash hall and 2 an extent Hogan would b n stings corner?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    They didn’t think the story through and just thought “WCW vs. WWE!”

  2. Heyo says:

    Judging from what I’ve read, it sounds like WrestleMania XXX will hold up better than XXXI for one reason: There was a match EVERYONE agreed was great(Bryan vs. HHH) and arguably a second one(I seriously think the triple threat was awesome). XXXI sounded like it had good to almost great matches, but not one match that really stands out or is a classic.

    If you ask me, a show can be more fondly remembered if it has at least ONE classic(VI and XVIII would have been more forgettable without Hogan/Warrior and Hogan/Rock, and those are the only matches people RAVED about).

    That’s not to say that XXXI is bad. In fact, having no weak matches and a lot of matches being good is not a bad thing to have for a WrestleMania. Just that people tend to remember the great better than the good, and XXX had more great material than XXXI.

  3. Vega says:

    Did you intentionally leave out Bryan – HHH in the match quality discussion? If you included that, XXX would’ve won that category as well for me. I even liked XXX’s main event much more, but this overall quality discussion should be had a year down the line when the dust setlled on both and the emotions aren’t fresh.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I did, but that was the only match that trumped anything at XXXI.