Lucha Underground – April 15, 2015: Time For The Authority To Go To School

Lucha Underground
Date: April 15, 2015
Location: Lucha Underground Arena, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro

Tonight is a big double main event with the finals of the best of five series between Drago and Aero Star for whatever the mystery prize may be, plus Cuerno’s team meeting Puma’s team in the Trios Title tournament. Last week wasn’t the best episode the show has ever had so they could use an upgrade tonight, hopefully with more logic abounding. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the Trios Title tournament, the Puma v. Cuerno title match and the Aero Star vs. Drago series.

Cueto and Aero Star appear to be on the roof with Cueto saying Star needs to win tonight. Just remember that everything has a price.

The house band plays us in.

Trios Tag Team Title Tournament First Round: Cage/King Cuerno/Texano vs. Johnny Mundo/Prince Puma/Hernandez

Hernandez and Cuerno get things going in what could be a decent fight. Cuerno kicks him into the corner to start and nails a forearm, only to have Hernandez shrug it off and catch a charging Cuerno. An attempt at an Alpha Bomb is countered into a sunset flip but Hernandez just laughs at him. A gorilla press drop sends the King flying but he makes the tag to Texano.

Hernandez throws him onto the shoulder and takes Texano into the corner with Johnny tagging himself in for some kicks to the ribs. He gets to nine but opts for a breakdancing kick for number ten in a nice touch. Off to Puma vs. Cuerno in a battle of royalty. Johnny tries to come in without a tag, allowing Cuerno and Texano to take turns slapping Puma. Well they’ve got the jerk thing down. Puma comes back with kicks to the head, allowing for the hot tag to Johnny as everything breaks down.

Hernandez throws Johnny at Texano in the corner, followed by Johnny’s running knee strikes to the head. The melee allows Texano to get in a cheap shot to Johnny and slap on a half crab to the bad knee. It’s finally off to Cage, with Striker singing his entrance to the tune of Man Called Sting from WCW. Just….stop with the unfunny comedy. Leave that to me. Puma gets the hot tag and sends Texano into Cage, making him DDT his own partner. Two things in a row I can’t stand indeed.

Everything breaks down and Hernandez hits a big dive to take out Cage, allowing Mundo and Puma to break up the Arrow from Cuerno. They follow that up with stereo corkscrew dives to put everyone down. After a bit on the floor it’s Cage vs. Puma inside, but everyone comes back in for a series of train spots in the corner (like seven in a row with both teams getting in shots. The Godfather would be proud.), setting up a 450 for two on Cage. Nice false finish there.

Texano hits a Codebreaker on Hernandez but Mundo hits a top rope spear to drop him as well. Puma’s Blue Thunder Bomb drops Cuerno and everyone is down again. Texano pulls out the bullrope to nail Mundo and Puma in succession, setting up the Thrill of the Hunt to pin the champ and send Cuerno’s team to the finals.

Rating: C+. If they’re going for anarchy with the Trios Titles, they’re on the right track. I don’t mind it here as that’s the style they seem to be going for, but it’s still not something I can get into for the most part. Cuerno didn’t need to pin Puma though, unless that’s Puma’s next challenger. It also shows that there was no need for last week to be a title match.

Cueto is thrilled with the win but wants a preview of next week. Therefore it’s one member of each team in a three way match right now.

Cage vs. The Mack vs. Son of Havok

Havok and Mack try to double team Cage to start but they can’t quite get it together. Vampiro thinks we should give this to Havok because he’s a fan favorite, which is more proof that Vampiro is stupid. The Mack sends Havok to the floor but charges into Cage’s boot in the corner. That goes nowhere though and Mack puts cage down in the corner, only to have Havok come in and take him down for two off a standing moonsault.

Cage gets back up but walks into some suplexes from Mack, only to have Havok crotch him on the top. Havok hurricanranas Mack into a Swanton onto Cage for two but Mack makes the save and hits his own standing moonsault for two. The announcers talk about PCP (that would explain so much) and we get a Tower of Doom with Mack being superplexed down (Striker: “Who took the brunt of it though?” Striker…..just dang man.).

Mack rolls to the floor (BECAUSE HE GOT SUPERPLEXED AND POWEBOMBED AT THE SAME TIME YOU STUPID STUPID MAN) but Havok uses Cage as a stepping stone into a suicide dive to take Mack down. Cage heads outside so Havok can try another dive, only to get caught in a delayed vertical suplex. Ok that looked awesome. Back in and Mack breaks up Weapon X with a kick to the face but Havok drops Mack, only to miss the shooting star. A quick Weapon X (Cage really needs a better finisher for a move with that name) is enough to pin Havok.

Rating: C. Striker induced rage aside, this was a fun three way with everyone looking decent enough. Mack still stands out like a sore thumb but he’s athletic enough to get by. This was a nice preview for next week and the best thing they probably could have done. I like it better than a random brawl because wrestling is the focus here. Imagine that.

Cueto goes into a bathroom to talk to Drago, where he asks if Aero Star is going to slay the dragon. Cueto leaves and Drago…..spits up blue goo.

Pentagon is in the ring without a match scheduled. He dedicates his next sacrifice to his master and goes after the ring announcer, drawing Vampiro out of his seat but Sexy Star comes out for the real save.

Aero Star vs. Drago

Cueto is doing the ring announcing and goes insanely over the top with the facial expressions. The winner wins the series and a unique opportunities. Drago takes him down to start and puts on something like a chinlock as we see Cueto looking all sinister. Star heads to the apron and pulls Drago down by the head, setting up a slingshot backsplash for two. That’s fine with Drago who ties Star up in the Tree of Woe for a running dropkick to the face. As usual, when all else fails, KICK HIM IN THE FACE.

Both guys get back up and growl, setting up a double clothesline to get a breather. Star is up first with a 619 to the ribs, followed by a dropkick to send Drago outside. Something like Stardust’s Falling Star puts Drago down but Star can’t follow up. Back in and Drago hits a quick backsplash for two but Star sends him into the corner for something like a seated senton to the back for two of his own.

The springboard splash gets two for Star but Drago kicks him back to the floor. It’s table time and Cueto smiles approvingly. Apparently this is no countout and no DQ, which is the first mention of this that I’ve heard but it makes the match a bit more interesting. Star fights back and puts Drago on the table, setting up a running springboard splash for the HUGE spot of the match.

Back in and a springboard backsplash gets two on Drago as frustration begins setting in. The fans are split here as Star gets two off a quick victory roll. Drago gets the same off a small package and they slowly slug it out as Striker compares the bottom of the ninth to overtime because he doesn’t get traditional sports either. A big kick sends Star into the ropes and he looks out on his feet, so the Dragon’s Lair is enough to give Drago the series.

Rating: B+. They saved the best for last as this was an amped up version of what they usually do. I could have gone with either guy winning here so Drago is fine with me. The good thing is either guy can go on to something else so everyone is still in good shape. Really fun stuff here as both guys looked good in matches that didn’t have to be great for you, but man alive they were entertaining.

Cueto congratulates Drago on the win and gives him his prize: a Lucha Underground Title shot. That’s a bit too tame though, so if Drago loses, he’s out of Lucha Underground forever. Now that’s how you heel it up: being evil BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Overall Rating: B. Yep they’re fine. This is the Lucha Underground I’ve come to know and love as everyone was all fired up tonight to set up the big title match next week. The cool thing about this company is they can throw enough curves to keep you surprised while also giving you exactly what you’re hoping to see out of a show like this. Good show this week and it’s nice to see them back on track.

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