You Should Buy My E-Books

Really you should.  I’ve been told they’re quite good.  Granted I was talking to myself but it was in fact said.  I have quite the selection to pick from and all are available on Amazon Prime:

1. History of ECW Pay Per Views

2. History of Starrcade

3. History of the WWE Championship

4. History of the Royal Rumble

5. Only On Pay Per View 1998 (Every pay per view from WWF and WCW in 1998)

6. History of Saturday Night’s Main Event

7. History of In Your House

8. Complete Monday Nitro Volume I – 1995/1996

9. History of Clash of the Champions

10. History of Summerslam

11. Complete Monday Nitro Volume II – 1997

12. History of Survivor Series

13. Complete 1998 Monday Night Raw

14. Complete 2001 Monday Night Raw


All of them run over 200 pages and many break 400.  That’s not bad for under $4 each.  Check them out as I’ve yet to hear someone who doesn’t at least like them a little bit.  They’re all e-books and can be read on pretty much any device and you can find free apps to read them on for almost any device here.




  1. Aeon Mathix says:

    An in depth look at a wrestler’s matches and moments for books would be a good idea. Like a Hulk Hogan book dating back to the oldest match you can find of his up until his last one (or latest one? Only Hulk knows) and a thoughts on the superstar at the end. Actually your wrestler of the day turned into a book with more description and details would be pretty killer.

  2. klunderbunker says:

    Becca suggested that years ago. It’s probably coming eventually as it’s a good idea.