Monday Night Raw – May 4, 2015: The OLE Is Strong With This One

Monday Night Raw
Date: May 4, 2015
Location: Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Commentators: John Bradshaw Layfield, Michael Cole, Booker T.

We’re already getting close to Payback and a lot of the card is already set just a little over a week after Extreme Rules. Seth Rollins is ready to defend the World Title against Roman Reigns and Randy Orton at the next pay per view in a triple threat match. The bigger story though seems to be Rollins vs. Kane, which has been brewing for months. Let’s get to it.

We open with Randy Orton, who thinks Payback is the perfect name for this upcoming pay per view. It’s time for him to get his payback on Rollins, and if Reigns has to get in the way so be it, because Orton is walking out champion. This brings out Reigns, who says Orton’s words won’t be coming true. If anyone is getting payback, it’s him. The fans chant RKO, but Reigns says the people don’t fight for Randy. Orton compares their resume and says Reigns has some catching up to do. Reigns brings up beating Randy back at Summerslam and has no problem breaking him in half again at Payback.

Cue the Auth……..uh……actually IT’S A NEW DAY! Woods says that as the only champions here, it’s their job to spread the positivity. No one cares about the Montreal Boo-job (that sounds like a Bo Dallas line) they have going on right now. Kingston says Rollins doesn’t just have Orton’s number but he’s got it on speed dial. Big E. offers them a chance to clap along with the New Day. Kofi: “I TOLD YOU THEY WOULDN’T DO IT!” A handicap match has been made.

New Day vs. Roman Reigns

Non-title. Of note here: the bell rang at 8:14, after a commercial. That’s the kind of speed I want in my opening segments. Kofi and Orton don’t do much so it’s off to Woods, who gets nailed by a hard shoulder. Woods’ leapfrog is countered into a Samoan drop, followed by the tag to Orton. The two man team take turns working over Woods until a Kofi distraction allows for the tag to Big E. It doesn’t take long to get back to Woods for a dropkick as we take a break.

Back with Reigns fighting out of Kofi’s chinlock but getting caught in some suplexes from Big E. for two. We hit a front facelock from Kofi and a chinlock from Xavier until Reigns finally powers out. A clothesline sets up the hot tag to Randy to clean house, including catching a springboarding Kofi in a powerslam. There’s a Superman Punch to Big E. and the elevated DDT to Kingston. Woods gets the RKO but Reigns spears Orton by mistake and Kingston gets the pin at 13:15.

Rating: C+. Totally logical and well done match with the CHAMPIONS WINNING. They had me thinking they were going to do the stupid “champions with an advantage lose” thing but instead they keep the losers looking strong and give the champions the win. That’s all I can ask for so the clapping was a nice bonus.

Kane comes out and says these two aren’t done yet and it’s Reigns vs. Orton for the main event.

After Kane’s announcement, he runs into Rollins in the back. Seth again dangles the Authority over Kane’s head (is the Authority just never in contact if they’re not on TV?) but Kane makes Rollins vs. Ambrose again for tonight but bars the Stooges from ringside. Rollins yells so Kane threatens to tie Rollins’ arms together for the match with Ambrose.

Renee Young (looking spiffy as always) brings out Ryback for a chat. He has no idea why Bray Wyatt has been going after him. The fans chant Goldberg and Ryback says he loves the fans too, because if he ignores it they’ll just keep doing it. That starts a FEED ME MORE chant so maybe he’s onto something. Ryback talks about being hungry to be a hero every single week to every kid in this audience. Last week, Bray Wyatt woke Ryback up and now he’s hungry. Talking time is over and now it’s feeding time. This brings Bray to the screen to talk about fear making us pledged allegiance to higher powers. Ryback will fear him as well.

Ascension vs. Tyson Kidd/Cesaro

The inset interview has the Ascension talking about Tyson being a Hart wannabe. Viktor stomps Kidd down in the corner to start and Ascension starts taking turns on him. Konnor gets two off a suplex and Viktor follows it up with a middle rope kick to the chest. Kidd rolls over for a hot tag to Cesaro for about ten running European uppercuts in the corner to Viktor, who stupidly kicks out at two. Kidd takes Konnor out with a flip dive and it’s the Swing into the dropkick for the pin at 4:07. Cesaro and Kidd got a huge face reaction here.

Rating: C+. THIS is the Kidd/Cesaro that the fans have been dying to cheer for months and they were on fire tonight. They’re developing an awesome chemistry together and Cesaro’s power hasn’t looked as good in a long time. Watching this match, you totally get the desire to see Cesaro become a breakout star. Really good stuff here from one of the best tag teams in a long time.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Non-title rematch from Smackdown with the Stooges barred from ringside. Before the match, Kane comes out to raise the stakes: if Ambrose wins here, he’s added to the triple threat match to make it a fatal fourway. Rollins is livid but Dean takes the mic from him and says it’s a great idea. Kane says ring the bell so Dean rolls Seth up for a quick two.

Some chops send Seth to the floor but the champ takes over, only to throw Ambrose in for that 619 on the mat spot and takes Seth down again. Back in and Dean gets two off an elbow and hammers away in the corner before sending Rollins into the opposite corner for a Flair Flip. Seth comes back with a snapmare into a chinlock but Dean tosses him outside as we take a break.

Back with Rollins cranking on the neck and sending him face first into the middle buckle. The springboard knee misses though and Dean nails a tornado DDT to put both guys down. Dean slugs away and hits his bulldog, sending Rollins to the floor. Ambrose nails a suicide dive and the fans are very impressed. It’s only enough for two though and Dean is frustrated.

The standing elbow drop gets the same but Seth comes back with the springboard knee to the head. Another slugout leads to a Cactus Clothesline from Ambrose to put both guys on the floor. Rollins gets the better of it with a running powerbomb into the barricade and the fans are way into this again. Dean somehow beats the count back in at nine and a half and Rollins is livid. Seth hammers away in the corner and nails the enziguri but Dean hits the rebound lariat. Cue the Stooges because stipulations mean nothing, but Dean rams them into each other and rolls Seth up for the pin at 16:33.

Rating: B+. I don’t think this holds up due to some stupid stipulations/loophole, but man alive these two work well together. This was more about topping each other instead of the violence that made their feuds work so well before, but this was fine in its own right. Dean is another good example of a guy who can easily get a win like this and bounce right back to the top. It made me chuckle when people said he was buried after losing to Wyatt.

Post match Rollins storms into Kane’s office and blame him for the situation but Kane says the fans picked the match and Rollins lost to make it a fourway. Maybe Seth would like six, seven, even ten challengers instead? This is all to make Seth into the champion they want him to be, and Kane has a plan.

Lana doesn’t know anything about getting a positive reaction. Fandango comes up and says you have to accept the fans. He leaves so Rusev comes in and yells at Lana.

Fandango vs. Rusev

The fans chant for Lana as Rusev gets going. Fandango gets in a quick shot so Rusev throws him to the floor, where Fandango gets Lana to start dancing. Rusev snaps and nails Fandango before ejecting Lana, but the dancer sends him into the post. Back in and some dropkicks have Rusev in trouble, but the jumping superkick and Accolade end Fandango at 2:14. So to recap, Rusev is Marc Mero and Lana is Sable?

Tough Enough audition tapes.

R-Truth vs. Stardust

Rematch from last week’s King of the Ring match. Stardust comes out with a mystery bag. A release gordbuster puts Truth down to stat and a running stomp to the chest has him in more trouble. The fans get bored as both guys collide and begin to entertain themselves. Truth wants to know what’s in the bag and finds….plastic spiders. Stardust rolls up the freaked out Truth for the pin at 2:55.

Cena comes out for the open challenge but has to wait for the fans to tell him that he sucks. Cena: “I quit.” He tries to talk about how those words have meaning now but gets cut off by an OLE chant. Some people would love for him to quit now, but he’s learned to deal with these reactions. Everyone knows he doesn’t give up and he won’t at Payback in his final match with Rusev. Even if he loses, he’s done because there’s no reason for him to have a rematch if he quits.

Cena calls the fans passionate but goes back to Rusev, saying Rusev just wants the title. On the other hand, Cena is fighting for everything he believes in. If your back is up against the wall and someone puts a mic in your face, would you say you quit? There’s a guy in a Nordiques jersey (old Montreal hockey team) because even though they left in 1996, that guy still won’t quit. Cena is proud of that title and will never give it up. In two weeks, the champ is here. Right now though, it’s open challenge time.

US Title: John Cena vs. Bret Hart

Wait what? Bret says he’s here to introduce the real opponent, but gets cut off by the man answering the challenge.

US Title: John Cena vs. Heath Slater

He isn’t getting cut off again this week because two weeks ago it was an RKO out of nowhere and then Rusev jumping him out of nowhere. Slater is tired of getting attacked out of nowhere, so there’s a mic to his head from Bret. Now here’s the REAL challenger.

US Title: John Cena vs. Sami Zayn

YES! I can’t remember the last time I actually pumped my fist and shouted YES at the TV for an announcement but it happened tonight. In a travesty of justice, this is joined in progress with Sami sending him to the floor and teasing a dive. Back in and Sami gets caught in a side slam into a chinlock, followed by a belly to back for two. Then the referee stops the match and throws up an X with Sami holding his shoulder. Oh no man not now.

Sami says he can keep going and the fans love him even more. Cena is tentative to go after the arm so they circle each other a bit until Cena gets him into the corner for some right hands. Zayn comes back with a clothesline but comes up holding his shoulder. Cena loads up the finishing sequence but Sami counters the Shuffle into a rollup for two. John bails to the floor, allowing Sami to hit the big flip dive, but Cena slaps on the STF back inside. Zayn gets over to the ropes for the break and can barely move.

The Downward Spiral into the Koji Clutch out of nowhere has Cena in trouble but he floats over into the AA, only to get caught in a flat German suplex for two. Rusev and Lana are watching in the back as Cena nails Sami with a clothesline. The AA is countered and a double clothesline puts both guys down.

Cena rolls outside and gets caught by the running diving DDT through the ropes to knock Cena silly on the floor. Back in and the AA hits for…..two? The Blue Thunder Bomb gets the same and the fans are losing their minds on these kickouts. Cena’s springboard Stunner sets up another AA to finally retain the title at 10:40 shown.

Rating: A-. They give Stardust vs. R-Truth a full match and THIS gets clipped down? That shoulder story worked great and Sami looked like the pluckiest underdog in the history of dogs that are under, which is basically his character in a nutshell. I really hope this is the start of Sami’s main roster run as he can clearly hang on this stage.

Cena helps Sami to his feet and leaves him alone for a standing ovation from his hometown crowd.

The Bellas are coming to the ring and New Day is STILL celebrating in the back. I want to marry this show and divorce it after about four years.

Renee is trying to find Sami for an interview but New Day comes up to continue celebrating. Big E. says victorious about five times and Woods plugs his E:60 special tomorrow night on ESPN. Cesaro and Kidd break up the NEW DAY ROCKS chant but Woods calls Tyson a catastrophe of a Canadian. This negativity will not keep the champions down but Kidd starts a NEW DAY SUCKS chant.

Nikki Bella vs. Naomi

Naomi and the returning Tamina Snuka jump the Twins from behind with Tamina nailing a superkick to Nikki’s chest. Well it’s kind of hard to miss. Naomi says this is what family is all about. No match, which is probably the smartest thing they could have done. Also, I’ll take Tamina (who is Naomi’s cousin by marriage) over a Funkadactyls reunion every single day.

Here’s Bad News Barrett for the first time since winning the crown. Barrett: “Hear ye you filthy commoners!” Oh yeah he’s going to nail this. He talks about Princess Charlotte being born a few days ago and says how great a week this is for the royal family. Great, great stuff here as Barrett’s voice makes the character.

Sheamus/Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler/Neville

Barrett kicks Ziggler in the ribs to start but gets thrown to the floor as we take an early break. We come back with Ziggler fighting out of Sheamus’ chinlock but getting caught in a tilt-a-whirl powerslam. Sheamus talks a lot of trash, allowing Dolph to score with a sweet superkick. Dolph gets the tag and Neville comes in like a house of fire, including the big spinning flip dive to Barrett.

Back in and the standing moonsault gets two before Neville has to duck the Bull Hammer. A German suplex gets two on Barrett as Ziggler and Sheamus fight outside. Neville kicks the King in the head and goes to the apron, only to springboard into the Bull Hammer for the pin at 8:38.

Rating: C. Nice little tag match here but it didn’t have time to do much with the break at the beginning. Sheamus and Barrett make a nice heel team and could be a fun act together for a good while to come. If nothing else, swap them with Big Show and Kane as the Authority’s enforcers.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

Before the match, the Authority comes out to delay things even further. Noble is guest ring announcer, Mercury is guest timekeeper, Kane is guest enforcer, and Rollins is guest commentator. Cole: “Thank you mayor of Munchkin City.” The bell rings at 11:02 and there’s no contact in the first thirty seconds. Orton tries an RKO out of nowhere but Reigns shoves him away and starts a slugout.

Reigns takes him down with a Samoan drop and they go outside. Your guest ring announcer takes a right hand to the jaw and Kane gets stared down. They trade secondary finishers and Orton takes over with the powerslam. The RKO is countered and Reigns nails the Superman Punch, only to have Kane pull him outside. Orton gets beaten down as well and we’ll call it a no contest at about 6:30.

Rating: D. Nothing match here but did you expect anything else? There’s nothing else to talk about here so I’ll save you some time.

Reigns dives on everyone but the beatdown is on until Ambrose makes the save. Reigns takes an RKO and Orton eats Dirty Deeds to leave Dean standing tall to end the show.

Overall Rating: A. Well that’s about as good of a show as I’ve seen since……the Raw after Wrestlemania XXX? Everything was on point all night with the right pace, the right decisions and A LOT of really good wrestling. This was the kind of show they needed, but now they need to keep things going. Of course it doesn’t have to be at this pace because that’s an unfair request, but something with this kind of energy and logic will do wonders for them. Outstanding show.


New Day b. Randy Orton/Roman Reigns – Kingston pinned Orton after a spear from Reigns

Tyson Kidd/Cesaro b. Ascension – Cesaro Swing into a dropkick to Viktor

Dean Ambrose b. Seth Rollins – Rollup

Rusev b. Fandango – Accolade

Stardust b. R-Truth – Rollup

John Cena b. Sami Zayn – Attitude Adjustment

Sheamus/Bad News Barrett b. Dolph Ziggler/Neville – Bull Hammer to Neville

Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns went to a no contest when the Authority interfered

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  1. Not Jay says:

    *KB’s security has already surrounded the comments section thus stopping Not Jay right in his tracks*

    *Not Jays mouths “next Monday!” and leaves*

  2. Mau says:

    I’ve been saying that about Lana and Rusev and it’s a shame because Rusev deserves better than being fed to Lana’s face turn

  3. Jay H (the real one) says:

    Definitely the Best RAW overall since WM 31 this year. Rollins/Ambrose was great ,Sami Zayn being the open challenge for John Cena,im starting to dig New Day a little bit,Tamina coming back,and the Montreal crowd was on fire.

  4. Killjoy says:

    Where the hell did a Dean Ambrose push come from? Am I missing something?

  5. Hubcap Dave says:

    The only outright stupid thing they did tonight was the bag of rubber spiders. Everything else was money for the most part.

    You know, until tonight, I had forgot The Ascension were still around?

    Cue James Gracie trying to tell us that Cena buried Sami Zayn tonight in 3…2…1….

    Jacob Jones Reply:

    Actually, James actually liked it!

    Hubcap Dave Reply:

    I no words…..

  6. james gracie says:

    Ummm…..yeah I got nothing. I thought this was the best RAW in well over a year. I was ready to groan when the, at least what I thought at the time, inevitable Authority interruption but the New Day was a breath of fresh air. I like the New Day. This is gonna work.

    I can’t believe Ambrose can have that much fire in his matches, have the crowd in his hand DURING his matches, yet WWE sees more in Roman Reigns. Him being added makes this a much more interesting match(still not getting the Network). With that said I really hope they don’t do a Shield reunion already. They haven’t even been broken up a year yet.

    Sami Zayn, I have to admit, is gonna make a nice addition to the midcard.

    As an impartial viewer like myself, I must point out some negatives. Breaking up Rusev and Lana is dumb. Lana is gonna be lost in the Divas division like everyone else. She is unique cause of her association with Rusev. I really hope that it’s all a swerve. But I doubt it. Wait til she admits she was American the whole time. Killing her character dead.

    Ryback cuts his best promo ever and this Canadian crowd had to ruin it. Shut your damn mouths. The show is NOT about you!

    I liked tonight’s show believe it or not. And this is the REAL James Gracie. Not some loser pretending to be me either. I have no faith in WWE keeping this up, so it will probably be a one night thing. #VinceMustNotHaveBeenThereTonight #MaybeTheyFiredStephanie. #OhManHowStupidIsItToBreakUpLanaAndRusev #OhManHowBadWasTheCanadianCrowdDuringRybacksPromo

    Sroxy Reply:

    Somebody go check the temperature in Hell. Quick!

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Sami Zayn hath the charms to sooth the savage beast.

  7. Acuzzam says:

    Great show. I had a really fun time watching it and that didn’t happen in a while now. The crowd was kind of annoying at times but thats OK. The New Day is the new best thig about these shows, they’re funny and talented. When the Bellas were on their way to the ring and they were still celebrating I laughed out loud, that rarely happens with these shows. I love Samy and Cena wrestling but I think the impact would be bigger if they had just played his music, we didnt need Brett introducing him, but thats a minor issue. One funny thing is that last year I thoght Roman Reings was pretty boring and the crowd loved him, now that the crowd (for some reason) doesnt like him I think he is a lot more entertaining. Maybe I’m just being contrarian but I just think his character is more present during the matches. The way he taunted Orton during that final match was pretty cool in my opinion.