Lucha Underground – May 20, 2015: Lucha! Lucha! Luch….You Get The Concept

Lucha Underground
Date: May 20, 2015
Location: Lucha Underground Arena, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

It’s a big night here as the Trios Titles are on the line with Angelico/Ivelisse/Son of Havoc defending against the Crew in a ladder match. This would sound like an interesting match, but it’s even bigger as Ivelisse still has a broken leg. Other than that, we should get some fallout from Johnny Mundo’s big heel turn last week. Let’s get to it.

Standard recap of last week’s show gets things going.

Cueto’s window is still busted from last week. I love bits of continuity like that.

Marty Martinez vs. Prince Puma

Non-title. Martinez is the Moth guy from a few weeks back and is better known (work with me here) as Martin from Tough Enough like five years ago. Konnan wants Puma to treat the Moth like a joke. They put their arms around each other for a photo op until the Moth chops him down with a huge shot to the chest. Puma eats a forearm in the corner but he comes back with a springboard spinning kick to the face. They trade more kicks with Moth hitting something like a Brogue Kick for two before missing a moonsault. There’s a Blue Thunder Bomb for no cover before the 630 is good for the pin for Puma.

Rating: C. Puma is always fun to watch and it’s cool to see him get an easy win like this. I don’t remember the last time we saw Puma win a glorified squash but it was a nice change of pace. Moth looked decent and continues to show that bigger guys can work well in this company. Nice little match here.

Hernandez comes to the entrance but doesn’t come down. Konnan says Hernandez makes lambs look tough so if Hernandez wants to fight, come down here right now. Hernandez gets close to the ring but says not now like a good heel.

We get a sitdown interview between Vampiro and Johnny Mundo. Johnny says he’s here to be the best in the world and he threw Alberto through the wall to make a statement. That gets Vampiro’s attention and he puts down his notes. Vampiro thinks Johnny is jealous of Patron’s success but Johnny goes into a rant about how he was here on day one and Alberto thinks Johnny is some guy he can slap around at catering. Mundo is this promotion’s top star and this is his world, but you already knew that. Best mic work Mundo has ever done here and he looks like the biggest heel this company has ever seen. Really good stuff here.

Cueto tells the Crew to make a sacrifice of Angelico/Son of Havoc/Ivelisse or someone will make a sacrifice of them. I love the fact that Cueto is a jerk to everyone. It makes him feel so much more realistic.

Delavar Daivari vs. Texano

The chase is on before the bell as the Daivari story changes a bit. Last week he wrestled and then became rich but now it’s he’s been rich his entire life. Daivari sends him shoulder first into the post and nails a DDT on the arm into something like a Kimura. Texano pops back up by nailing Daivari on the top and hitting a superplex for a face pop. Was there a double turn that I missed? A leg lariat gets two for Texano but Daivari (who Striker calls the Golden Warrior for the third time in about two and a half minutes) rolls some Germans. Texano grabs a quick Codebreaker for two but Big Ryck comes in to jump Texano for the DQ.

Rating: C. Nice while it lasted but Striker was getting too cute with the name dropping here and it got annoying quick. So Daivari is now a heel despite being introduced like a face and wrestling a heel in his only match so far? I get that he’s a heel character but why introduce him as a face so far?

Ryck beats Texano down so Daivari can cover him for a pin, while not spilling a drop of his drink of course.

Cueto is nervous in his office when Katrina comes in. Muertes can deliver the sacrifice Cueto wants, so he makes Fenix vs. Muertes next week in a death match at Katrina’s request. The match is on and Katrina disappears like a creepy person does.

Black Lotus is walking but doesn’t know where she is. She appreciates what her master has done for her but she’s ready to kill Cueto’s brother. Chavo Guerrero comes to see the master and says Lotus will need her help if she doesn’t want to die. Chavo offers to protect Lotus in exchange for protection from Mexico, which seems to mean Blue Demon Jr. Apparently the Guerreros and the Cuetos don’t like each other. This is so over the top but it really, really works in this promotion.

Trios Titles: Crew vs. Angelico/Son of Havoc/Ivelisse

This is a ladder match with the Crew challenging and Ivelisse has a broken leg. The Crew jumps the champs in the entrance as Vampiro says he’s turned on by the idea of someone getting hurt. Bael punches Ivelisse in the jaw at ringside as Cisco pulls out a big ladder. Angelico dives onto a rusty ladder (which I like instead of the polished WWE ladders) to take out Castro and Bael but he bangs up his own knee in the process.

It’s not bad enough to prevent him from setting up a ladder but Cisco makes a fast save. Angelico knees a turnbuckle by mistake and Cisco shoves the ladder over for the sake of punishing the champs more first. A ladder to Angelico’s groin has him in even more trouble but of course it’s table time because ECW had to make that a thing for all time and eternity. Havoc is stomped down in the corner but drop toeholds Castro into a ladder, setting up a standing moonsault.

The other two Crew members get going with a double stomp to the back/DDT combination to put Havoc down but Angelico makes a last second save. They head outside and break open the window to Cueto’s office (who is shown on the phone because he just likes making carnage instead of actually watching it) but Angelico pops back up and throws I think Bael into the office. Angelico puts Castro on a table and climbs to the balcony for a huge dive but Cisco makes a save.

Havoc escapes a powerbomb on the floor but Bale dives out of the office to take him down. All three Crew members are in the ring by themselves but wait for Havoc to get back in instead of climbing. Naturally he gets in and beats them all down but has to stop Castro from going for the belts. A chair is brought in and Havoc knocks Bael silly, only to have Cisco break up the shooting star through a table.

That lasts all of ten seconds before the shooting star puts Bael through the table, leaving Castro to climb the ladder. All hope is lost so here’s Angelico diving out of the balcony AGAIN with a spot on dropkick to knock Castro off the ladder. Cueto leans out the window in shock at the crash and with good reason. Ivelisse remembers that she’s a wrestler so a single right hand shouldn’t knock her out for fifteen minutes so she climbs up, kicks Cisco down, and gets the titles to retain.

Rating: B-. This was good but the big drama didn’t work as well as it did in the initial title win as this was basically a repeat of the first match but with a ladder attached. Ivelisse was nothing here and these title defenses have basically become a bunch of insane matches instead of a regular title defense. The dive looked very cool but it didn’t have the same impact as the first.

Overall Rating: C+. I liked the show but again it was to set up stuff down the line. The Trios Champions are still entertaining but there needs to be a big set of challengers to take the titles from them soon. The turns tonight weren’t bad, though as I said, a lot of it feels like we’re just setting up for later. Muertes returning should be awesome though.

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  1. MrHashasheen says:

    Quick correction, but what they said last week was that Daivari’s family was very wealthy, and that Daivari had fallen out of wrestling and gotten into the family business of land-properties.