Thought of the Day: NXT Women vs. Divas

Ignoring all the in ring action and all the characters and match time either group gets, here’s how I know the NXT division is treated more seriously.

One is simple and effective.

The other is a butterfly.



Which of these would you think is the more serious championship and division contending for it?


  1. Heyo says:

    Man, I always hated that Diva’s belt. You could just win the argument with “one division is called the Women, the other is called the Divas” and that’s it.

    Even the WWE Women’s belt, one I think pales in comparison to the NXT Women’s belt(too plain for my liking) feels more like an actual title worth fighting over, and less like a toy meant for people under 12.

  2. Eric says:

    Gotta disagree with you on this one. The NXT belt looks like a meeting was had where they said “we’re going to have a title for the women” and a belt was designed in 5 minutes. The outlier is cool but the plate itself makes it seem like nobody cared when the belt was designed. You may not like the Divas title but you can tell time and effort went into designing it.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I’d take a thrown together one that doesn’t look stupid over a butterfly that looks like a tramp stamp.

    Eric Reply:

    See, I think the NXT one looks stupid and VERY cheap. Love ya buddy, but this isn’t your best argument.

    The Great Country of Nigeria Reply:

    It’s still way better than the other one. he’s not saying it looks good he’s just saying it doesn’t look like it belongs on the little princess show for girly girly girls like the other belt does.

    Eric Reply:

    Ok, but I personally don’t think the Divas title is that bad. In fact, I think it was a necessary step up from the old Women’s title belt that was outright awful. It’s not a pefect belt, but at least it’s big and bold which would signify importance. I really don’t think I can be convinced that the NXT women’s title looks better than the Divas title. Not when it looks like a fan designed it and it was made at K-Mart.

    ted Reply:

    You think a big butterfly shaped belt signifies importance? The nxt women’s title at least looks like a title. the kind you would be proud to hold.

    Eric Reply:

    It does? Could have fooled me. I wouldn’t be proud to hold a title belt that took 5 minutes to design because “oh, we have women and they’re going to have a title”. Yeah, their matches are solid and they’re division is doing great, but don’t let that cloud the fact that the title belt is terrible and needs a major upgrade.

    ted Reply:

    I would much rather wear a belt that looks like an actual belt. Rather then a stupid butterfly belt that looks so hideous no wrestling star would look good wearing it.

    Not to mention it degrades women. What it has to be a cute butterfly because the division has girls?

    Eric Reply:

    I think it’s more degrading to have a belt look like little to no effort was put into making it. How is it degrading? Because it has pink? They both do. In fact, it’s brighter and bolder which is generally a good thing in wrestling belts. The NXT one is dull in color and texture. These are all bad things for a belt. Sorry, but there’s nothing degrading about the belt at all. It’s not “cute” unless you yourself are choosing to view it that way which means YOU are degrading the division and the belt in your mind. The belt itself is not doing that.

    I guarantee to you if Paige and Nikki and Naomi put on a 15 minute clinic on Sunday that nobody would go “oh, the winner got that cute belt”. They’d go “damn, what a match. That champ should be proud to represent that title”. That’s all this is, but let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s the perception of the division that changes the perception of the title belt itself. Take that out of it and clearly the Divas title is a much better belt than the NXT belt. Not even close actually.

  3. Aeon Mathix says:

    Who cares about the god damn divas belt that popcorn break whores fight over? God I see people complain about how much the wwe girls suck but they also bitch about how they don’t get a chance to shine. Uh yeah ok when Eva Marie vs Carmella gets 15 minutes I don’t think anyone would say a damn word about giving divas a chance. Lol

  4. M.R. says:

    The only purpose of a title design is replica sales. Young girls like pink butterflies.

    ted Reply:

    That is part of the bigger problem.

    M.R. Reply:

    There is no problem. It’s a children’s show with championship belts that are appealing for kids to buy.

    Vega Reply:

    It’s a children’s show about people beating each other up to resolve conflicts. That’s a problem.

    M.R. Reply:

    So I presume you’re new to wrestling?

    Vega Reply:

    No. I just say that wrestling being primarily marketed as a child’s product is a problem. Of course it appeals to kids, but it shouldn’t be designed to specifically do so. On one hand it severely limits the options of characters, stories and believability of the program and on the other hand creates hypocrisy regarding the “teaching kids values” aspect of child entertainment.

    Notice that this isn’t a pledge against a PG product and is only very loosely related to the butterfly belt.

    ted Reply:

    Actually M.R. It is a symptom of a bigger problem. It looks tacky and terrible which is systematic of it not being presented as an actual athletic contest. No one wants to wear the butterfly belt. And why would they it’s horrible looking. If no one on the show or behind the camera cares why should fans? It’s not a athletic contest for belts. But you have to convince people that is.

  5. Eric says:

    Just asked someone that does not watch wrestling and has no clue what either title means or who fights for them “which of these belts looks like the more prestigious prize” and she said the Divas title. To someone who isn’t judging the belts based on the matches seen for them, this is so painfully obvious. We just can’t shake the notions we’ve gathered from watching a few matches.

  6. ted says:

    So you asked one friend and that’s all the justification you need? Does this mean the female friends I’ve asked about the same subject don’t count. I’ve been told the belt looks stupid and ugly. I’ve also been asked how if this is supposed to be presented as a legitimate contest, anyone could look good carrying a butterfly around?

    The matches are the most important part i’ll give you that. It would just be nice if they had a belt that looked far less ridiculous. Not saying the nxt women’s title is perfect but at least it looks like a championship belt. Not a tacky toy.

  7. dookie blaster 3000 says:

    the nxt womens looks plain and boring but because its nxt it is better.

    shit, i bet if it as literally just a strap that said womens champion peeps would say its better as long as it was from nxt