Lucha Underground – June 10, 2015: This Show Looks Great In Sunglasses

Lucha Underground
Date: June 10, 2015
Location: Lucha Underground Arena, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro

The big story coming out of last week was Vampiro running in to save Sexy Star from Pentagon Jr. being all evil and trying to break her arm. This led to Vampiro going a bit nuts and headbutting a mirror because he’s kind of out there at times. Hopefully some of the bigger names come back this week to break up some of the monotony that we saw last week. Let’s get to it.

The opening video recaps Chavo/the Cuetos/Black Lotus with Chavo selling out Lotus for the sake of protection from Mexico. Not any group of people from Mexico mind you, but all of Mexico in general. We also see Drago turning into smoke or whatever.

Speaking of Drago, he’s on top of the temple, now with wings (Drago, not the temple) and dives off in a rare sunny moment.

Vampiro apologizes for getting in the ring last week because he’s just a broadcaster.

Dario is in the ring and says there will be a major show in eight weeks called Ultima Lucha (Final Fight). This will be a yearly event with the biggest fights and most amazing matches, but tonight we’ll start the process to determine the #1 contender for the Lucha Underground Title match. Dario has invited all of the former #1 contenders here tonight, including Hernandez, King Cuerno, Cage and Fenix….who is gone right now so it’s just a three way.

However, before we get to that, it’s time for the return of a legend: Blue Demon Jr. Cueto knows that Demon likes big events with big paydays like Ultima Lucha, but first he has to prove that he still has it, against this man who is also making his return to the temple here tonight.

Blue Demon Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo has the Crew as his protection and Demon is in street clothes. Oh and anything goes. Chavo knocks him into the ropes to start but Demon backdrops him out to the floor. The Crew takes some forearms of their own but they beat him down, allowing Chavo to hit a LOUD chop to the exposed chest. All four get inside now and it’s kendo stick time. A bunch of kendo stick shots to the back and a DDT with a double stomp from the top set up the frog splash to give Chavo the easy win.

Rating: N/A. This was barely long enough to rate and was an angle instead of a match so I’m not even going to bother rating it. Demon is one of those names that makes this show big in Mexico but really doesn’t do much here in America. I get that his dad is very famous and that he’s had a good career of his own, but he’s still old and slow and in this spot for no reason other than his name. Also, Chavo is really happy with the two members of the Crew who didn’t get killed as his security? Were the Desperadoes unavailable because they were still looking for Stan Hansen?

Drago is inside the temple.

Black Lotus is in the cage when Chavo comes in. Mexico (again, the entire country) will come after him for his betrayal. Chavo leaves, telling her to enjoy the view of Matanza in the next cage.

Drago grabs Cueto and wants to be in the #1 contenders match tonight. Apparently Drago has found a loophole and can be in the match tonight, but Cueto says it’s either win or lose his mask. The deal is on.

Bengala/Mascarita Sagrada/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Disciples of Death

These would be the three guys that back up Muertes, because he needs heavies of course. Catrina is here with the monsters. Pimpinela starts things off and chops the one with a shirt in the chest. They head outside with Pimpinela being sent into the crowd because this is a comedy match so far. Off to Bengala for some cat jokes but the two shirtless Disciples pound him down with ease. Sagrada trips them up though because he’s small enough to sneak around like that. Not that it’s smart to have a mini take out two guys called the DISCIPLES OF DEATH but at least they’re trying.

Bengala takes out the shirted one with a big corkscrew dive to the floor and Sagrada comes in legally. Thankfully he’s quickly stomped down as Escarlata gets beaten down on the floor. A triple kick puts Mascarita down again and this time it’s Bengala taking the beating. Mascarita gets two off a victory roll as everything breaks down. The Hardys’ old Spin Cycle move connects with the third man adding a springboard missile dropkick to put Bengala down even harder. Escarlta gets kicked in the face and Catrina adds a lick to the face (Vampiro: “That was like, weird.”), setting up a triple Dominator for the pin.

Rating: D-. Oh man did they miss the point here. The team is obviously supposed to be something big and bad, but they’re having issues with two comedy characters and a low level act like Bengala? This would be Heath Slater making Roman Reigns sweat and that’s not the idea in a team’s first TV match.

Johnny Mundo wants to know why he isn’t in the #1 contenders match tonight. Cueto chuckles and says he wants Mundo to be champion at Ultima Lucha. They’re supposed to have a fresh start and Cueto isn’t holding a grudge. “You gave me a black eye. So what? I look great in sunglasses.” And that is why Cueto is the best heel in probably fifteen years. It was the attack on Alberto that showed Cueto who the real Johnny was, so he wants to see Mundo destroy the Prince Puma next week in a show long Iron Man match. Johnny thinks Cueto might be the best boss he’s ever had.

Drago vs. King Cuerno vs. Cage vs. Hernandez

If Drago doesn’t win, he’s banished and must unmask. This is considered shocking even though it was mentioned earlier in the night. Hernandez and Cage knock the other two outside in a few seconds and the brawl is on. That lasts another ten seconds so it’s off to Cuerno vs. Drago. Cuerno gets kneed in the face and Hernandez adds a slingshot shoulder, followed by a Warrior gorilla press drop.

Cage breaks up the Border Toss and plays D-Von in a 3D, only to end in a knee to the face instead of a cutter. Cuerno and Cage kick Drago outside before squaring off in one of the few combinations left. That goes nowhere as a double suplex drops Hernandez but Drago comes in for the save.

Drago’s double clothesline to Cuerno and Cage sends him down to the mat instead, so Drago goes up top. That doesn’t work either as Cage just catches him in mid air and throws him down. Hernandez runs Cuerno over and we’re down to Hernandez vs. Drago. A huge top rope splash gets two on Hernandez and Killshot is shown watching from the balcony. They switch off again for Cuerno vs. Cage but Drago gets involved and takes another beating. Cage throws in a standing moonsault (that’s impressive) and one ups that with a moonsault press to take Hernandez down again.

Cuerno goes to the floor so Drago can hit a big corkscrew dive but Hernandez dives on both of them. Cage hits his third moonsault of the match to take out Drago and Hernandez. Cuerno points the arrow at Killshot and dives at Drago and Cage, with the latter coming up holding his knee. Back in and Drago blows mist in Cuerno’s eyes and does his freaky rollup for the surprise pin and the title shot.

Rating: B-. It was fun but it was another match that was going so fast that it was almost impossible to keep track of it all. Cage’s moonsaults looked good, but when you do the same move (in different variations) three times in three minutes, they start to lose some of their effect. Still though, not bad.

Puma comes in for the staredown.

Cueto is watching when someone taps him on the shoulder. There’s no one there at first but then it’s Catrina. She says Muertes should have been in that match and chokes Cueto with his key. Cueto gives Muertes a match against Drago in two weeks for the title shot, which appeases Catrina. She goes to leave, but warns Cueto that even Matanza isn’t a match for Muertes.

Overall Rating: C+. This was a rare moving day episode of Lucha Underground as they set forward towards their first major show and set up a bunch of stuff going forward. Above all else, the idea of Muertes getting into the title hunt means Puma’s days are numbered. There is zero reason to not have Muertes as champion so someone can take the belt off him next season, so now the question is how do we get there. Not a great show on its own, but it has me wanting to see where things go and that was the point here.

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