New WWE DVD Survey

It’s another of those surveys that WWE sends out to gauge interest in potential DVD projects. These can offer some compelling ideas so let’s take a look at what might be on WWE’s schedule.

ECW’s Top 50 Craziest Moments

Yeah sure. As you probably know, ECW isn’t my thing and they certainly had some insane moments, but I’m really over hearing about how great they were. There’s definitely a market for it, but as a full on DVD? I’m not sure, but like I said, I’m not the target demographic.

Dudley Boyz Bio

I’d watch it. The Dudleys are one of the most successful tag teams of all time and giving them a full on three hour documentary and a quality match selection would definitely be worth the time. Just limit the Hardys/Edge and Christian matches to like two each. There are other teams out there.

The Best of 1996: 20 Years Later

This could be interesting as it’s not quite the Attitude Era and there really is some great stuff in there. However, I’ll turn it off (ok now I won’t) if it turns into another “the NWO was awesome but we were going to have DX and we were never worried about it” show. Focus on something new instead.

Wrestlemania III

Sold. The behind the scenes stuff is always interesting and it’s the biggest show of all time, meaning there have to be a ton of stories. Hearing WWE talking about the attendance question could be interesting. In case you’re wondering, I say it’s 93,173 for a few reasons.

1. The 80,000 limit or whatever you hear IS FOR FOOTBALL. A football field is 360 feet by about 160 feet. A WWF ring was at most 20ft by 20ft. Why this is never brought up isn’t clear.

2. It’s the official number. Just like the official line is that Undertaker and Kane are brothers, that Hulk Hogan is 6’8 and that Andre was 525lbs. Wrestling lies. Why this is supposed to be different isn’t clear either.

3. What difference does it make? It’s a lot of people.

Rivalries: Taz vs. Sabu

Again, this would be fine and hasn’t been touched on enough, but it’s not for me.

New Generation

Haven’t there been enough Bret and Shawn DVDs already?

True Story of the Royal Rumble

Yep. I don’t think this really needs any more explanation.

Rivalries: Eric Bischoff vs. Vince McMahon

We did a 20 part documentary on the Network about this already and I really, really do not need to hear about it ever again. The interviews could be entertaining but I’m totally over this entire subject. It was almost 20 years ago and it’s over. Let it die already.


This would be a look back at the Hardcore Title years. This could be incredibly entertaining if they kept it short and went completely over the top serious with it. Get Foley and Road Dogg to do commentary and break down the psychology behind hitting someone with a cookie sheet or just rip on Al Snow for a full match. That could be hysterical.


As in a collection of the Network series. I think you can figure this one out for yourself. Bring this series back to as it’s a very easy way to kill an hour.

Unreleased Match Compilation

The names listed are Michaels, Austin, Undertaker and Rock. I’d be all over those four as there are some really fun matches in there, as long as it’s not just a bunch of PPV matches that I’ve seen a bunch of times before.


Again, it’s a Network series.


On DVD? Why?

Wrestlemania Rewind

You might be noticing a pattern here. However, why haven’t we gotten Summerslam/Royal Rumble/Survivor Series Rewind? There’s a ton of stuff in there for different series.

Shane McMahon

This would be short and entertaining, but at the same time it would get repetitive since most of the matches are street fight style.

Best of NXT

Oh yeah. There’s a ton of great stuff in the old days of NXT (the Full Sail years that is) that people have forgotten about. However, it might be better to put that kind of thing in a different for. Like an e-book. In July.

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  1. ted says:

    Wrestlemania III

    1. Which is great and all but there wasn’t 93,000 people there even if they did have the room for them.

    2. That’s because you can’t have it both ways. You start off your argument saying it’s 93,000 people. Then go off on why it’s ok for them to lie about it. When it comes right down to it. Either their were 93,000 people there or their weren’t. Most conventional wisdom says there wasn’t. You can’t kayfabe facts.

    3. What difference does it make? It’s a lot of people. Your right 78,000 people is impressive, be proud of it. You don’t need to bullshit in this case.

    As for proof. “Zane Breslov, the actual promoter of the show, has gone on record saying that there were only 78,000 people in the building. I have no idea why this 93,000 thing persists even though we know they’ve literally lied about the Wrestlemania attendance every year for the past two decades. Is it because ​people think that one year was when they were telling the truth?”

    This is the reason you can’t use the lying thing. by your own admission they lie about a lot of things. All the time. Why should i believe them here? This isn’t like other facets of wrestling. What’s the point of lying when you can be proven wrong. Sure it sounds impressive at first. Then you find out the company lied. Then it just seems sad. It reminds me of the did you know things they used to run or there Facebook and twitter follower ads. It just smacks of desperation.

    Be proud of your accomplishments. Saying hogan is 3 to 4 inches taller is one thing. No one is going to measure the guy. Making up 15 thousand people to sound more imprerssive. When the number you have is mighty impressive already. That’s just nonsense.

    Greg Reply:

    There was room for 93,000 people. It was definitely not a lie.

    It looked sold out. There were no obvious empty rows or even seats for that matter. Which means they had to have at least the amount for a football game (around 80,000-82,0000). That is not counting the floor seats. The estimated amount of floor seats they were able to add was around 12,000-13,000. They very easily could reach 93,000.

    Even if you disagree with the 93,000 number, at the very least, they had more than 78,000. Otherwise there would have been a noticable amount of empty rows.

  2. M.R. says:

    Who is this Taz and Sabu you speak of?

    My votes for the Rumble.