Three Former World Champions Allegedly Finishing Up With TNA

And that’s not all for them.  Spoilers for the recent tapings included.

Oh and if that’s not enough:


So in case you don’t want to click on things, here’s what’s going on, assuming these are all true:

1. Magnus is leaving

2. James Storm is leaving

3. Austin Aries is leaving

4. Kurt Angle needs ANOTHER neck surgery


I know it’s a bad time to be in TNA, but man this is one heck of a series of hits.  I don’t know where they’re going to find the money for talent to replace these guys, but they need to come up with some answers fast.  Well, assuming they still have a show to air after September.


  1. Wirehead says:

    I am convinced that Kurt Angle fully intends to die in a wrestling ring.

  2. greg says:

    First off, I hope Angle is okay after the surgery. Tumor in the neck doesn’t sound good.

    There’s a reason why this is a huge problem past just losing those 4 guys. They have only created two homegrown main event level guys in the past few years. Aries and EC3 (I haven’t followed TNA that closely in awhile, so forgive me if that’s wrong). They need an influx of new talent, but they just keep bringing people back. Hernandez isn’t a guy they needed back. Morgan too. I get Jarrett if they are forming a partnership with GFW. Instead of Morgan and Hernandez, try debuting a new guy. Just try something new. At this point, it can’t hurt and won’t tank your ratings.

    I’m not bothered by the WWE rejects. There’s no reason not to use those guys. But there comes a point when the well runs dry. This is something I noticed WCW doing in their last few years. They rarely brought in new, unknown guys and tried to build them.