New Column: TNA’s Best

I know these are dark times for TNA, but it was worth looking at some of the good times too.


  1. NightShiftLoser says:

    Good stuff. Can’t argue with any of it, especially the top matches. Abyss gets laughed at as a Kane knock-off, but he was behind a lot of great things TNA did.

  2. Cereal Killer says:

    Excellent read. I was thinking about old TNA recently and its best aspects. There they were in my trip down memory lane.

  3. Vega says:

    Aries – Roode from Destination X 2012 is another fantastic match that is very underrated.

    I really liked TNA up until some years ago. It was great up until BFG 2010. There was buzz and great talent with entertaining, varied characters, but then we got stupid stable wars nonstop and directionless programming.

    For me, the saving grace afterwards was Aries, but after he lost the world title and it was clear Aries, Storm, Daniels and other favorites of mine won’t be pushed again there was little for me to look forward to. Aces and Eights was horrendous and I never really cared for the “newer” talents like Magnus, Crimson, Godderz, Lashley, Wolves and even EC3. Bully I liked, but he always felt like a transitional champion. In fact, almost every champion of the last years does.

    I mean, try to answer the following questions:
    What were the five greatest matches since BFG 2012?
    Five greatest feuds?
    Five best new talents?

    It’s clear the company was terribly mishandled and that it’s probably ending soon doesn’t make me sad at all. I haven’t looked forward to a thing in several years, so why would I care?

    Still, good memories remain.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I remember saying a year or two ago that TNA always seems to have transitional champions but it’s never clear who they’re transitioning towards. Spot on there.