Monday Night Raw – July 13, 2015: Viva Las Divas (And Stephanie Just Because)

Monday Night Raw
Date: July 13, 2015
Location: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Byron Saxton

It’s the go home show for Battleground and thankfully Brock is here, hopefully to beat up a pair of cars in a handicap match this week. Other than that we have the rest of the build towards Wyatt vs. Reigns, possibly even including why they’re fighting and what it has to do with Reigns’ daughter, and more stuff including whatever Ambrose might be doing on Sunday. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of last week’s Lesnar beatdown, complete with Heyman reusing the Dudleys’ commandment of don’t screw with Brock. It’s fair to erase the Dudleys from history at this point so it’s not that big a deal. Heyman might have written that line in the first place.

Here are Brock and Heyman to get things going, drawing a SUPLEX CITY chant. For some reason the crushed car is brought out as Heyman proclaims Brock’s impending dominance over Rollins this coming Sunday. Paul lists off Brock’s accomplishments and the various people he’s conquered before promising to have Lesnar suplex Rollins all over the place, put his foot on Seth’s chest and be proclaimed the champion once again.

Cue Rollins and Kane because YAY KANE IS BACK FROM HAWAII OR WHATEVER THAT STUPID STORY WAS! Rollins talks about how Brock is frustrated over his inability to be champion and stumbles over trying to say “an inanimate object” in a funny goof. Brock has been carrying the car around the country (in a truck or on his back?) like a symbol and that’s just fine, because Suplex City is burned to the ground tonight.

Brock offers to take Rollins to Suplex City tonight but Kane intervenes with the threat of a contract signing. Kane threatens Lesnar if he messes up the contract signing but Heyman laughs off the threats from “Undertaker’s baby brother.” Kane is of course annoyed as Heyman goes on about Brock smashing stuff with one final promise of pain to Rollins if he provokes the Beast tonight.

Ryback/Randy Orton vs. Sheamus/Big Show

Miz is on commentary and this is billed as an All-Star match. I’d prefer we go play that over the top video game instead but have it your way. This is the old standard idea of taking two feuds and combining them into a tag match, which is an idea that stays around because it still works. Ryback knocks Sheamus to the floor to start and we’re in a very early break.

Back with Sheamus bailing into the floor to hide from Orton. Apparently Randy is really bad at hide and seek so it’s back to Ryback vs. Big Show with the latter stomping Ryback down onto the mat to take over. Sheamus tries a bearhug and is easily driven into the corner for the tag to Orton. Remember the days when Sheamus was like, really really strong? What happened to that?

Back from a second break with an Irish Curse (backbreaker. OH THE SCANDAL!) for two on Orton but he counters Big Show’s chokeslam into a DDT for a breather. Miz gets off of commentary and shouts on a mic as Ryback comes in and cleans house. Big Show has enough of Miz though and chases him up the ramp, leaving Sheamus to take an RKO and top rope splash from Ryback for the pin at 15:21.

Rating: C+. Nice long tag match here and again, a good way to set up both matches at once. I would have liked a countout or DQ finish instead of having Sheamus take a pin, but it’s a plus that he took two finishers for a pin so it’s hardly clean. Sheamus vs. Orton does nothing for me and the triple threat isn’t much better, but at least there’s something on the line and Ryback has started looking good again.

Network ad.

Rollins doesn’t like the idea of the contract signing but Kane has a plan.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Good grief people build a midcard already. Wyatt’s name graphic is just letters on a screen now instead of in a box like everyone else. During the entrance though, Reigns appears and lays out Wyatt as Ambrose is just kind of forgotten. Bray finally gets in a lantern shot to escape. No match.

The Bellas have been nominated for Choice Female Athletes in the Teen Choice Awards. Dear goodness I don’t want to know who else they are.

Here are the Bellas and Alicia Fox with something to say. Nikki brags about holding the title forever because AJ Lee MUST be eliminated from history. She’s defended against every single Diva there is and has given them all a chance. A quick search shows that, at least in TV matches, Nikki has defended against AJ, Naomi and Tamina (whose one shot came at Beast in the East) and that’s it. She calls the three of them Team Bella, because all you have to do these days is put the word Team in front of a name. Come up with something more interesting, please.

Nikki goes on about how awesome she is and how dominant they are….and here’s Stephanie McMahon because she hasn’t laid waste to the Divas yet. Stephanie is a face tonight too because there’s something cool coming and therefore she just MUST be there to get a piece of the action. The legacy of the WWE rests on her shoulders (yes, Stephanie says this company’s history is on HER shoulders) and there’s a revolution going on right now in women’s sports, ranging from women’s soccer to UFC to tennis. These are supposed to be applause lines if that’s not clear.

Stephanie introduces Paige, because of ALL DIVAS IN WWE, Paige is the one that would be thrilled to be associated with Stephanie. I mean Paige is clearly a corporate loyalist right? Nikki talks about how Paige doesn’t deserve another shot, but STEPHANIE runs WWE and this division instead of her.

Stephanie, the WWE and Paige want this revolution (what is she even talking about?) but courage can’t do it alone. Therefore, Paige needs backup. Instead of bringing this person out though, Stephanie goes on about how amazing they are and FINALLY introduces Becky Lynch. Now, does Becky get to say anything and introduce herself? Of course not, because that would cut away from Stephanie’s mic time, meaning the boss gets to introduce Charlotte, in that voice that only Stephanie can deliver.

Cole: “STEPHANIE HAS SHAKEN THINGS UP!” I hate this company at times. Stephanie: “WOO!” Oh shut up. Cue Naomi and Tamina with a mic because we haven’t heard enough horrible voices yet. Naomi says the two of them are all the competition the Bellas need. That’s all the mic time she needs too, because Stephanie needs to bring out Sasha Banks. Sasha stands with Naomi and Tamina, but STEPHANIE WON’T SHUT HER FREAKING MOUTH and talks about setting the table for opportunity.

We get a THIS IS AWESOME chant to a legitimately cool moment and the fight is on. Charlotte cleans house until Naomi dropkicks her down, only to have Paige and Sasha get into it. Tamina breaks up the PTO on Naomi but Brie Bella interrupts as the announcers line up to kiss Stephanie’s feet for these new arrivals. Alicia gets caught in the Figure Eight, Becky puts Brie in the armbar and Nikki gets the Bank Statement as a big NXT chant breaks out. The Bellas and Fox are cleared out and the other six yell at each other as the freaking Total Divas theme plays this out.

I’m not going to bother ranting about how Stephanie made this all about her. It’s Stephanie McMahon, she’s the biggest hound for a spotlight that has ever lived in WWE and you know that if there’s a big moment there that people are going to erupt over, she’s going to shoehorn her way in despite the fact that there is absolutely no logical reason for her to be involved.

This story has been about Paige finding help but that’s thrown out the window because Stephanie has basically just decided to turn this story into a chess game for her own amusement. The big sign here: none of them got to talk and then Stephanie just left after she was the only voice you heard for the big moment. The main part here was all about Stephanie look cool and how thankful we should be for her big gift to us and that’s all there is to it.

Aside from all that, this is EXACTLY what the Divas have been needing for so long. All of a sudden, there is some brand new blood in the Divas’ division and the fans buy into it. They know these three are amazingly talented and can tear the house down…..but the Bellas are still around. As long as they’re the focus of the division (and they will be as long as Total Divas is around), the newcomers are going to have to tone it WAY down so Nikki, Brie and Alicia can handle it and that takes away from the NXT crew’s magic. This is going to be interesting, but they could drag things way down for the sake of breaking AJ’s record.

New Day vs. Prime Time Players/Mark Henry

The hometown boy Xavier Woods says this is the greatest town in the world because they stay positive. Even though they shut down the city due to an inch of snow last year and the Atlanta Hawks choked in the NBA Playoffs, they stayed positive. Kofi is 100% that they’re getting the titles back on Sunday because Prime Time is out of time at Battleground because NEW DAY ROCKS.

Titus shrugs off a Kofi kick to start so it’s off to Darren, who clotheslines E. out to the floor. The Players and Henry throw everyone out to the floor (JBL: “FLYING PH.D!”) as we take an early break. Back with Titus taking the rotating stomps in the corner as the announcers talk about how awesome the Divas were. For once, they’re actually right. E. gets two off a splash but Titus is quickly up and tagging in Henry to clean house. Everything breaks down and a World’s Strongest Slam ends Woods at 8:29.

Rating: D+. Good night do they really not know how to set up a tag match anymore? When is the last time New Day won a match? My guess is they get the belts back anyway because that’s how WWE works these days. The match was nothing interesting and Henry is just thrown out there but gets the pin over a #1 contender anyway. Well sure why not.

The winners dance.

Long recap of Lesnar b. Cadillac via TKO last week.

King Barrett vs. R-Truth

No King entrance for Truth and Cole tells us he rapped to the ring during the commercial. Truth gyrates a lot to start and gets kicked in his face. A backbreaker and middle rope elbow get two each on Truth and a boot knocks him onto the apron. Truth fights out of a chinlock as the announcers talk about Tough Enough to kill time. Barrett misses a charge and eats a Lie Detector for the pin at 3:12.

Rating: D-. Good grief it’s going to get a rubber match on Sunday isn’t it? This whole thing is such a waste of whatever they had with the King of the Ring because Barrett hasn’t been embarrassed enough over the years. Bad match, horrible feud, disgusting waste of someone like Barrett for a comedy act.

Truth puts on his king attire.

We recap Rusev destroying Ziggler last week, finally making Rusev feel like a monster (and a wrestler) again.

It’s Open Challenge time and Rusev is here to renew a rivalry that doesn’t need to be renewed. He blames Lana for losing the title in the first place and says he broke Ziggler because of the USA. Before the match though, here’s Kevin Owens with something to say. Rusev says no because he was here first and that Owens needs to pick a single first name. They argue a bit but here’s Cesaro to interrupt as well. Cena heads outside as the three brawl, setting up a triple threat match with the winner getting a title shot immediately after because WHO NEEDS PSYCHOLOGY???

Rusev vs. Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens

Cena is on commentary as Cesaro gets beaten down in the corner. Rusev gets beaten down and Cannonballed, only to have Cesaro hit the running uppercut to Owens’ jaw. Swiss Death gets two on Rusev as Cena puts over the Divas’ segment. Owens has to escape two pinfall attempts, followed by Cesaro doing the same off a Saito Suplex from Rusev. Cena continues to be as good of a commentator as you’ll see in this company, only to have to stop for Cesaro turning Owens’ superplex into a Tower of Doom for two each.

The Russian takes over again as these guys are just hammering each other. Owens blocks Rusev’s German suplex attempt so Cesaro Germans both of them AT ONCE. I know I say this every week but DANG that guy is strong. Since that’s not enough, Cesaro busts out a corkscrew dive over the top to take out both guys. Back in and Cesaro gets two off a high cross body on Rusev but Owens breaks up the Swing with a superkick.

Kevin drops both guys but stops to shout at Cena, allowing Rusev’s Alabama Slam to set up the Accolade. Cesaro saves this time and delays a vertical suplex on the Russian. Well ex-Russian but whatever. Cena keeps making some rather heelish yet totally fair comments about how he’s the lucky one here as these guys are all brawling but he gets to come in fresh. Rusev sends Kevin outside and Owens bails, saying he’ll see Cena Sunday.

Back from a break with Rusev chinlocking Cesaro, only to have the bald one pop up and hit a springboard spinning uppercut to drop Rusev. The apron superplex is countered with Rusev suplexing Cesaro onto the apron to put both guys down onto the floor. Back in again and Cesaro dropkicks Rusev on the top, only to have his superplex countered. The Russian’s top rope splash misses and Cesaro crossfaces Rusev, only to have Rusev power up into something like a spinning Rock Bottom for two more.

Back up again and Cesaro can’t get a Sharpshooter, allowing Rusev to hit a spinwheel kick for two. The Accolade is countered into the Swing which sets up the Sharpshooter, drawing a lout TAP chant. Rusev makes the rope but since this is still officially a triple threat, he has to crawl outside to break the hold. Nice touch of continuity there. Cesaro hasn’t done something cool in all of 14 seconds now so he comes back with a suicide dive. Back in and Cesaro gets tripped off the top, setting up a superkick from Rusev for the pin at 24:02.

Rating: B+. Why not make Cesaro the Intercontinental Champion? Like, just let him go out there and have awesome matches with anyone because Cesaro is pure gold at this point. It’s the simple concept of “hey, this guy is awesome right now so LET’S PUSH HIM!” Unfortunately he’ll probably be forgotten again in three weeks while someone like Barrett or Truth get pushed because they’re funny or something. Like, is Cesaro even going to be on the pay per view?

US Title: Rusev vs. John Cena

The psychology is all over the place here as Cena, the face champion, comes in with a huge advantage since Rusev is spent. Cena starts fast and hits a release fisherman’s suplex followed by a headlock. Rusev bails to the ropes but Cena nails the shoulders. In a nice touch, Rusev can’t get up due to the exhaustion, making the finishing sequence look really awkward. The AA is countered into the Accolade out of nowhere and Cena hangs on for about 45 seconds (fair since Rusev is weakened) until Owens comes back in for the DQ at 4:57.

Rating: D. This was more awkward and weird than bad as Cena was basically wrestling a squash match against a big name until the end where he got caught in a big move. Like I said, this was just strange and would have been FAR better served as a single, four way elimination with Cena involved. It was different, but the execution of the second match didn’t work for me.

Owens gives Rusev a Pop-Up Powerbomb and tells Cena that he’s taking the title on Sunday.

Rollins tells Kane that it’s on him if tonight goes bad.

The Tough Enough cast is on stage when Lita (a coach on the show) comes out with something to say. She officially introduces us to the cast and this is a big waste of time because Tough Enough just isn’t all that interesting this season. It was so uninteresting that I haven’t watched it yet and don’t plan to.

We recap Reigns and Wyatt from earlier.

Stardust (hey he’s back) talks about how the world needs heroes because the world is made up of heroes and villains. “From where I stand, the view never changes.” Neville has been claiming that the forces of evil have forsaken him, but those forces will bring him down. Embrace the strange. Or embrace Cody Rhodes for a change.

Barrett vs. Truth for the crown on Sunday. If Rusev and/or Cesaro aren’t on that show, I lose so much of my faith in this company, meaning I fully expect it to happen.

Stardust vs. Neville

Neville is no longer the New Sensation, which is one of the best things that could happen to him. A loud CODY chant starts up but let’s just keep him as Stardust because it’s done wonders for his career. Stardust isn’t interested in a handshake and kicks Neville down, only to have to get up before the Red Arrow can launch. There’s a cartwheel from Star and we hit the chinlock.

As has been the trend tonight, this match is bizarre as the fans are cheering Stardust instead of the guy they’re pushing as an actual superhero. It’s funny how such shortsightedness works. Neville fights back to silence (I’m stunned too) but Stardust rolls him up and grabs the trunks for the pin at 4:09. JBL: “Go to the pay window young man!”

Rating: D. So let’s see. They’ve (so far) wasted any potential for Cody coming off his father’s passing, Neville looks lame because no one wants to boo the son of a legend whose father recently passed away, and then Stardust cheats instead of getting to make this an important and cool moment. Oh and the match wasn’t any good either. What a mess as psychology means nothing around here.

It’s time for the contract signing to close things up this week. Rollins and Kane are out first and the champ talks about watching the footage of the car being destroyed again. After this Sunday, Suplex City will be a memory and he’ll still be champion, but here’s a Beast to disagree. Well, likely to stand there while Heyman disagrees. Paul says Rollins wants to burn Suplex City down, but the fans want to see him get taken apart for his breaking of the eleventh commandment.

People want to see Rollins get beaten up and that’s what they’re going to see this Sunday when he gets kicked, slapped, punched, suplexed, F5’d and dethroned. Rollins signs anyway, as does Brock, and there goes the table. Kane comes at Brock but Lesnar pulls out an ax handle and actually flips the table back up. The fight is on again and Rollins goes flying. Kane breaks up an F5 on the floor and Rollins hits him with the ax handle.

Some steps to the head have Brock in more trouble but Beast Mode prevails with Kane taking an F5 on the floor. There goes Rollins into the crowd, leaving Brock to crush Kane’s ankle on the steps, likely making this Sunday one on one. Brock poses with the title but we’re not done yet as Rollins comes back to ringside and yells about being the man to slay the Beast on Sunday. Medics tend to Kane so Rollins yells at him too, calling Kane’s career one big disappointment. This is on Kane and Rollins kicks him in the ankle to end the show.

Overall Rating: D+. This is a great example of a show where the good was good but the bad was really bad. Some of these matches and stories are disasters and I really don’t think I need to explain which is which. The show wasn’t terrible and had some VERY good stuff going on, but between Stephanie throwing herself into a feud she has nothing to do with and the battle of the kings that no one wants to see and a few other big misses, I wanted this show to end instead of wanting to like it. Not the worst by any means and the Divas segment (once it was about them) was great, but WAY too much bad to hold it back.


Ryback/Randy Orton b. Sheamus/Big Show – Top rope splash to Sheamus

Mark Henry/Prime Time Players b. New Day – World’s Strongest Slam to Woods

R-Truth b. King Barrett – Lie Detector

Rusev b. Kevin Owens and Cesaro – Superkick to Cesaro

Rusev b. John Cena via DQ when Kevin Owens interfered

Stardust b. Neville – Rollup with a handful of trunks

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  1. Mike M. says:

    I hate crapping on this show because it was great to see the NXT women in the ring and the triple threat was great, but I have to crap on it. I agree with everything you said about the Divas segment. Stephanie McMahon is just awful. My biggest problem with the segment though is something you touched on and it’s how it ended, with the Total Diva theme playing. I have very low expectations for Becky, Charlotte, and Sasha because of that show. That show dictates who gets pushed in the Divas division. Instead of watching them put on top-rate matches like they do in NXT, they’ll be shoehorned into 3 minute matches based on Sasha winking at Cena or some other drivel from that show. I hope I’m wrong though.

    My other issue with the show is Ambrose. He was in the main event of the last PPV and he doesn’t have a match for this Sunday. My money says he turns on Reigns and costs him his match because the WWE can’t stay out of their own way. He’s over and Reigns, while getting more cheers, still isn’t. An Ambrose/Reigns feud isn’t going to help that.

    Eric Reply:

    Plus the fans would cheer Ambrose anyway, thus achieving exactly opposite what they’d like.

    And I’m glad a few other people saw the Divas segment similarly to I did and didn’t suck it’s proverbial dick solely because the girls you wanted to see were actually out there.

  2. Thriller says:

    For what it’s worth, Cody’s non-Stardust Twitter said in no uncertain terms that he didn’t want his dad’s death to be used on-screen at all in relation to him.

  3. Wirehead says:

    I think the Bella’s and even Fox don’t deserve to be lumped in with terrible workers now. At the very least they’re carryable and women like Charlotte and Sasha can do the carrying.

    But I know I’m in the minority with that opinion.

    Gunther_224 Reply:

    We’ll see about that once they actually wrestle against each other.

    dookie blaster 3000 Reply:

    nah, i think Alicia is decent enough to have a good match with the NXT girls. Nikki kinda too. Brie and the rest tho…just….no.

  4. dookie blaster 3000 says:

    jesus christ how many times have they used the line “burning Suplex City to the ground” since they first mentioned it? such a cool line now sounds so corny after sooo many mentions

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Until it’s trending on Twitter, which is all that matters these days.

  5. dookie blaster 3000 says:

    and since Triple H is getting all this praise for the NXT guys, it was only fair that the strong, powerful independent confident smart tough great human and business woman known to us as Stephanie gets credit for the NXT girls.

    im sure the internet is gonna send her a fruit basket soon.

  6. james gracie says:

    Oh man how bad was that? What a fucking awful show. Lesnar has become so cookie cutter lately and this feud sucks. Rollins looks like a high school kid at a college party in this feud. And the announcers kept saying “Rollins is all alone now” Why don’t they just say “the Shield is reuniting Sunday” and telegraph it more?

    And good God get Stephanie out of this company. She once again made everyone look weak. I’m not Bella fan but that just seemed so counter productive to just belittle her like that. That was so awful that I stop the recording and turned off the TV and fast forwarded til that pointless Diva’s segment was over. Whatever I missed after Stephanie cut off Nikki’s balls was awful probably anyways.

    Of course I come back just in time to see the New Day job again and Barrett look like an idiot. I don’t think the New Day can save us anymore.

    Then Cena came out and his schtick is so boring that I fell asleep and missed whatever came after that. I’m sure it was awful probably.

    Hey but I awoke right in time to see a washed up Lita introduce us to the Tough Enough cast that nobody watches. Oh how’s that “rocket push” for Neville going? LOLOLOLOLOL remember when you all thought this company would push him like he was a big star? Idiots. Evan Bourne 2.0 is all he is and all the company sees in him.

    Awful show tonight and this company just plain sucks. If you disagree with me then you are absolutely clueless. #VinceIsSoftAndOutOfTouch #FireStephanie #SomeoneSaveUs

  7. Mac says:

    I’m thinking more and more that Cesaro and Rusev screw over Owens at Battleground like he’s done to them culminating in the 4 way at Summerslam. What do you think?

  8. Future says:

    Everybody crapping on Steph is unreal. Maybe 1/3 of the audience watches NXT and knows how awesome those girls are. The other 2/3 simply know that NXT is the farm league and aren’t sure what to make of them.

    Having the “owner” Stephanie come out and introduce them may piss off the internet smarks but it gives those debuts some instant legitimacy to the majority of the audience.

    klunderbunker Reply:


    What gives this credibility is them dismantling the Bellas, commentary putting them over as big deals and Paige endorsing them as the answer to her problems.

    Stephanie was not needed in any fashion.

    Jay H (the real one) Reply:

    Isn’t that basically what happened? Them taking out The Bella Twins and standing tall with Paige. Pretty sure I (who was there on Monday) and many others saw it that way. I don’t see anyone else besides you whining about Stephanie being out there.

    Like I said I was the Show on Monday and I thought it was a very good RAW overall. I guess I am bias since I was there. The Triple Threat was one of the best Live Matches I have ever seen.

    Also I had no real issue with Cody coming back as Stardust. If he had I am sure you would have thought they were milking his Father passing away for sympathy.

    KB I enjoy your reviews but at times you come off a little too critical I think.Its Wrestling man. Life is so much easier when you don’t agonize over it and just enjoy it for what it is.

    Eric Reply:

    It’s also fair to have an expectation and for things to fall short of it. The Divas coming up to the main roster was something we knew would happen. It was set to happen organically in storyline but instead it was rushed to “take advantage” of female athlete popularity with the Women’s World Cup win, and on top of all that, Stephanie was the focus on the segment. Watch it again and see which face is the last you see on screen.

    SPOILER: It’s Stephanie.

    So now, the announcers won’t talk about how great the news girls are, they’ll say “how great is it that STEPH BROUGHT UP BECKY LYNCH AND CHARLOTTE. THANKS STEPH!” It was unneeded, completely out of character, and ridiculous and while it accomplished something we all wanted, let’s not put blinders on and pretend it was the perfect way to debut the girls. It most certainly wasn’t and that’s largely due to it not being about them but being about Stephanie freakin McMahon.

    Jay H (the real one) Reply:

    But does it really matter in the end? Is Stephanie going to be in those Matches or be involved in their Feuds? No I don’t think so. People worry too much about who else was out their more than what it was designed to do.

    Eric Reply:

    It was designed to give Stephanie credit. Rather than the logical story of “Paige finds backup” which would get the fans behind Paige because she chose up and comers that people like, Steph chose them and out girls in to 3 teams. There was a better way to execute these debuts, spread them out a little, start after Bsttlegoriund and have Stephanie somewhere in the Phillipines.

  9. Bernkastel says:

    I thought the show was pretty good. It [mostly] held my attention for the whole 3 hours, which is rare. The Divas segment was great, I just kinda zoned Stephanie out. Though if she does some kind of long winded promo next week taking TV time from the girls then I’d agree with the “red flag” assessment. The triple threat was great. Owens and Rusev are both very talented, and I was impressed with Cesaro. He’s starting to grow on me again. I really do like the Seth/Brock angle. The only reason why I’m not 100% behind it is the possibility of Lesnar winning the title and leaving again. That would suck, as I was not a fan of it the first time. But regardless the story is starting to move. Also Dolph Ziggler wasn’t on the show so that was a huge plus.

    dookie blaster 3000 Reply:

    i keep saying it but Cesaro is the best wrestler in all of wwe by far. no one is even by a million miles.

  10. Marky-Marc says:

    I have to say, I think you went way too hard on this show. Kinda seemed like you were in a bad mood while writing this one.

    First, you expressed that the Kane-in-Hawaii story was stupid. Why? Rollins, trying to keep Kane on his side, sends him on a vaca to express his gratitude, ends up screwing himself because he needed him for when Lesnar showed up.

    Second, the Cody Rhodes thing. Cody has stated he wanted to continue doing Stardust and did not want anything special to come of his story because his father died. Also, the crowd chanting ‘Cody’ was not to show support for him. It’s because Stardust hates being called Cody. it happens in all of his matches.

    Third, Tough Enough. I’m watching Tough Enough and it is definitely not the greatest thing in the world, but it has some interesting parts. However, for you to say it’s not interesting when you don’t watch it seems petty and you’re better than that.

    Finally, the divas. Let me point out first, I don’t think I budged an inch during the entire segment. yeah it could lead to some cool stuff down the line but they’re still the divas and until I see otherwise, I have no faith in these call-ups leading to the division meaning anything more.
    Having said that, you cared way too much about Stephanie being out there. Again, don’t get me wrong, Stephanie being on my TV always irritates me. But in one year when – hopefully- these girls are lighting the world on fire, nobody, repeat, nobody is going to be saying how these girls are here because of Stephanie. They went the route of capitalizing on all the successful women in sports things going on these days, so they send out the female member of the Authority. It’s not that big of a deal, certainly not what you made it out to be.
    I think you’re love for NXT, coupled with your hatred of Stephanie just really got to you.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    1. The Kane thing: it’s Kane in a storyline associated with the main event. That alone is stupid, but the photoshopped stuff from Hawaii is an old joke they use and I’ve always found it stupid.

    2. If Cody wants to be Stardust and that’s how he wants to deal with his grief, I have zero issues with him as Stardust.

    3. I find Tough Enough boring and a waste of time because the biggest winner ever is John Morrison, a career midcarder. When a Tough Enough winner means anything, I’ll be interested. That’s why I don’t care about the show: in the long run, the winners mean nothing.

    4. That’s true that people likely won’t care in a year, but I’ve been along with these girls for their entire journey here, just like I’ve been along with Paige for her war with the Bellas. Stephanie or no Stephanie, this past Monday was bad storytelling. The women in sports thing felt like a huge cop out and little more than a way to try to validate Stephanie being there. It’s not a big deal long term, but with Stephanie’s track record of diving into stuff that has nothing to do with her to make herself look good, I’ve lost any patience for her.