Oh TNA, You Sweet Beautiful Disaster

They’ve done it again.http://411mania.com/wrestling/tna-cuts-hernandez-scraps-upcoming-impact-segments-due-to-potential-legal-issue/

So this time, Hernandez, who had been appearing on Lucha Underground, said he was free to sign with TNA and appear on their shows.  Apparently though, no one in TNA MADE A SIMPLE PHONE CALL to find out if this was true or not.  Therefore, when Hernandez appeared recently on Impact, he was a Lucha Underground talent, meaning TNA could be in trouble.

Now this wouldn’t be a major problem for most wrestling companies since it was just a few shows, but since TNA has managed to go back to the Disney taping era of WCW, Hernandez is featured a lot going forward, meaning TNA has to scrap all that footage.  This means that his BDC teammates are screwed too, because they can’t edit Hernandez out of the footage so none of those guys are going to be on TV either.  Word is the shows will be edited to feature stuff from Slammiversary until new footage can be shot.

HOW DO THEY KEEP DOING THIS???  TNA makes some of the most boneheaded moves I’ve ever seen in wrestling and they just never stop.  I get that mistakes happen.  I make them every single day, but TNA keeps making these major errors that cost them time, money, good will and the shreds of credibility they have left.  Now MVP and the BDC are sitting out because TNA screwed up with this contract situation (and over freaking HERNANDEZ?  A one note power guy who could have been almost any other bruiser?) and the whole thing is yet another mess that their supporters will laugh off while the rest of the audience just shakes their heads.


  1. El Killjoy says:

    Thing to note is that Lucha Underground has as much if not more fault for this. Yeah, TNA stupidly just went by what Hernandez said. But in contrast, Hernandez or even the AAA side of Lucha Underground were unaware that he was breaching contract. Hernandez has been on TV and PPV already for 2 weeks without the producers of Lucha Underground either realizing or just not paying attention. Hernandez himself was in the dark of just what exactly he was able to work in and even Konnan, who works creative was totally clueless too.

    All LU talents are unaware of what exactly they can work and get no answers and TNA ended up suffering big time for it. Even though they should’ve double checked. TNA was willing to compromise, but LU had none of it even though they were the primary fault.

    Greg Reply:

    Very wrong. Hernandez saying he only had a verbal release should have been a gigantic red flag for TNA. Yeah Hernandez may have told them it’s okay but that’s no excuse. If the LU contract is unclear and confusing, then they can face lawsuits. So I doubt it’s that unclear.

    LU is not out of line here to force TNA to not show Hernandez. He is under contract to LU. He is bound by that contract.

  2. Jerichoholic94 says:

    I used to beg my mom to buy their PPVs. I really liked seeing my childhood favs (well some of them) like Raven, Saturn (I think he was on there a few times) also the ECW alumni in the Hard 10. Jerry Lynn even! The x division stuff was crazy. I loved watching AJ Styles. I feel even they dropped the ball on Dallas/Lance Hoyt when he was very overs I keep wanting to give them chances. But they’ve made a bare liveable living out of shooting themselves dead. I cannot stand to watch them anymore. The last event I watched was Bound For Glory 2013 I think with Bully Ray vs AJ for the title. The run ins and stuff killed the otherwise great match and I just can’t watch them anymore.

  3. Jay H (the real one) says:

    I think all 3 should get the blame. LU for keeping their guys in the dark about a 2nd Season,Hernandez for not asking whats going on and assuming,and TNA just for them being the worst Promotion of all time.

    It just defies logic how this Company keeps going given all the boneheaded mistakes they make and have made lately. Yet all the psycho TNA marks laugh it off as nothing and a certain someone here says WWE are the ones out of touch.

  4. Jacob Jones says: