Ring of Honor – July 22, 2015: They Did It……Whatever That Was!

Ring of Honor
Date: July 22, 2015
Location: Terminal 5, New York City, New York
Commentators: King Corino, Kevin Kelly

This has the potential to be a very interesting show as it’s the 200th episode under the Sinclair Broadcasting banner as well as the go home show before this Friday’s Death Before Dishonor pay per view. I’m really hoping they don’t go too heavy with the historical stuff here because the pay per view market is still young for them. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

It seems that most of this show will be a clip show, but I won’t be rating the matches since I won’t be seeing the majority of them and it’s not really fair to say if a match is good or bad based on a quick clip.

After a quick intro from the announcers, we go to a clip from April 25, 2015 when the Addiction took the Tag Team Titles from ReDragon. We see most of the finish after ReDragon’s hot tag, setting up a series of double team moves for near falls. ReDragon takes over but a masked man known as the KRD runs in and superkicks O’Reilly by mistake, setting up Celebrity Rehab to give the Addiction the titles.

The masked man is revealed to be Chris Sabin and the Addiction joins him to beat down the former champions. Apparently this was a big reveal, but there’s no backstory given. Quit assuming people watch all your shows. O’Reilly is busted open but the blood is censored, which I like WAY better than turning the screen black and white. What difference does it make what color it is? We know it’s blood, so why bother?

Various wrestlers are excited about making it to 200 episodes.

Highlights from Steel Cage Warfare from July 27, 2013 where SCUM was destroyed. King Corino laughs off being evil.

Package on the Top Prospect Tournament, capped off by Donovan Dijak beating Will Ferrara in the finals. They show how the match ends but then go back to show the last few minutes. The main highlight here: a Mark Jindrak reference. Now there’s one you don’t see every day. The ending was a nice back and forth slugout with Dijak hitting Feast Your Eyes (a Burning Hammer into a GTS) for the win and the tournament.

Clip of the end of Tag Wars on December 27, 2014 with ACH/Matt Sydal vs. the Briscoes vs. Addiction vs. ReDragon. Chasing the Dragon was enough to pin ACH/Sydal and retain the Tag Team Titles.

Clip of Hanson vs. AJ Styles from November 22, 2014. Hanson hits a nice powerbomb for two but takes too much time going up (especially considering how big he is), allowing Styles to hit the Clash for the pin.

One last clip of Lance Storm vs. Mike Bennett from August 4, 2012. That’s kind of a random one to end on but any extra Maria is a great thing. Bennett won with a Photo Finish (TKO) onto a chair.

House of Truth vs. Briscoe Brothers/ODB/Roderick Strong

That would be Donovan Dijak/Jay Diesel/Jay Lethal/Truth Martini. ODB and Truth actually start with Martini busting out a Spinarooni. It’s off to Lethal vs. Strong, so Lethal tags out to Dijak for our first actual violence. Roderick takes over and drags Donovan to the corner for the tag to the Briscoes for some double teaming. Mark hits a middle rope splash and we take a break, coming back to Donovan hitting a release suplex slam on Mark to take over.

Off to Lethal for some stomping in the corner as the heels start rotating. Everyone but Truth gets in some shots on Mark until he comes back with a middle rope forearm to the face. The hot tag brings in his brother for left hands and a neckbreaker to Dijak. The Jay’s (as in not Diesel) slug it out with Lethal taking over and slapping on a cobra clutch. We take a break and come back with Roderick getting the hot tag to hammer away on the World Champion.

The Sick Kick gets two and everything breaks down with Lethal superkicking Roderick. ODB tags herself in and chokes the champ, allowing for a tag off to Martini. The House of Truth surrounds ODB but she takes a shot from the flask and slugs all of them until the heroes come back in. Everyone goes to the floor, leaving ODB to spit booze in Truth’s eyes, setting up a rollup pin at 16:35.

Rating: D+. Well that happened, and instead of setting up something for the pay per view, a wrestling valet pinned a manager. I’m so glad we got that instead of anything between the World Champion and his challenger or any mention of the Briscoes’ match on Friday. No, what we needed was Truth Martini getting rolled up for a laugh instead of talking about a pay per view. I know they’re new at this but work with me here people.

Overall Rating: D-. I don’t want to say this was a bad show, but it was a misfire. Like I said in the opening, this would have been fine for a stand alone special anniversary show, but it doesn’t work when you have this right before a pay per view. A lot of the highlights were either meaningless or fine but it didn’t really make me want to watch more of the show. The idea here was fine, but they needed to tweak it a lot more to make it work.

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