NWA San Francisco TV – July 1, 1979: I Think There’s Something Wrong With Him

San Francisco TV
Date: July 1, 1978
Location: KXTV Studios, Sacramento, California
Commentator: Hank Renner

I had a good time with the previous show and I’m assuming this is the followup. I’m guessing we won’t be seeing Piper or Race here as it was rare to see the same lineup week after week. It was a nice way to keep things fresh and you never knew who you were going to see on a week to week basis. Let’s get to it.

Just like last time, the show is incomplete and at least the first match is missing. That’s something you have to expect on something like this though.

Jerry Monte vs. Buddy Rose

Rose is a big time heel. After some quick stalling it’s Rose taking Monte down and slapping on a chinlock. That goes nowhere so Rose, in his overly huge trunks, misses an elbow and gets caught in an armbar. Well at least Monte has some psychology to him. They trade slams and it’s right back to that armbar.

Back up and we get some miscommunication as both guys try a drop down at the same time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before. Monte slaps on a third armbar until Buddy fights up with some basic strikes. A rake to the face freaks Buddy out and the fans are getting into this. Buddy whips him hard into the buckle though and drives some knees into the back, setting up a backbreaker (similar to the Irish Curse) for the pin.

Rating: C-. I liked this way more than I was expecting to as Monte was game for a fight here. Rose was obviously going to win, but at least they didn’t go with something really simple and boring. Monte tried out there and did some decent stuff with the arm until we got to the only possible conclusion.

Buddy Rose brags about his robe and says he has the accomplishments at 25 years old that no one else has ever had. He’s been compared to Ray Stevens, but Rose is just that much better. That match might be coming one day, but Stevens will be facing the man with a steel stomach (seriously), Pepper Gomez, on July 15. Rose knows Gomez has a hard stomach but he can pound on everything else.

The younger generation is taking over and it’s no longer Lou Thesz’s world. It’s Buddy Rose’s world because he’s earned this reputation. Last week he was wrestling all over the country and he’s insulted by having to fight in a preliminary match in the Cow Palace. It’s only main events for Rose and only if the money is right. This was an interesting case as the message was good but Rose has an awkward way of speaking and it didn’t work as well as it could have. He needed to cut down a bit and get to the point faster, though he got the points across.

Guy Lambert vs. Roddy Piper

We get some more bagpipes before the match. Piper takes his sweet time in taking off the kilt before we can get going. Lambert scores with a quick slam to send Piper outside and three armdrags into an armbar. Piper fights out of a wristlock (how did he ever manage to do that?) and hammers away in the corner, followed by a clothesline for two of his own. A high backdrop gets the same but Lambert puts on a freaky abdominal stretch. That goes nowhere and Piper punches a lot more before finishing with a pair of swinging neckbreakers.

Rating: D. Boring match here with Piper destroying the guy but with far less energy or entertainment value than last week. The match wasn’t that long and Lambert was fine for a jobber, but you expect more from someone like Piper, especially after the really fun match he had last week.

Post match Piper says the match with Mayne was non-title, which is either a mistake on Wikipedia or a lie to sell the rematch on the 15th. Roddy won the match, despite Mayne barking a lot. Every time Piper got up and hit him again, the barking got weaker and weaker. The match was stopped and Mayne attacked him post match, busting him open. The cuts on Piper’s face look really awesome. Next up is a title match, as ordered by the NWA. Well at least according to Piper, as the interviewer says it was Mayne’s idea.

The rest of the tape is cut off.

Overall Rating: D+. I didn’t like this one as much as the previous one but that might be due to the lack of Harley Race being all gruff and awesome. Piper picked things way up in his promo where he went insane as only he could, but the rest of the show didn’t do much for me. Then again it would have helped to be able to see the whole thing instead of just under half an hour.

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