Roddy Piper Reportedly Dead At 61

Due to cardiac arrest.  This is starting to make the rounds from TMZ and then Meltzer (  If so, this is a huge shock as Piper had plans to be on a podcast today and was giving interviews over the recent Hogan issues.

This is a huge shock and it’s going to take a bit for me to process it.  More on this later of course but I’m stunned at the moment.  Piper was a huge star when I was growing up and one of the first big stars I remember.


  1. NightShiftLoser says:

    Yeah, this is pretty heartbreaking. One of my all-time favorites. First Rhodes, now him…Two great talkers gone.

  2. Abhilash Ashok Mende says:

    One of my very best friends (mostly because of our similar interest in Pro wrestling ) and I have made it a tradition since last year to watch Wrestlemania on my LCD together at my home ( We both live in different cities of India presently ) and I wait impatiently for the entire year, just to enjoy WM for those 4 hours with my friend.
    I wonder whether we both would be enjoying this annual tradition if stars like Piper and Hogan wouldn’t be there at the very 1st Mania, leading to poor sales and therefore the 2nd edition never seeing the light of day…. Gone too soon
    RIP Piper…. you were the Joker to Hogan’s Batman.