So I Started Watching The List

I was thinking it would be a half hour version of Countdown.And it’s a half hour version of Countdown.  I have no idea why they dropped Countdown, which is pretty much the easiest show in the world to do and the format was as basic as you could ask for, but instead we now get this, which is the exact same thing but with almost all new names instead of anything historic.

To give you an idea of what I was in for, the first show was called Trendiest Divas, meaning we’re already in Twitter territory.  The top of the list of course?  The Bellas, with a special video on Stephanie to close things out.  Yeah…..I need to just watch Countdown reruns.

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  1. MikeCheyne says:

    I have heard later episodes of the List are better. Countdown was really finding a groove with its most recent episodes that explored more uncharted territory (i.e., midcard, comedy, and goofy acts instead of the 1,000th episode focusing on Austin, Rock, HHH, Undertaker). The Countdown episodes on crybabies, odd jobs, and odd matches were all fantastic.