New Column: I Can’t See It

Examining a particular piece of Cena hate with some stats and history.


  1. El Killjoy says:

    The only complaint that can ever fall on Cena is that he’s been on top for far too long. 10 straight years on the same promotion appearing on a weekly basis on international television is far too much. Him in the midcard this year was so refreshing for him that it makes me loathe this Title vs Title idea even more.

  2. Dmxfury says:

    Part of it is definitely the over exposure which is out of his control (for the most part). I just feel like his character has stopped evolving and changing over the past 5 years or so. I still firmly believe a Bret Hart type turn, where he can still keep his ‘true fans’ and show disgust/confusion over the booes and hatred would be superb and take him to a higher level

  3. Isaiah Morrow says:

    Theres so many variables you completely forgot… Like the fact that John Cena’s career is not even close to over yet and is close to tying Ric Flair who made it to 16 official reigns at the END of his career. John Cena has been washed out too many times to be champion again. I personally dont care if Cena TIES Flair’s with the number of title reigns. But if he surpasses him, thats something I wouldnt appreciate. Ill tell you the exact same sentence I tell every other Cena fanboy KB; Respect the man, not the wrestler.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    The end of his career? Flair was still wrestling over ten years after he won his last World Title.

  4. NightShiftLoser says:

    My own complaint isn’t exactly against Cena, but title reigns as a whole. Flair had LONG reigns. Cena has had some short ones that didn’t need to happen. For instance, EC 2010. Cena held the belt for…3 minutes?

    Again, this isn’t Cena, but the way belts are passed off like nothing. The extra exposure doesn’t need to be a reason to have more title matches. In a world title feud, the belt is ALWAYS on the line. Why not let the feud go a bit, and then the blowoff is the big title match?

    SilverFirePrime Reply:

    Flair wasn’t immune to this either. His last reign consisted of Kevin Nash just handing him the title, only for him to lose it to Jarett later on that night

  5. Heyo says:

    It could be similar to your feelings about Nikki Bella’s title reign: Cena only has so many title reigns because WWE is trying to force us to see him as a legend.

    As for my own feelings about it, I’ve never seen an all-time great wrestler get tarnished by bad booking as I’ve seen from Cena. He should be considered among the best that ever stepped into a ring(at least a WWE one) but the horrible, horrible booking treatment he’s gotten is what made smarks hate him. I’ve never seen it happen to such a degree with someone as good as Cena.

  6. deanerandterry says:

    Its such a dumb thing to be pissed about, I don’t see how it kills title prestige or somehow makes Flair less greater because a guy broke the record nearly 15 years after Flair got his 16th title reign. Flair has held the record for over 20 years and records are made to be broken. Besides, Cena has been on top for almost my entire adult life, he’s more than worthy to get this honor and I honestly think he’s better than Flair.

  7. Your Eternal Reward says:

    The two world titles didn’t help anyone between 2007-2013. I mean look at 08-09 where both world titles were passed back and forth between all the main eventers for a bunch of pointless title reigns.

  8. james gracie says:

    Honestly I always see a lot of fans give Cena credit, especially on sites like Twitter. I just think he gets booed on TV and at events because that’s just the cool thing to do. I don’t think many fans really think he sucks. But from what I see, most fans do give Cena credit and many admit WWE would be lost without him if he just retired suddenly.

    dookie blaster 3000 Reply:

    i dont like cena. never have, pretty sure never will. but he absolutely deserves all the credit given to him.

    and cena tying and eventually breaking the record, to me is…meh