Articles from August 2015

New Column: More Than A Place To Keep A Bunch Of Fly-Infested Horses

A quick look at stables.

Monday Nitro – April 3, 2000: They Can’t Even Get History Right

Monday Nitro #234 Date: April 3, 2000 Location: Worcester Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts Attendance: 0 Hosts: Mark Madden, Tony Schiavone There isn’t much to say here. WCW is being rebooted at the moment so this is a big recap show called the History of Money Nitro. In other words, they’re in a big arena, which I’m […]

Sting vs. Seth Rollins Official For Night Of Champions

As announced on the WWE Network after Raw.  I’m assuming the World Title is on the line.

Monday Night Raw – August 24, 2015: Feel The Heat. I’m Sure It’s There Somewhere.

Monday Night Raw Date: August 24, 2015 Location: Barclays Center, New York City, New York Commentators: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, John Bradshaw Layfield Summerslam has come and gone and we have two main event fallout stories to deal with. Jon Stewart, the host of Summerslam, cost John Cena the US Title by interfering to help […]

WWE Network And An Adult Website

This is something I’d expect out of TNA.

Summerslam 2015: A Long, Long, Very Long Summer

Summerslam 2015 Date: August 23, 2015 Location: Barclays Center, New York City, New York Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler It’s the second biggest show of the year and the main event is a match too big for Wrestlemania as Brock Lesnar faces the Undertaker, who is looking for revenge after Lesnar snapped […]

Sunday Is The Final Day For Wrestling Bundle #1

The first month of this great offer is wrapping up tonight at midnight EST (about an hour after Summerslam goes off the air if your time zone knowledge isn’t so strong) and after midnight, this is GONE. It’s not for sale again and next month’s edition won’t have the same stuff so it’s more than […]

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn – Hugs Are Available At The Top Of The Ladder

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn Date: August 22, 2015 Location: Barclays Center, New York City, New York Commentators: Byron Saxton, Corey Graves, Rich Brennan It’s the biggest show in NXT history (so far) as NXT is on the road again. We have a double main event tonight with Finn Balor defending the NXT Title against former champion […]

Reviewing the Review – Monday Night Raw: August 17, 2015

I know it’s last minute but I needed to get this in before Takeover tonight or there’s really no point in doing it. We’re almost to Summerslam and it’s time for one last gasp to try to make Undertaker a heel against Brock as we’re in Brock’s hometown. Other than that we’re going to get […]

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn Preview

It’s only a few hours away but there’s always time for a preview. This is going to be the biggest show in NXT history (so far) as they’re in the same arena as Summerslam with 13,000 people. Tonight is a double main event of Bayley challenging Sasha Banks for the Women’s Title and Finn Balor […]