WWL Navidad Corporativa 2014: I Don’t Have A Subtitle

WWL Navidad Corporativa
Date: Dec 17, 2014 (Aired December 25, 2014)
Location: Pepin Cestero Coliseum, Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Attendance: 3,500
Commentators: Willie Urbina, Axel Cruz

The show is called Corporate Christmas. Why does this sound like Vince’s idea of a Christmas carol? Anyway this is a WWL (World Wrestling League) show from Puerto Rico (guess who requested it) and it can’t be worse than World Wrestling Council. Like, it’s not possible for it to be that bad. Let’s get to it.

As usual before a lucha libre show, I’d like to remind you that my Spanish is conversational at best so I might miss some major plot points given by commentary but I’ll do what I can. I do have a guide to explain some of the backstories so I’m not totally lost.

The announcers run down the card and preview the next show with stars from all over the Americas.

Mr. 450 is in the ring and ranting about someone named Carlitos ducking a rematch after beating him a few weeks back. The call out continues and here’s Carlitos, who says he’s ready to go. Wait is Mr. 450 a heel? A guy whose character is all about a high flying move is a heel? Really? The match is later in the night I guess.

Ad for next month’s big show.

Prince Xander vs. Erik Scorpion

Xander won a battle royal at the last big show (last eliminating Scorpion) and became all stuck up so this is the regular showdown. One of the fun parts of these shows is figuring out which guy is which. It’s not so easy a lot of the time. I’m pretty sure Scorpion is the one with the painted face and the one named Prince is in the nice tights and staring at the blonde at ringside.

They fight over a wristlock to start until Prince lifts the shirt up for a medium chop. The thing didn’t even echo but maybe I didn’t understand its accent. A quick rope walk into a springboard armdrag puts Scorpion down again as this has been one sided so far. Xander dropkicks him out to the floor and Scorpion climbs a structure ala Ultimate X. That goes nowhere as Prince pulls him down, only to eat a kick to the face.

A not great Asai moonsault takes Prince down with Erik landing in the front row. Scorpion looks for a weapon as the blonde tends to Xander’s wounds. There’s a chair in the corner now but Scorpion settles for two off a running corner dropkick instead. Xander gets the better of a chop off but misses a charge into the post. Scorpion’s suicide dive is caught in a good looking belly to belly and he busts out a flip dive of his own. Back in and a high cross body gets two on Scorpion but he comes back with a belly to belly superplex, followed by Sliced Bread #2 for the pin.

Rating: C. This was a good choice for an opener with some nice high flying, though I’m sure we’re going to have a lot of this style throughout the night. Xander was a good heel act, though a lot of that might be due to the blonde he had with him. Scorpion was fine for a high flier and the match was entertaining enough.

Americas Title: BJ vs. Laredo Kid

Laredo is defending with Joe Bravo as referee. The three of them had a triple threat for the inaugural title and Bravo got pinned, hence why he’s not in this one. On the way to the ring, a boss stops BJ and tells him that if his gang shows up, he’s fired. Bravo takes his sweet time starting the match. They flip around to start so Bravo rolls around as well for a laugh.

It’s a bunch of running the ropes to start until Kid bulldogs him down, only to get caught in an armbar. Kid flips out again and it’s time for a standoff. They chop it out and BJ takes off his shirt so the Kid can chop him even harder. BJ is sent to the floor but he slides back in and dropkicks Laredo off the apron in a fast spot. Back in and Bravo does the most overblown slow motion two count I’ve seen this side of an old Steve Austin match.

That’s fine with JB as he takes the Kid to the top for a German superplex but Joe somehow makes the count even slower. The distraction lets the Kid come off the top with a missile dropkick, setting up a slow motion dive to the floor. Bravo gets in some stomps on BJ as they’re not being very subtle with this story. Kid even gets annoyed at Bravo before walking the top rope for a corkscrew moonsault.

Bravo is too busy taking a call so at least the bias is universal. A bunch of regular referees come in to eject Bravo, making the match less interesting than it was going to be otherwise. After the melee is over, a monster who may be a member of the Corporation comes in to chokeslam BJ off the top. Laredo goes all the way to the top of the lighting structure, only to hit the monster by mistake. That plus an RKO give BJ two, meaning it’s time for Kid’s manager to yell at the referee. Ok then.

A top rope hurricanrana puts BJ down and the Kid dives off the structure for two more as this is going longer than it should. BJ’s frog splash gets two with the Kid’s manager pulling the referee to the floor. Using this distraction (as opposed to all the other distractions), someone I believe is part of BJ’s gang runs in and hits him with a chair, allowing Laredo to hit a springboard splash for the pin to retain.

Rating: D+. WAY too long here with too much going on. Unless I missed something, BJ was the face here which continues the trend of this company not seeming clear on how faces/heels are supposed to be chosen. The action was good here but there was too much going on and too much time.

Post match the chair swinger is revealed to be…..Joe Bravo, who plants BJ with an implant DDT.

La Rabia, BJ’s street gang, is coming for the new year’s show.

Trios Titles: La Rabia vs. Team Corporate

This is for the inaugural titles and these teams (Dennis Rivera/Noel Rodriguez/Stefano vs. Victor Rodriguez/Manuel Rodriguez/Kaifas) are at war with the gang vs. corporate. The big issue for me: I have no idea who any of these people are. I’m pretty sure the Corporation is the heel team and from what I’ve found, Dennis is the brother of Savio Vega (who won’t just go away), who leads the Corporation. Dennis is leading his street gang in a revolution because that’s how wrestling stories work. La Rabia has their street vision camera because they’re tough like that.

All three members of La Rabia dive onto the Corporate guys, followed by (I think) Stefano armdragging (I think) Manuel. They trade forearms until it’s off to Dennis (I think…..you get the idea now) for an armbar of his own before Noel (how appropriate) comes in and gets kicked in the ribs. Kaifas gets in some cheap shots on the floor before coming in legally (6’9 giant, I believe the same one from the Laredo vs. BJ match. He looks like an unmasked Abyss) for his painful monster offense. The rest of La Rabia fails at a save attempt and some triple teaming gets two.

It’s back to Kaifas for a chinlock for a bit before Noel crotches Victor on top and brings him down for a superplex. Dennis and Manuel come in off the tags and Dennis cleans house. Everything breaks down and Kaifas is left alone with all three gang members. Kaifas chokeslams two of them down….and then falls as well as they pop up. Uhh….was that supposed to be a double Codebreaker? The third member adds a guillotine legdrop for the pin and the titles.

Rating: C-. That ending still has me confused but not as much as figuring out which guy on the teams were which. La Rabia winning was the right call here as they’re pretty clearly the faces (I think at least. I could have this whole thing totally backwards) and the crowd needed something to cheer for. Good enough match here and defeating the monster was the right call.

La Rabia celebrates in the crowd.

Legio, a Satanic team, says their name and a lot of stuff I doubt I could understand even if I spoke Spanish.

Legio vs. Sr. C./Sylar Andrews

I can’t picture this lasting long. Legio is Spectro/Kronya, a pair of masked men and a manager. We’ll say Spectro (another guess) starts with Syler (at least he was cool on Heroes. Well at least in the first season before they watered the idea down to nothing), who howls a lot but doesn’t have much effect on offense. Both Legio guys look huge so Spectro’s slam is really impressive.

C. comes in and gets kicked in the shoulder before it’s off to Kronya for a lifting powerbomb. It’s back to Spectro for a big leg and a hard running knee in the corner as this is slow paced but high impact. C. finally does something by sidestepping a charge into the post, allowing the tag to Syler. Some very generic offense has little effect so some big chokeslams destroy both guys. A Demolition Decapitator puts Syler away.

Rating: D+. I think I liked this better than most of the other matches on the show, even if it wasn’t good. This match showcased Legio as a pair of monsters (with a good look) who were squashing what looked to be some low level talent. I could figure out exactly what they were going for here and that’s a sign of an effective match.

Pay per view ad. I already know this one by heart after seeing it a half dozen times on this show.

James Storm/Abyss vs. Heavy Artillery

Finally someone I’ve heard of. Heavy Artillery is better known as Thunder and Lightning and are something like 26 time WWC Tag Team Champions. Oh and Storm and Abyss are here too as the Revolution. Thunder and Lightning’s WWL Tag Team Titles aren’t on the line here. The Revolution tries to attack from behind to start as the announcers talk about Beer Money. Storm’s clothesline sets up a splash from Abyss on Thunder and it’s already weapons time.

Abyss rips on Lightning’s mask with Janice, allowing Storm to hang him with the noose. Back in and Lightning’s comeback is stopped by a right hand to the bloody head, leaving Thunder to take the Backstabber from James. Lightning gets taken out on a stretcher but Storm gets in some more shots for fun. This has barely been a match so far and it’s a nice change of pace from everything else on the show. The announcers plug the company’s Facebook and Twitter as Thunder is busted open as well.

Storm kicks him in the head and it actually settles down to one in the ring and one on the apron. Thunder comes back with a boot in the corner and a middle rope clothesline to Abyss, followed by a superplex to Storm. Thankfully the Black Hole Slam stops a comeback but Lightning returns for the save. A Stunner and spear put Abyss down and a powerslam gets two on Storm. Back up and a 3D knocks Storm out but Abyss gets another Black Hole Slam on Thunder, giving us stereo two counts. Nice spot there but cue Legio for the double DQ.

Rating: C+. I liked this one because it was exactly as advertised. The four of them brawled and Thunder and Lightning got to go to a draw with a mainstream tag team. That made the final sequence a nice visual as you had both teams totally equal and then do the run-in, which I’m sure sets up Legio vs. Thunder and Lightning for the titles. Well done match to work around Abyss’ issues.

The beating continues for a bit.

Here’s company matchmaker Savio Vega with a ball bat and something to say. This is HIS HOUSE because everyone has houses in wrestling. He calls out an old guy in a white hat and coat and I can barely hear what they’re saying with the bad audio. I do like that they’re only sharing one microphone for a change. Apparently the other guy is the President of the company and as you might expect, they don’t see eye to eye on how the place is run.

Cue World Champion Shane the Glamour Boy (Shane Sewell from TNA, a big star in Puerto Rico) to get in Savio’s face. From what I can tell, Shane’s opponent Bobby Roode isn’t here so he has a replacement in the form of Gilbert, who jumped from WWC like a week ago. Jumping from promotion to promotion is WAY more common down here so while a big deal, it’s not all that uncommon.

WWL World Title: Gilbert vs. Shane the Glamour Boy

Gilbert beats Shane down with a chair and chokes away as the match is officially on. A running knee puts the champ on the floor and Gilbert sends him into the structure around the ring. Totally one sided so far. Back in and a German suplex puts Shane down for two and a chop makes him freeze. Another makes him start vibrating and the comeback is on. So Shane is the face here. Got it. Gilbert stops him cold with a clothesline (totally different than a chop) and we hit the chinlock.

That goes nowhere so Gilbert goes up, only to dive into a raised boot. It’s good to know that the “I have no reason to dive like this other than I’m going to land on your boot” spot works in Spanish too. The champ gets two off a fisherman’s suplex but the referee gets bumped, allowing Gilbert to get in a belt shot for the pin and the title.

I’m not even going to bother rating it yet because Savio is out to celebrate, meaning the other boss is on his way out to restart the match. I’m right of course because some things in wrestling never change no matter where the show is taking place. Gilbert hammers away and Savio throws him a chair. A low blow stops a big shot and Shane cleans house with the chair, followed by the top rope elbow to retain the title.

Rating: C. This was fine with Shane fighting over the odds to retain the title. The false finish was fine at the time, but if weapon shots like the chair (which the referee saw) are legal, why bother with the ref bump? This was a bit more complicated than it needed to be and the story suffered as a result.

Post match Shane gets beaten up even more but Alberto El Patron pops up on screen to say he’s coming for the title at Guerra de Reyes (next PPV). Savio yells at Shane some more but the president comes in and says he’s adding Ricky Banderas (Mil Muertes) to the title match. Shane freaks out due to a long history with Banderas. Ricky shows up on screen to say he’s coming for the title as well.

Apolo vs. Mr. Big

This is fallout from Mr. Big turning on La Rabia. This is the same Apolo who was in TNA for a few years where he was actually pretty awesome. It’s a fast brawl to start with Apolo scoring with a spear and knocking Big to the floor. They trade chair shots and fight into the crowd with neither guy getting the better of it. At least I can see most of what’s going on here.

Now they go higher up into the stands with Big taking over, only to have them go off camera. They appear again for a chair duel until La Rabia runs in for a distraction, allowing Big to get in a namesake boot. Wait didn’t Big betray Rabia? What sense does that make? Apolo wins a chop off but Rabia throws powder in his eyes, allowing Big to chokeslam him for two with Apolo’s chick making the save.

The referee ejects La Rabia (it’s about time the referee did something on this show) and Apolo counters a chokeslam into a rollup for two. Big gets the same off a Samoan drop but Apolo hits a good looking superkick for two of his own…..which the referee counts as three anyway. Dang these referees really do kind of suck.

Rating: C-. Another brawl here because that’s what this show has mainly been focused on. The Rabia stuff was a bit confusing and the ending didn’t help things. Apolo looked good and Big was a good choice for a guy who could sell well and get beaten down in the end….whatever that ending was.

Big chairs Apolo after the match but Apolo’s chick comes in for the save. This brings out Mistress Glenda Lee to beat her down. I don’t know who she is either. Apolo gets back into the fight but security comes out and gets beaten up instead. Apolo’s chick is taken out on a stretcher.

Backstage, Apolo yells at the president. I’d assume a mixed tag is set up, or at least a rematch.

Mr. 450 vs. Carlitos

This is actually the main event, which isn’t what I saw coming. Feeling out process to start and they hit the mat, leading to a standoff. Some quick rollups get two each but both guys miss a different kind of kick. 450 gets dropkicked to the apron but comes back with a tornado DDT for no cover.

As we hit those Facebook and Twitter plugs again, it’s time for Carlitos to no sell the chops in the corner. Add that to the list of things that are really overused in this promotion. Another kick puts Carlitos down and we hit the chinlock. Carlitos fights up and grabs a Backstabber (WAY too common here as well), followed by ramming 450 into all of the buckles. Well all of the top ones at least. Those others must get lonely. Both guys go to the apron and fight over a suplex until 450 does Darren Young’s belly to back to take over again.

450 poses a bit too much though, allowing Carlitos to run back in and hurricanrana 450 outside. A big dive takes 450 down but Carlitos is stunned too, meaning it’s time to lay around a bit more. It’s 450 in control with a half crab but Carlitos escapes and rolls some suplexes. 450 reverses the last one and rolls some Germans but Carlitos goes to the middle rope and jumps down into a Canadian Destroyer for two. Back up and 450 does Seth Rollins spin up from the ropes but misses the enziguri.

Instead a piledriver gets two on Carlitos, meaning it’s time for frustration to set in. A Pele sets up 619 on 450 (there’s a Sesame Street episode in there somewhere. Carlitos’ top rope Rough Ryder gets two as they’re trading bombs here. There goes the referee (again) and here’s……somebody to lay out 450 but Carlitos doesn’t want it that way.

The guy lays out Carlitos as well, giving 450 a near fall. The people actually in the match slug it out and 450 grabs a brainbuster. A pair of 450’s from 450 connect for two and everyone is stunned. 450 goes back up top for what appears to be the lone purpose of getting caught in a C4 (top rope flipping downward spiral) for the pin.

Rating: B-. Best match of the show here as you could mostly tell the story they were going for with the good guy fighting to win over the bigger star in 450. Carlitos isn’t interesting or anything from the outside, though I’m sure he’s a bigger deal in Puerto Rico. Good main event though and I’m sure that interfering guy will be involved with one of these two in the future.

Carlitos puts 450 over and thanks the fans. They shake hands but 450 lays him out with a brainbuster. Referees get taken out as well so a guy in a blue mask comes out to calm 450 down. 450 beats him up too until Carlitos covers the masked guy up and 450 leaves.

The announcers preview the next show to end things.

Overall Rating: C-. The show was fine but there’s nothing on here that I’d go out of my way to see. To be fair though, that has a lot to do with only having a basic idea of the storylines going on and not being able to understand most of the promos all night long. The wrestling was passable and it’s a good sign that they have some big name outsiders coming in to help them out.

I liked this WAY better than the WWC shows I’ve seen, though this isn’t really my cup of…….whatever they drink in Puerto Rico other than tea, which I’m not big on either. Anyway, good enough show but I’d watch Lucha Underground or AAA if this is the style you’re looking for.

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