Monday Night Raw – October 5, 2015: Yes It Is

Monday Night Raw
Date: October 5, 2015
Location: TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Byron Saxton

We’re past the first big show of the month and now it’s time to start setting up Hell in a Cell. It’s going to be interesting to see how they get ready for the show as there’s nothing for Cena to do at the moment and Undertaker vs. Lesnar has just been mentioned in name only. Lesnar is in the house tonight though so let’s get to it.

The opening recap focuses on Rollins vs. both Kanes from last week.

Opening sequence.

Here are Lesnar and Heyman to open things up. Now that Big Show is out of the way, all focus is now on Undertaker. Since November 1990, Undertaker has destroyed every single man who has dared to cross him but this is different. They’re about to step inside the devil’s playground and Undertaker thinks it’s his match. Just like Wrestlemania was his match right?

After a video of the Streak being broken, Heyman shows us Undertaker tapping out and being forced to cheat to defeat Lesnar at Summerslam. Heyman gets serious to say that only one of them is going to walk out of that Cell as a winner. Only one of them is going to walk out of that Cell at all and that’s a spoiler. Heyman’s eyes have seen the glory of the coming of his beast….and here’s Big Show.

Lesnar leans against the ropes and smiles as Big Show talks about what a fight that was in Madison Square Garden. Show offers him a handshake but Brock walks past him. Show wishes him bad luck against Undertaker and hopes that Brock loses again. That gets Brock back in the ring and it’s a belly to belly and F5 to leave Show laying. Again.

Rollins is worried because Big Show was supposed to be his partner. Stephanie tells him to figure it out since he’s the man.

Randy Orton/Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose vs. Wyatt Family

So they’re getting this one out of the way early. Roman and Harper get things going but Reigns goes after Wyatt on the floor. Strowman makes the save but the good guys knock him and his family out to the floor for a break less than 90 seconds in. Back with Ambrose laying down and telling Harper to come get him. Luke does just that and gets small packaged for two.

It’s off to Strowman but Dean knocks him off the apron and tries a dive, only to get caught in a slam onto the floor. The Wyatts start taking turns back inside and a big shoulder from Strowman takes us to another break. We come back with Bray getting two of his own off a big clothesline but missing the backsplash.

Strowman’s save attempt fails as well as he goes shoulder first into the post. The hot tag (with some real heat this time) brings in Orton to clean house but Strowman pulls him to the floor and sends him into the announcers’ table. Another tag brings in Reigns as everything breaks down. No one can put Strowman down so Roman powerbombs Harper. The spear takes too long though and Harper scores with a superkick. Orton RKO’s Harper and it’s the spear from Reigns for the pin at 15:54.

Rating: C. This was fine but I wish they wouldn’t have Bray in the ring unless they had to. Bray worked best when he was built up as a mystical creature but here he’s just a guy in a six man tag. I’m glad they didn’t have him take the fall though and there’s still a lot of potential in Strowman. Good enough match here but nothing we haven’t seen before.

Reigns says he and Wyatt are done at Hell in a Cell and he’s the one ending it.

Neville vs. Sheamus

King Barrett is on commentary. Before the match, Sheamus talks about how this is supposed to be a real Irish town but they have some lame leprechaun as a mascot. Sheamus talks down to Neville about what it means to be tough so Neville kicks him in the ribs to start fast. Barrett isn’t pleased and gets up for a distraction, allowing the Brogue Kick to end Neville at 32 seconds.

Here’s Corporate Kane with something to say. He knows Rollins is in need of a partner tonight against the Dudleyz and offers his services to the champ. Here’s Rollins to say no way because Kane is just trying to get his way into a title shot. Kane says his coffee cup says “World’s Best Director of Operations” and that’s not just a cheap slogan. It’s his job to bring out the best in Seth, but Rollins holds up the title and says it brings out the best in him.

Kane thinks Rollins doesn’t like what he sees when he looks in the mirror and Kane wants to change that. Rollins gets right in Seth’s face but here’s Stephanie to suck up to the fans by talking about how great Tom Brady is. She gets to the point (thank God) and says Kane can fight with Rollins tonight. She also makes the title match for the pay per view. However, if the demon doesn’t win, Corporate Kane is fired. No word on if this is a Cell match or not.

Post break Rollins is appealing to HHH, who tells him to turn things around on Kane. Rollins likes this idea.

Natalya vs. Paige

They trade rollups to start and Paige is sent to the floor for a THIS IS MY HOUSE (take a shot). Natalya gets superkicked to put her down and Paige slaps on a bodyscissors back inside. That and an abdominal stretch don’t go anywhere so Natalya reverses into an abdominal stretch of her own. The discus lariat gets two on Paige but she comes back with the Paige Turner (I miss that move) for two of her own. A basement dropkick from Natalya sets up the Sharpshooter but Paige is right next to the ropes for the break. The second attempt works better though as Paige taps out at 6:08.

Rating: C. Nice match here but it’s just filling time until they can get back to the cattiness about who started the Revolution while the title is left behind somewhere else. Paige is really falling fast out there and it’s kind of sad to see. At least Natalya offers a bit of fresh blood and the teams are starting to split, but they’re crawling forward instead of sprinting.

Quick recap of Ryback losing the Intercontinental Title to Kevin Owens at Night of Champions and Owens walking out of their recap on Smackdown. Yeah stuff actually happens on Smackdown. Not important stuff mind you but stuff.

Ryback says he’s the lion and Owens is his prey. It’s feeding time.

Sin Cara vs. Kevin Owens

Non-title and this was actually set up on the pre-show where Cara interrupted Owens’ interview. A chinlock slows Owens down but Kalisto’s cheering distracts him, allowing Cara to fight up. The Pop Up Powerbomb is countered into a sunset flip for two. Owens will have none of that though (Owens: “That was a good try!”) and the Pop Up Powerbomb ends Cara at 2:36. This is exactly the kind of thing I like to see: a lower card guy being used to make a bigger name look good. You save the big showdowns for later and Owens gets to be a bully. Everyone wins.

Owens loads up the apron bomb on Kalisto but Ryback runs out for the save, sending Owens bailing to the crowds.

The New Day comes up to Stephanie in the back and threatens to send them somewhere that makes Suplex City look like Disneyland if they play one note on the trombone. She saw the show on Saturday and it’s New Day vs. the Dudleyz at Hell in a Cell. Stephanie adds three more sets of balls to her collection. There was zero need for this to be on TV.

The roster is on the stage for a big breast cancer presentation. There are a bunch of breast cancer survivors in the ring and Cena talks about how important it is to help in the fight against cancer. Reigns talks about how instead of one vs. all it’s all vs. one and plugs their breast cancer awareness stuff on I know Komen is a very questionable organization but there’s nothing wrong with something like this.

Kane/Seth Rollins vs. Dudley Boyz

Kane limps to the ring and has on a shirt and tie. Well pants too but I figured that was a given. Bubba and Kane start but the ankle flares up almost immediately. Rollins tags himself in and tells Kane to stay on the apron. Bubba shouts about being the best tag team in the world before running Seth over with a shoulder. A double elbow gets two on the champ and it’s off to Kane vs. D-Von.

Some kicks to the leg send Kane back over for a tag so D-Von elbows Seth in the face for two. Kane tags himself back in though as Seth puts D-Von in trouble. The bad guys start working together and Seth drops an ax handle to D-Von’s back as we take a break. Back with Kane’s leg giving out again and the doctor looking at him on the apron.

The doctor thinks they need to take him to the back so Rollins DIVES over and handcuffs Kane to the post. I liked that. D-Von catapults Rollins into the corner though, knocking Kane off the apron and breaking the cuffs. Kane is taken away but looks back with a smile. Seth is left alone and it’s What’s Up. The Dudleyz go for a table but Seth baseball slides it into their faces for the DQ at 13:45.

Rating: C. I liked this for one reason: Seth didn’t get pinned. It shows that they know how to get around someone getting pinned while still having them lose and that’s a major step for the writing lately. There’s nothing wrong with losing by DQ in a glorified handicap match that advanced the story. Just like the Owens match earlier: it’s smart booking.

Post match Kane comes after Rollins but eats a 3D (payback from Smackdown when Kane laid them out). Seth goes to leave but looks at the table. I think you can fill in the details between Rollins looking back and the chokeslam through the table.

Earlier today, Team Bella arrived but were met by Team BAD with hometown girl Sasha ripping off Nikki’s New York Yankees hat.

Team BAD vs. Team Bella

Naturally BAD comes out to Naomi’s song instead of Sasha’s music. Sasha says she put the Boss in Boston but here are the Bellas to interrupt. Nikki gets the cheap heat with the Yankees stuff (nothing wrong with cheap) and says they’re going all the way. Naomi: “That’s something you’re used to.” Nikki says she’s winning the title back but Sasha says whoever wins is just keeping it warm for her. Cattiness ensues and it’s time for the actual match.

Naomi and Nikki start things off with Naomi doing her eternally stupid shaking in the corner spot. Off to Banks who gets to sell Brie’s kicks in the corner. Thankfully she comes back with the double knees to send Brie outside as we take a break. Back with Cole talking about how the Divas Revolution was this perfect storm that led us to Takeover this Wednesday. They do realize people can actually watch these shows right?

Nikki knocks Banks to the floor and puts Naomi in a front facelock. Fox comes in and chinlocks Naomi while trying to remember if she turned off the bedside lamp before she left this morning. Naomi finally shrugs off some more kicks in the corner and brings in Sasha as everything breaks down. The Bank Statement makes Fox tap at 11:48.

Rating: C-. As usual, Banks brings energy and charisma to the match but we have to make sure to slow everything down so Team Bella can keep up with their generic offense. The fans are dying to cheer Banks and once she drops Naomi (screw her and her stupid offense. It’s not funny, it’s not entertaining, and it’s making you look stupid) and Tamina, the sky’s the limit for her.

Charlotte and Becky are watching in the back. The champ isn’t worried about Paige.

Here’s Summer Rae to introduce Rusev. She has a tribute for him and we see a video of the two of them together and Rusev destroying various people (namely Ziggler). Summer talks about how much Rusev means to him and how he’s changed her life for the better. Back in the arena, Rusev is stunned and says he didn’t like Summer to start. Things have changed over the last few weeks though and now he cares about her very much.

Summer is thrilled because she has a question to ask him. She gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring to pop the question. Rusev takes his time and says yes…..but not yet. They need to prove how awesome they are, and that means Rusev winning some gold before Summer gets to wear gold.

It’s Open Challenge time in Cena’s hometown. Cena gets right to the point and says come get some.

US Title: John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler

Well in theory at least as there’s no Ziggler. Instead it’s the New Day dragging an unconscious Ziggler to the stage. Woods asks if this is serious enough for Cena and Kofi asks who might take the challenge now. Kofi says this is a big moment in a big city in a big match in big challenge from a big star on a big network in a big ring. As luck would have it, New Day has a big man.

US Title: John Cena vs. Big E.

A shoulder puts Cena down and we take a break less than 40 seconds in. Back with Cena in trouble after taking a hard belly to bell and spear through the ropes during the break. E. hits the splash on the apron for two but Cena gets in a backdrop to send E. out to the floor. A hard whip puts Cena into the steps though and he’s in trouble again. The straps come down and Cena slugs away, followed by the ProtoBomb. New Day breaks up the AA though and gets ejected. The distraction lets E. try a trombone shot but Cena counters into the AA for the pin at 9:52.

Rating: D+. This was fine but there was no way E. was winning here. At least they did the right thing by having New Day come out there and get a main event spot because there’s no reason to go with Ziggler vs. Cena with no real reason in a big match. Well that and I have no desire to see that match, which is why we’ll probably get that at the pay per view. Good enough match here but E. never had a chance.

Post match New Day comes in but Ziggler hobbles out for the save. Dolph superkicks Cena by mistake though and New Day is in control again. This brings out the Dudleyz but they both eat Trouble in Paradise, setting up the Midnight Hour to D-Von to end the show.

Overall Rating: C. This was a bit better than last week but it’s still not the most interesting time in the world. It’s clear that they’re hoping the Cell matches are going to sell the show because the stories aren’t the most interesting in the world. Still though, this has the potential to be a good enough pay per view. As for tonight though, it’s so in the middle that average is the perfect rating. Some of the stuff was good but some of it felt like they were just trying to get through three hours. At least the pay per view is taking shape though and that’s the most important thing after a long build to the MSG show. The ending helped a lot too.


Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose/Randy Orton b. Wyatt Family – Spear to Harper

Neville b. Sheamus – Brogue Kick

Natalya b. Paige – Sharpshooter

Kevin Owens b. Sin Cara – Pop Up Powerbomb

Dudley Boyz b. Kane/Seth Rollins via DQ when Rollins kicked a table into the Dudleyz

Team BAD b. Team Bella – Bank Statement to Fox

John Cena b. Big E. – Attitude Adjustment

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  1. Jack says:

    I don’t understand why you always seem to give WWE great reviews yet TNA is ALWAYS bashed on even though this was an awful RAW to watch.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    A C this week, up from a C- last week is a great review?

    I bash TNA because I find it to be an inept promotion that keeps screwing up every single thing they need to get right. Hence them getting thrown off their second network in a year.

    As for why I like WWE, it’s because they have faults, but there’s still good stuff going on. TNA has good stuff, but then they make an old guy past his prime World Champion instead of going with someone who might get them somewhere going forward.

    Jay H (the real one) Reply:

    Personally I thought this week was much better than last week. New Day standing tall at the end was a nice touch as well.

  2. Derek Hamel says:

    I dug JBL comparing Strowman to Jeep Swenson. That’s quite apt.
    The Dudleys match was probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen Seth Rollins in. Sloppy, dull, stupid. D minus at best.
    Too bad the Bellas are around. I’d love to see the women’s division built around chicks like Sasha Banks and Naomi, who are sexier, much more talented, and far more charismatic than either of WWE’s chosen ones.
    As usual, a Monday night yawner. Thank the rasslin’ Heavens for ROH.

  3. james gracie says:

    Oh man how bad was that? Here’s my question, why can’t they book someone else just as strong as Lesnar? Like Cesaro, Owens, Rusev aka a guy who appears on every show.

    I’m done with this Shield/Wyatt feud. It’s been going on for months and it’s boring. What the fuck is the story? Does Wyatt ever have a purpose for feuding with anyone?

    And the WWE title is officially a midcard title. Cena actually has made the US title more important cause that’s all the WWE cares about. Oh not the US title, just John Cena. Kane and Rollins were actually entertaining and said to myself, “watch Stephanie come out now” and LOL. How bad is she? Doesn’t she realize how bad her character is for the show and the other wrestlers?

    And speaking of Steph, you knew it was only a matter of time before she put down the New Day. What a fucking joke.

    And looks like Neville’s rocket push is continuing! #LOLRocketPush

    And how many more months are they gonna show the Diva’s down out throats before they realize that division is a lost cause? Make NXT a Diva’s show so I don’t have to watch it.

    The New Day came off like big time stars tonight. Which makes that Stephanie segment even dumber. What the fuck was the point of Stephanie talking down to the New Day? Or WWE champion Seth Rollins? Or Kane? SOMEONE GIVE ME A GOOD REASON?!

    Awful show tonight. Isn’t there anyone that works for this company that can get in Vince’s ear about what Stephanie is doing? Or is the whole company full of a bunch of gutless cowards? #VinceIsSoftAndOutOfTouch #FireStephanie #SaveUsNewDay #LOLDivasRevolution #LOLRocketPush #OhManHowBadWasThat

  4. Anon de Ymous says:

    What are the odds that Stephanie ends up getting credit for “firing up” New Day into looking good and standing tall to end the show? You know, just like she kick-started the Divas Revolution? Gag me with a freaking spoon.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I hadn’t thought of that but it fits perfectly.