Nick Bockwinkel Passes Away At 80

I know he’s not for everyone but Bockwinkel was one of the first intelligent heels and influenced a lot of people, including HHH.


  1. Bockwinkel's Class says:

    Devastating news. I’ve heard his last few years were plagued by Alzheimer’s, but 80 is still a good age. Sorry to see the great man go 🙁

  2. deanerandterry says:

    This is a sad one to see just because I absolutely loved watching this guy, a great wrestler and a great promo, Bockwinkel was the best heel AWA ever had without a doubt. This guy was just great.

    RIP Nick Bockwinkel

  3. Ted says:

    Another wrestler I’d of loved to pick the brain of gone. Rest well champ you’ve earned it.