Ring of Honor TV – December 9, 2015: We’re Indy Wrestlers

Ring of Honor
Date: December 9, 2015
Location: Tennessee State Fair Grounds, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Kevin Kelly

Final Battle is rapidly approaching and last week saw the first real build towards AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal for the ROH World Title. The rest of the show is starting to come together and it’s looking like a good show. We still have two shows left before the pay per view but the syndicated schedule could cause problems with the second episode. Let’s get to it.

Silas Young/Beer City Bruiser vs. ReDRagon

The Bruiser shoves Fish down to start so Bobby asks for a test of strength. As you might expect, that earns Bruiser a kick to the ribs, followed by a right hand to Fish’s jaw. Kyle (sweet goodness that is a pale man) tags himself in for some tandem kicks to Bruiser. Not wanting to feel left out, Silas tries to come in but gets both arms worked over.

With his limbs hurting, Silas goes to the eyes to take over and brings Bruiser back in for a right hand to the jaw. Bruiser’s running Umaga attack sets up a Broski Boot for two on Kyle and here’s Adam Cole to sit in on commentary. Back from a break with Kyle’s comeback being stopped again. Silas takes him into the corner (showing off the really old looking ring ropes) but Kyle avoids a charge and sweeps Bruiser’s leg for the hot tag.

Fish gets the better of a slugout with Silas (that’s a bit surprising) and a belly to belly sends Young hard into the corner. Now it’s a double team on Bruiser until he takes Kyle down with a clothesline. Young is back up to DDT Fish onto the bottom buckle (that was cool) but Bruiser misses a top rope splash.

Kyle has to kick a Boy down and dive onto Bruiser but the distraction means Misery only gets two on Fish. A Samoan drop puts Silas down and it’s a double tag to Kyle and the Bruiser. Kyle grabs a guillotine choke on Bruiser for a long time until he reaches the ropes, only to leave Silas to take a beating. Chasing the Dragon puts Bruiser away at 12:10.

Rating: B-. As usual, the tag division is the best part of ROH as they continue to have good match after good match. Well at least entertaining match after entertaining match but I’ll take what I can get. The Bruiser is a lot less worthless than I thought he was going to be when I first saw him, though that’s not really covering a lot of ground.

Cole and O’Reilly almost get in a fight after the match.

Silas orders the Boys to beat up the referee and they don’t seem to mind complying. The villains leave but here’s Dalton Castle to say Silas has something that belongs to him. Bruiser goes after Castle but gets knocked out by a microphone shot. The Boys tease getting in but walk away, nearly bringing Castle to tears.

Here’s Chris Sabin to vent about the man in the red mask. That person has cost the Addiction the World Tag Team Titles but more importantly, they’ve been STEALING HIS GIMMICK. Sabin demands that whoever it is come out here right now so here’s the masked man. He takes off the mask and it’s……Alex Shelley, Sabin’s former partner in the Motor City Machine Guns. Nothing is said but I think you know what’s coming.

TV Title: Roderick Strong vs. Samson Walker

Strong is defending, Walker is a good sized power guy and Bobby Fish, the #1 contender to the title, is on commentary. Walker shoves him around to start so Strong fires off a leg lariat to stagger the big man. It’s out to the floor with Strong’s back being driven into the post and the fans chant SEXUAL CHOCOLATE. We hit the kneeling bearhug on the champ, followed by a nice spinebuster for two. There go the straps (drawing gasps from the crowd) but Roderick nails a dropkick. Fish grabs the title and sits back down as Strong hits the running knee and the Sick Kick to retain at 5:37.

Rating: D+. Not much to see here but it’s always a plus to have the champ get a win like this where he wasn’t in much danger in the first place. Fish isn’t the most interesting challenger in the world but the fans love him and the match should be fun so it’s kind of hard to complain.

Fish gets in the ring with the title on, ticking Strong off even more.

Inside ROH recaps the 2015 Survival of the Fittest, won by Michael Elgin, who wants the World Title shot in New Japan.

Briscoe Brothers vs. Young Bucks

We continue the night’s trend with Kenny King sitting in on commentary and Rhett Titus standing behind him. Mark and Nick get things started after a quick fourway staredown but a quick superkick party takes the Briscoes down. Stereo suicide dives take the Briscoes down again and it’s back inside with Nick chopping away at Mark.

Everything breaks down with Jay cleaning house until Mark suplexes Nick down (and dances a bit) for two. Back from a break with Matt superkicking Mark on the apron to take over again. A Whisper in the Wind into a Diamond Cutter gets two on Mark but he comes back with Red Neck Kung Fu, allowing the tag off to Jay. Nick tries to speed things up but misses a moonsault off the apron, allowing Mark to come back with a Blockbuster.

Jay dives onto both Bucks and everyone is down. The Bucks tell Jay to suck it because the Bullet Club is turning the NWO/DX into a goofy comedy bit and the ROH fans eat it up due to irony or whatever, only to have the Briscoes take over again. Matt flips out of a Doomsday Device because he’s no selling a top rope clothesline from Mark. A double superkick and the Indytaker set up More Bang For Your Buck for the pin on Mark at 11:20.

Rating: C+. This was much better suited to the ROH style but I liked the first tag match, which was a much more traditional power vs. speed match. It doesn’t help that I still don’t care for the Bucks. I get the idea behind them (“WE’RE DOING STUFF THAT MAKES US LOOK LIKE INDY WRESTLERS!”) but it still doesn’t do it for me. The Briscoes are fine and the match was good, but the Bucks are just not for me in the slightest.

The Express gets in the ring and it’s a big three team brawl with security failing to break it up to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. As usual, ROH is nailing it going into the biggest show of the year. The only major problem I have with them is they have so much stuff going on and the matches getting this much time means you don’t get a touch on every program each week and I forget where things are going at times. Tweak that and this is up there with NXT for best wrestling show of the week.

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  1. Wim says:

    No matter how good they are, this show is basically unwatchable because of the “syndicated schedule”. A pity really 🙁