Thought of the Day: Natural

Ah the joys of 80s WWF.I know this is something that’s been beaten to death but my goodness it’s amazing how much more natural Jesse and Gorilla were on commentary.  It feels like two people having a chat while watching a show.  They get in catchphrases, plug stuff and talking about the matches while also sounding like they’re professionals.  I can’t remember the last time I heard something like this without going back to some JR and King days.  It really shouldn’t be pushing ten years since I can remember natural commentary but that’s what’s happened.


  1. Abhilash Ashok Mendhe says:

    I watched all the Wreatlemanias on DVDs way back in the summer of 2010 and instantly fell in love with the duo of Jesse and Monsoon. The slow paced matches of those times didn’t feel like a drag because of their hilarious exchanges throughout the matches. One particular scene that happened multiple times was when Ventura used to say something against the Face or something in support of a Heel, and disgusted by this, Gorilla used to say, “Get away from me.” and it felt really believable and natural. My favourite duo of all time.

  2. MikeCheyne says:

    I would agree that’s the best duo of all time. The Monsoon/Heenan combo is very good too, but a bit overrated.

    I don’t think Cole is ever going to sound natural, but he had decent chemistry with Tazz and the original run with JBL.

  3. Phenom says:

    Hmm,I started to watch wwe in 2008 and was a huge wwe fan till 2012,then I saw old Raw and Smackdown episodes,from 1995 to 2000,and now I don’t like wwe now,commentary is bogus,hot Divas nowhere and superstars like rock Austin,etc.are extinct

    Greg Reply:

    95-96 and 99 were awful. 2000 was awesome. I don’t remember 97-98 well enough to say anything about it.

    Hot divas nowhere? That is wrong but also irrelevant.

    To be fair, you can’t make a Rock or Austin.

    To be even more fair, Raw wasn’t 3 hours back then.