2015 Awards: Group/Tag Team of the Year

Ok…..work with me here.

Yeah it’s New Day. These guys went from nothing to the most entertaining team since maybe Edge and Christian. WWE clearly just lets them do whatever they find funny and the goofier they get the more entertaining they are. It helps that they can have good matches if they need to, but the entertainment value more than makes up for any in ring deficiencies.

Let’s knock out some of the teams fighting for second place.

Getting it out of the way quickly: I do not like the Young Bucks and that’s the end of their discussion.

ReDRagon still isn’t my style in the ring but they’re still entertaining enough to last for a few more years. I know they’re a sought after team and I hope they get a spot on a bigger stage. I’m much higher on them as a unit than individually though so hopefully they’re not split permanently anytime soon.

Then there’s Enzo and Cass, whose pop in Brooklyn speaks for itself. These guys keep getting more and more over as the ultimate underdogs and when they finally win the NXT Tag Team Titles (say, in Texas?), the reaction is going to rival Bayley’s title win.

Finally there’s Jason Jordan/Chad Gable. These guys are clearly something special and are going to be a huge deal once they’ve gotten some more experience under their belts but their time isn’t quite here yet. Keep an eye on them though.

That’s about it really. The other main WWE teams (because there are really only about four or five at any given moment), meaning the Usos and Cesaro/Kidd, were too split up due to injuries and the Lucha Dragons were ok at best. This was ALL about the New Day and it’s just not even close.

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  1. Wim says:

    I hate Enzo and Cass. I don’t even know what they’re talking about 90% of the time. Just dreadful, dreadful stuff. I fastforward anything they’re involved with now.

    The Young Bucks were great but ever since they left tna and formed the bullet club they have been horrible. Trying to be DX and it’s extremely annoying. That announcer in ROH even manages to make it 10 times worse.

    Jerichoholic94 Reply:

    Just because you personally don’t understand what they’re talking about doesn’t mean nobody else does, clearly. Have you heard their reactions? If nobody can understand them why is the crowd chanting along with them EVERYtime they pick up a microphone? They’re over as hell right now. I think the Young Bucks are overrated but the Kliq did give them the green light to use their too sweet and DX taunts from what I hear. By the way that announcer in ROG is Steve Corino (former ECW World Champion)

    Wim Reply:

    When did I say nobody understands them? I also don’t remember saying that they aren’t over or that the crowd doesn’t chant along. I certainly didn’t mean to say any of those things. On the contrary, I just meant I’m not with the masses on this and I don’t understand the masses because I don’t understand what this tag team says. Not the first time that happens either. Bray Wyatt is another guy I can’t understand a word of, well I understand the words I just don’t know what they mean. So it must be me 😛
    I presumed they did give the green light, they would be in trouble otherwise.
    Oh thx, so it’s Steve Corino. I presume they won’t replace him any time soon then 😉

  2. beckett929 says:

    “I do not like the Young Bucks and that’s the end of their discussion.”

    This is the appropriate response to anyone talking up the Young Bucks just because they do a bunch of flippy shit and supposedly turned down WWE and have all that indy cred. They’re 2 random little white dudes who you wouldn’t be able to pick out of a WCW cruiserweight lineup from 1997.

    Eventually, “Young Bucks heat” will replace “X-pac heat” in our vocabulary.