The Titus O’Neil Situation

So this is something that’s happening.Basically O’Neil hugged Vince on Monday in something done with nothing in mind but Vince, on his latest kick, felt it was inappropriate in this setting (read as: on camera) and as a result, Titus has been suspended for 60 days (lowered from 90).

As usual, this comes off as WWE wanting to control every single thing they can.  Sure WWE wants them to be having fun and interacting with people like they’re all one big happy family, but it’s controlled, perfectly planned out fun.  Also, if you defy whatever Vince’s latest whim is that day, you can be punished for whatever happens.  Now assuming Vince says it’s ok, you can have various objects pulled out of various orifices, have Vince run away riding an invisible horse with his pants around his ankles or have dream sequences filmed, but giving Vince a hug is off limits.

Dang Bayley might be screwed.


  1. Isaiah Morrow says:

    It was a friendly push.

  2. Heyo says:

    “Dang Bayley might be screwed.”

    –the entire WWE fanbase, circa 2014-today

  3. Aeon Mathix says:

    Lmao he pushed him back and could be seen smiling

    Dookie Blaster 4.0 Reply:

    i mean, what was he to, get mad and chew him out in front of cameras? just to get even more negative backlash?

  4. El Killjoy says:

    That was absolutely stupid on Titus’ part. It’s a live, emotional moment, Daniel Bryan had just hugged McMahon, it was an emotional high, McMahon was more than likely tense and sad because despite how crazy he is, he actually does care a lot about his employees. Then comes this moron to be all playful WITH HIS FUCKING BOSS! ON LIVE TELEVISION!! It’s unprofessional conduct. On live television. During a somber moment.

  5. Pugman says:

    Vince would have been better off just letting this slide. It probably would have gone unnoticed if Titus was never suspended, but now its all over the internet hell even fox sports picked it up its been getting nothing but bad publicity since he’s gotten suspended.

    Greg Reply:

    Who cares if this is being covered? What backlash is going to come from this? Titus was being an idiot. You don’t screw a camera shot, especially on a night like that. It was not the time to be playful.

    Pugman Reply:

    Its just not a good look on WWE’s part hints why his suspension got knocked down to 60 days.

    Greg Reply:

    I doubt casual fans will remember this by next week. They knocked it down because they probably felt it was little excessive. He still deserved it.

    ted Reply:

    He didn’t deserve to be suspended. Vince was and is being an asshole.

  6. Dookie Blaster 4.0 says:

    Titus ruined a great shot of Vince & Family walking behind DBry, that could have been used for DVD & Network specials and all that jazz, Vince got butthurt and instead of a fine and a srs bsns talk, overreacted like only Vince can.

    Greg Reply:

    If you have to sit someone down and tell them to not fuck around on TV then they shouldn’t be on TV. This isn’t oh well, lesson learned. This is why did you do this in the first place? You can rib backstage, at house shows, dark matches/segments. You don’t rib during something like that.

    ted Reply:

    Are you kidding. Have you ever seen Vince McMahon before. Fuck around on camera could be on his tombstone. Dude is so inconsistent with his rules.

    Greg Reply:

    Not during a damn retirement. It was a serious moment. You don’t fuck around during those. Vince doesn’t screw around during those.