New Column: Road Work To Be Done

I’ve been asked to talk about Roman Reigns vs. HHH and the Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon/Undertaker stuff so here’s a column about both of them (in different sections) plus some other news that makes me shake my head.


  1. John says:

    Honestly I think we might see Roman finally turn at or right after Mania. I say this because I believe they’ve been holding it off for timing issues due to the injuries, and maybe the reaction he got in Philly two months ago gave them hope.

  2. Marky-Marc says:

    The Shane/Taker match has to change. It just has to. 1. There’s just no way to buy Shane as a credible threat. I’m sure the match will be all kinds of fun but how do you justify Shane pinning him unless there’s a swerve or interference of some kind. (cough, Bullet Club, cough). 2. Why would Taker agree to back Vince? Vince is a heel, even if they go with some respect explanation it still wouldn’t make sense. It seems the match they want is Cena and Taker in the Cell but I don’t know how they get there and I don’t know who steps in if Cena isn’t ready to go.

    Fans booing Reigns is getting really old. The guy has one flaw: he doesn’t deliver an entertaining promo. That’s it. Other than that, fans are just rejecting him because he’s the chosen one and because it’s worked the last two years in a row. The story makes all the sense in the world and I’m sure the match will be very good. i don’t see them changing it because as you stated, there’s nobody else. The ONLY thing I can see as a contingency plan would be to add Lesnar/Ambrose to it and make it a 4-way.
    Either way, I don;t see them sticking with Reigns long term after this. If he wins, he holds it for a few PPVs before dropping it to Cena or Ambrose or the returning Rollins. Such a shame.

    Dookie Blaster 4.0 Reply:

    assuming Cena is ready to go at WM:

    Undertaker turns down the match because he ain’t one of Vince’s goons and because in his mind Shane aint worth it.

    Shane isnt cleared to compete because of being a 46 year old non wrestler.

    Shane announces surprise opponent for Undertaker, its John Cena. Cena agrees to it because he has no match for WM, and Taker agrees because its jhon cena.

    Undertaker vs John Cena finally happens at WM and its actually a really big deal now.


    Shane turns heel costing Cena the match, costs Roman the title vs Triple H. next night he announces he cut a last minute deal with his dad and we get the return of the Corporation because the Authority will never ever go away

    ted Reply:

    So marky mark you think People booing reigns is getting old?

    Perhaps if he wasn’t so terrible in his current position he wouldn’t get booed as often? it’s not the fans fault they don’t like what they’re seeing. This isn’t just one town. The dude is being rejected on mass. Why wouldn’t you boo when you don’t like what your seeing? If you like him fine. That doesn’t mean people share your opinion. It isn’t a fad. He’s being rejected and the wwe doesn’t know how to handle it.

    Marky-Marc Reply:

    He’s certainly not ‘terrible in his current position.’ You’re clearly not a fan, and that’s fine. I’m of the belief that people boo him because he’s being shoved down our throats. He was over when the Shield split and up until he got injured in the fall of that year. He was over when he feuded with Wyatt and Rollins last year and he was way over when he finally bested the Authority in December.

    i don’t believe the fans collectively are saying ‘we don’t like anything about him’ when they boo. I think some of them genuinely feel that way. But I also think some of them boo because they think it’s the cool thing to do. Either way, WWE is saying it doesn’t matter. They figured out how to make Cena the biggest star in over a decade, partially because of how hated he is.

    ted Reply:

    Problem is it does matter. Cena is a special case. You actually think that method can apply to anyone regardless of talent? I’m not saying Reigns isn’t talented. Granted i’m not his biggest fan but he simply isn’t versatile enough at this stage in his career to make this story work. Partially his fault for not being charismatic enough. Partially the company’s fault for booking him to fail and then acting surprised when he does. I gather your a fan. That’s great cheer him to your hearts content. Your entitled to your opinion. But no I think he’s being booed because he is not cutting mustard week to week. This is the company saying one thing and the fans saying another. The problem with your statement of “it doesn’t matter” Is if that is true what the hell are we even watching for? If the company is going to just disregard fan opinion and the money that comes with it. Then why not just do your show at an empty studio? Or hell dub it in later with the reaction you want. Do you see how stupid that is? Why wouldn’t you just go with someone the fans do like? It’s not like their aren’t any.

    It’s why past the point to cut your loss and try something else. But hey it’s more important to tell fans what they want. Rather then the fans tell you right?

    Reigns is not a face and at this point the company is just in denial. I don’t know how you would fix it. I can say when he’s getting killed by triple h. The biggest heel in the company, And the fans chant one more time. Coupled with Reigns being booed in more and more towns. It’s getting sad and petty.

  3. That guy from Germany says:

    This is how a HOF 2016 should look like:

    Sting (Headliner)
    Ted Turner (If there’s one person who deserves to be in “celebrity wing” , it’s him)
    Rick Martel (So underrated. And there’s always a spot for a midcarder)
    A female Inductee

  4. M says:

    I’ll say what I said in the raw comments; Shane is the best person they have to face Undertaker at this time. If they do the switch to Cena then that’s perfectly fine, but there’s no one alive even on the casual scene who seriously doesn’t recognise how much the undertaker has aged in the past 2/3 years. He had a good match against Brock in the cell – big whoop, dolph Ziggler would have a good match with Brock in the cell.

    Shane’s the only one without either being injured or already in a match who can sell the undertaker and not come off as a joke. Shane doing everything he can to survive the undertakers last hurrah is a much better match than “random wrestler decides he’s going to fight grandpa”.