Which Wrestlemania Should I Redo?

Aside from XXXI of course.  The count-up starts March 3.


  1. Aeon Mathix says:


  2. Bill Lesnar says:

    Bill Lesnar would like to see – 20 or 21

  3. tb says:

    17, just to make sure you enjoy doing it

  4. deanerandterry says:


  5. Marky-Marc says:


  6. BSE says:


    I’d be interested to see your review now. I don’t feel like the show holds up now.

  7. SamualDude says:

    26 or 30.

  8. Sroxy says:

    26. Since its kind of a less-talked about Mania even though it is one of the all time Top 5 IMO. It featured Bret’s revenge and Shawn’s final match..alongwith Cena vs Batista!

    I can also go with 24 or 28 as others have voted.

  9. Dookie Blaster 4.0 says:

    19 imho the best wrestlemania ever

  10. Kaips says:

    21 or 24

  11. #MrScissorsKick says:

    8, 10 or 23 por favor

  12. Malcolm Shields says:

    13 or 19

  13. ajrodz says:

    ik it’s bad but wrestlemania 20 was the first one i watched so i’m going with that

  14. Nick says:

    28 or 29.

  15. Jay H (the real one) says:

    I will say WM 22. I feel like that’s one that doesn’t get enough attention.

  16. Dmxfury says:

    X or VIII

  17. That guy from Germany says:

    Wrestlemania 9 – One of the worst Wrestlemania’s, but it was the very first Show I’ve ever seen.

    Jay H (the real one) Reply:

    The more I watch WM 9 over the years the more I have a soft spot for that Show. Its become a guilty pleasure for me I would say. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 2016 re-do of that one.

    Another one I thought of is WM 2000.

    Dmxfury Reply:

    Watched 16 last night. Still as bad as can be. I’d rather watch 9

    Jay H (the real one) Reply:

    There’s a few redeeming things about 16. The Hardcore Battle Royal is a fun mess,Angle/Jericho/Benoit,and the 3-way Ladder Match.

  18. phenom says:

    WrestleMania 21

  19. Niall says:

    16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

    Any of those would be good

  20. Jacob Jones says:

    I’m surprised not many people talk about 22 more often.

    Perhaps you could rectify that?