Lucha Underground – March 9, 2016: A Dragon, Time Travel, And Royal Rumble 2015

Lucha Underground
Date: March 9, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro

It’s a big night as Mil Muertes is defending his title tonight against Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. at the same time. Whoever comes out of tonight’s main event with the title is likely going to face the winner of Aztec Warfare II which is only two weeks away. Things are starting to pick up around here and it’s getting more and more awesome every week. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap focuses on recent incidents, including: Marty the Moth and his sister torturing Sexy Star, who recruited the Mack for help, Taya Valkyrie’s debut and the World Title match.

Sexy Star is in the back when the Mack comes in to ask her to be in his corner tonight against the Moth. Star looks terrified so Mack gives her a pep talk. This is such a strange looking pairing but I’m kind of digging it.

Marty Martinez vs. The Mack

Mack goes right after Moth to start and fires off a quick backdrop as Striker talks about a garden of gratitude growing between Mack and Star. They’re friends Matt. Just say they’re friends. It’s worked for thousands of years and I assure you it’s going to work here. Moth sends him out to the floor and dances a bit as he takes his shirt off. A big dive takes Mack down again and Moth elbows him in the face for good measure.

Moth misses a top rope splash though and it’s time for a bunch of suplexes. Mack loads up something off the top but the lights go out and music starts playing. A woman in a moth costume comes out and scares Star while also distracting the Mack. Marty drops him again and hits a middle rope curb stomp for the pin at 3:27.

Rating: D+. As is so often the case, this was much more about the storyline development than the action itself. Marty is definitely more of a showman than an in ring performer and that worked well here, but the action was only as good as it could have been between two not great workers in three and a half minutes.

Post match Marty introduces his sister as Mariposa, who kicks Star in the face.

Johnny Mundo workout video.

Video on Fenix, who grew up poor in Mexico but continued to rise from the ashes until he made it here to Lucha Underground. He’s here to rise again and prove everyone wrong because myths become legends.

Dragon jumps Jack Evans but here’s PJ Black with nunchucks for a three way fight. Eventually they beat Drago down but Aerostar time travels in and helps Drago. Good to see them reference last season a bit more.

Cage vs. Johnny Mundo

No DQ. Actually never mind as Taya comes out instead, saying it’s her turn because Mundo already beat her.

Cage vs. Taya

Taya slaps him in the face to start so Cage takes her head off with a clothesline. Cage uses her for some curls before dropping her down in a heap. A rack neckbreaker gets two so Taya hits him low for a breather. Some running knees in the corner crush Cage as the announcers argue over how good Lance Storm (Taya’s trainer) was. Cage powerbombs her against the post and swears at the crowd a bit before dropping her with two more powerbombs.

It’s table time and Cage superplexes her from the corner in the ring over the top and off the apron for a great looking crash. Cue Mundo (it’s about time) to lay out Cage before pulling out a bunch of stuff, including a cinder block. As is so often the case though, this takes way too long and Cage gets up. Some beer bottles to the head have no effect so it’s Weapon X to put Taya away at 7:02.

Rating: C+. Now this was more like it as they stopped the whole “well we have to treat her nicely because she’s a woman.” Save for shots to the face, Taya took harder bumps here than most of the men take with that superplex being a high spot. Mundo vs. Cage is a good feud which I’m sure will be played off in Aztec Warfare.

Another Famous B. ad with him referring to himself as a recently retired underground fighter. We hear a testimonial from someone B. has made famous, which seems to translate from a loser to a good looking woman.

Ivelisse has gotten herself, Son of Havoc and Angelico a Trios Titles match next week but if they lose, they’re out of the company. An argument breaks out as I’m sure you expected.

Aztec Warfare is in two weeks.

Lucha Underground Title: Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Mil Muertes

Muertes is defending and gets double teamed to start to more effect than I was expecting. The fans aren’t sure which challenger to get behind so Muertes powerbombs Puma to make their minds up for them. For some reason this means it’s time for a Philadelphia Flyers reference from Vampiro as Muertes sends Pentagon out to the floor. Ever the one to fight the odds, Puma dives into a tornado DDT to take Pentagon down again.

Muertes actually dives down onto Puma for his biggest spot to date before all three head into the crowd. Puma gets in a good looking hurricanrana but Muertes hits a running punch to the face to drop him again. A powerbomb drops Pentagon in the ring for two but he comes back with a Sling Blade to put the champ down on the floor, setting up a big dive over the top.

Puma isn’t going to be one upped so he dives onto both guys for a big crash. Pentagon runs back in to dive on Muertes, followed by Puma diving on him as well. The challengers go to fight in the crowd with Pentagon slamming Puma onto a platform, only to dive onto Muertes again. The champ gets all fired up so it’s Puma diving onto both guys with a shooting star out of the crowd. They actually head back to the ring so Puma can kick Pentagon in the head to set up the 630. Muertes comes in for a very last second (and possibly edited to fit) save.

A Randy Orton style powerslam gets two on Puma but Pentagon is right there to break up the Flatliner. Muertes gets dropped with a double superkick but Pentagon comes out of the corner with a Backstabber for two on Puma. Striker: “The shrapnel of flesh litters the battlefield!” Uh, right. Pentagon goes for Puma’s arm but Muertes spears him down for no logical reason. Another spear drops Puma and it’s a double Flatliner for a double pin at 12:10.

Rating: A-. This was straight out of the Royal Rumble 2015 with Cena vs. Rollins vs. Lesnar but with masks and a lot of dives. They did a great job here of making Muertes out to be someone special as it took two of the top singles stars to even slow him down. The ending made it even better with Muertes beating both of them at once, which should write both of these two off as challengers for now.

Catrina gives them a double lick of death but here’s Fenix to say he’s cashing in the Gift of the Gods Title next week for a shot at Muertes.

Overall Rating: B+. I got into this one more than most of the season so far and a lot of that is due to Muertes being in action. He’s one of the strongest stars on the show and you really feel like something special is happening when he’s out there. Above all else though they set up two big matches for next week before Aztec Warfare the next week. In other words, instead of all the potential they keep setting up, we’re actually seeing these matches and stories paying off. That’s the big change that this promotion needed and it’s much better as a result.

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  1. Wim says:

    “Dragon jumps Jack Evans but here’s PJ Black with nunchucks for a three way fight. Eventually they beat Drago down but Aerostar time travels in and helps Drago. Good to see them reference last season a bit more.”

    I don’t understand anything from this segment even after reading it ten times. Is Dragon the same as Drago? And what do you mean time travels in?

    The plotline from this show is getting ridiculous. Dragons, aliens, time travelers, moths and whatnot. I don’t understand it at all.

    Wim Reply:

    All the i’s disappeared in my post! :-O

    Wim Reply:

    Son of bitch! :-O

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Yeah that was supposed to say Drago. When you type ReDRagon and Ricky the Dragon so many times, muscle memory can get annoying.

    Earlier this season it was established that Aerostar is from thousands of years ago and is here to help find the Aztec gods to prevent a war in his time. His suit lets him time travel around so I’m assuming he appeared there that way.

    Wim Reply:

    Thanks for the explanation! I haven’t seen everything from this season so I wasn’t aware of that time travel storyline. Enought is enough for me though. The wrestling is good but the storylines are simply ridicilous. To each his own I guess, it’s still a good thing there’s an alternative like Lucha Underground available.

    Greg Reply:

    It’s a TV show with wrestling. They aren’t trying to be a mock-sport. Just a TV show. Maybe looking at it that way will help.