Ring of Honor TV – March 16, 2016: I Could Get Used To This

Ring of Honor
Date: March 16, 2016
Location: Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee
Attendance: 675
Commentators: Mr. Wrestling III, Kevin Kelly

Tonight is literally all about the tag division as we’ll be seeing the entire show containing one match. In this case it’s a seven team gauntlet match, which hopefully won’t include any thirty second falls. The winners here get a Tag Team Title shot at some point in the future, which could make for some entertaining action. Let’s get to it.

Tag Team Gauntlet

ReDRagon and Caprice Coleman/Will Ferrara (Together due to accepting Prince Nana’s envelopes over the last several, several months. Normally I would say they need to get things going with that story but I don’t remember the last story I cared less about so drop it already) get things going with Ferrara and O’Reilly starting us off. Kyle can’t get a Kimura in so he holds the arms to avoid a dropkick.

Ferrara gets punched down with ease, allowing ReDRagon to start taking their turns on him in the corner. Fish gets two off a belly to back but Will dives through the legs and gets the tag. Unfortunately it’s not the hottest tag because the fans realize they’re going to see six falls before the ending. Everything breaks down and Fish backdrops Ferrara over the corner, only to have Will come back in and get caught in Fish’s knee bar for the tap at 5:52.

The third team in is the House of Truth, comprised of Joey Daddiego/Chris Laruso. This seems to be Laruso’s debut, who is described as a martial artist and a lawyer. The action starts after a break with Chris armdragging Fish down for little effect. Bobby comes right back with another knee bar but Laruso is fast enough to get over to the ropes.

ReDRagon starts taking turns again as they tend to be quite efficient at doing, including O’Reilly pounding away with strikes to the head. Daddiego has to break up an arm hold as the fans are still dead silent for this. A powerbomb gets Joey out of a triangle choke and everything breaks down again. Laruso kicks Daddiego by mistake and Joey walks out, leaving Laruso to get kneed in the face and choked out by Kyle at 17:30 total, including entrances.

The Young Bucks are in fourth and tell ReDRagon to suck it to get things going. Fish and O’Reilly grab stereo ankle locks, only to get sent out to the floor, allowing us to get TOO SWEET and a double suicide dive. We settle down with O’Reilly throwing Matt’s kick into Nick’s leg, allowing him to dragon screw leg whip both of them at the same time. It’s stupid when Davey Richards does the DDT version and it’s stupid here too. Everything breaks down and Nick’s Swanton hits Fish’s knees.

Kyle and Nick start trading kicks on the floor, only to have O’Reilly counter a superkick with an ankle lock. We take another break and come back with Fish suplexing Matt for two. It’s back to Kyle, who gets caught with a spinning Diamond Cutter out of the corner. Cool looking spot, even if the flip wasn’t really necessary. Nick comes in off the hot tag and superkicks Fish, only to miss another Swanton. Kyle and Nick come in off the double tag for a double superkick from the Bucks. More Bang For Your Buck puts ReDRagon out at 35:56 total.

Brutal Bob Evans and Tim Hughes come in fifth, charge into a double superkick, and are knocked to the floor for the opening bell. Hughes and Evans stall on the outside until we get another double superkick. Some might say this is a one move team. Hughes gets inside for a slow motion side slam, only to have Nick superkick him in the jaw. Evans comes in for some sweet shin music, setting up ANOTHER double superkick. A corner powerbomb into an enziguri sets up the hanging swanton for the pin on Bob at 39:57.

Next up is the Addiction, who sneak in from behind to jump the Bucks. Kazarian and Daniels start things fast and of course charge into a superkick. Another superkick drops Kazarian and a third breaks up Angel’s Wings, allowing Matt to roll Daniels up for the pin at 43:30. Well that was quick.

Addiction beats the Bucks down again after the match as Roppangi Vice come in last. The Addiction beats them down too until Vice fights them off, allowing referees to break it up. The actual match starts fast with the Bucks taking a slight advantage before we go to a break. Back with Vice dropping Matt with a Doomsday Device off the apron with a knee instead of a clothesline. Well at least they’re moving fast out there. Vice’s double jumping knee to Nick’s face gets two and it’s off to a seated abdominal stretch.

Back up and Nick sends Romero to the floor before superkicking Trent off the apron. The hot tag brings in Matt but we take yet another break. Back with nothing having changed and Matt telling Romero to suck it. The Meltzer Driver is broken up (Kelly: “That’ll mess up the star rating.”) twice in a row with Nick getting crotched on top during the second counter. More Bang For Your Buck is broken up as well and Strong Zero puts Matt away at 53:29 total, giving Vice the title shot.

Rating: B-. I liked most of this but they definitely could have cut some stuff out. Stuff like Hughes and Evans or Coleman and Ferrara easily could have been excluded to give more time to the bigger pairs but I get why they wanted to get as many people into this as possible. ReDRagon starting things off was a good option and they’re even protected by only losing in their third fall. I could have gone for a different team than Vice winning but you take what you can get in something like this.

Vice celebrates a lot.

We end with a video hyping up next week’s Global Wars, including a clip of Okada/Nakamura vs. the Briscoes from last year.

Overall Rating: B-. These show long matches are hard to pull off but if you can get an entertaining match out of it, things are about as strong as they can be. This has nothing on Zayn vs. Joe from a last week but at least there was enough entertaining stuff here to keep the show moving at a fast pace. It’s nothing great or anything, though it accomplished something and set up a match later on so it’s not the worst idea.

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