Middle Kingdom Wrestling – March 20, 2016 (Season 2 Premiere): When All Else Fails, Go Nintendo

Middle Kingdom Wrestling
Date: March 20, 2016
Location: CWE Gym, Dongguan, China
Commentators: Eddie Strong, Cam Ferguson

This is a promotion that I looked at late last year and kind of got attached to. In a rare personal note, I’ve actually been chatting with the promoter and one of the wrestlers so I’m hoping that the second season is a step up over the first. There are a lot of improvements that could be made but I like the core they’ve got here. Let’s get to it.

In case you missed it, one of the perks around here is the length of the episodes. For instance, this one clocks in at 16:18 total so it’s a VERY quick sit.

We’re already off to a good start as the opening is set up like an old NES Tecmo wrestling game, complete with the screen jumping.

We see some clips of what looks like a six man tag. No idea what the context is there.

Promoter Adrian Gomez is in the ring when Selfie King (apparently a parody of American culture) interrupts. That’s not very nice as Gomez was talking about…….I have no idea actually as the announcers talk about Selfie King wanting to face Tyler Breeze. Either way, Selfie King gets a match.

Selfie King vs. Candy Brother

Candy Brother is a guy who hands candy out to the fans, sending Ferguson into an amusing rant about how he’s poisoning the teeth of our children. The graphics are set up like an NES game as well. I’m already sold. King jumps him from behind with the selfie stick but Brother (whose mask is made of candy wrappers) throws him to the floor. Back in and we get some acceptable chain wrestling with Selfie King easily being taken down to the mat.

Candy Brother (I keep wanting to call him Candy Man but I’m too much of a Brad Armstrong fan.) sits on the arm and cranks away in something called a Snickers Sunrise. Strong says the MKW Universe loves this guy and it really doesn’t work for a place with so few fans. Then again it doesn’t work when WWE says it either. Candy Brother grabs a Tarantula of all things as Ferguson calls this season one. They botch a headscissors takeover so it’s tried again (never a good idea) before it’s off to a Black Widow on King.

Ferguson keeps making me laugh as he rails against Candy Brother’s love of cavities. A DDT gets two on King but he comes back with a really awkward looking clothesline. Off to a full nelson (with a Masterlock Challenge reference) for a bit before King throws him down with a German suplex. He takes WAY too long going outside but still hits a frog splash for another near fall. It took long enough that Strong plugged every single one of the company’s social media sites.

There’s another delay because it’s time for a quick picture and the distraction lets Brother get in a running kick to the chest. Another Black Widow is broken up (smart) and King puts him in a fireman’s carry for some squats. Brother isn’t all that big but that looked good, as did the Samoan drop. King’s standing moonsault is actually enough for the pin, which I’d call a surprise.

Rating: D+. So here’s the thing about Middle Kingdom Wrestling: for the most part, the wrestling isn’t all that good. Some guys are better than others and it was clear that Brother was much better in the ring than King but this was still pretty low level looking stuff. It also didn’t help that the match wasn’t put together very well. Brother dominated for a long time at the beginning and then things started to come together but this could have used a few minutes cut off.

That being said, there’s some stuff in here that I liked. Above all else, these two have very easily defined characters and you can tell who you’re supposed to cheer for. Brother wants to make fans happy (and give them diabetes but you can’t win everything) and King only cares about himself. That may not be a great story or even a story at all but you have a good guy and a bad guy which is a bigger step than so many promotions can pull off.

King was a BIG improvement over last time as well where he felt like much more of a joke than an actual wrestler. He’s nothing great or anything but it’s cool to see him as an actual threat to something. The match wasn’t terrible and some of the spots were decent enough but it’s clear that these two haven’t been in the ring at a very high level all that long.

A quick preview of next week’s tag match takes us out.

Overall Rating: C. I know it’s a bit weird to give a show with one match a rating other than that of the match but the production stuff was an important step up here. There were more cameras and better editing (though it was jumping around more than it needed to) here to make things feel a bit more important. It still looks very low level but at least they’re moving in the right direction. Get some more stories and some more characters and this could be a more enjoyable promotion. Finally the commentary is still one sided as Ferguson makes me laugh and Strong is……well he’s there too.

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