Wrestlemania XXXII Preview: Kalisto vs. Ryback

Or big vs. small.

Much like Jericho vs. Styles, this has been a very simply told story and there’s nothing wrong with that. It really seems like Kalisto beating Ryback in the World Title tournament (Yeah remember that?) in November was planting seeds for this (ok so that’s probably giving WWE way too much credit) and the story has come together really well. I’m digging the heck out of Ryback’s heel character but Kalisto has so much potential.

I think we’re getting a new champion here with Ryback needing to get something to get him back on track. Now I don’t buy for a second that WWE is going to stick with that and Ryback will wind up right back in the midcard purgatory that he’s been in for years but I think they go with him here and that’s probably the best thing for everyone around. Kalisto can come back and do something later but it would be much more damaging to Ryback to have him lose here.


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  1. Dorian says:

    KB – you’re one of the only guys I know who likes Ryback – this guy is just overrated junk; and should be toiling in some jobber or comic gimmick.

    Greg Reply:

    I like him. He is obviously always trying to improve himself. He was super hot a few years back (booking killed him). Great look. He has a personality but hasn’t figured it out yet on the mic. He is very passable in the ring. Nothing overtly wrong with him and has great upside if he improves on the mic.