Wrestlemania XXXII Preview: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

Pick a Horsewoman.

Now this one could go multiple ways, and by that I mean Charlotte or Sasha walking out with the title. Becky is my current favorite Diva (hopefully this is the last night that term is used) but there’s no reason for her to win the title here. Charlotte and Sasha are flat out better than Becky and I really can’t imagine anything her getting the belt.

That brings us to the question of who wins and likely feuds with Bayley as she makes her main roster debut this coming Monday. If WWE is smart they’ll have the Horsewomen in the ring together on Raw and go from there, but I think I’ll go with Sasha getting the belt. It’s going to be a big reaction and an awesome moment, but more importantly it needs to be a great match.

The Divas Revolution has stumbled all over the place and a big reason for it is due to the way the matches have been booked. If WWE wants this to go somewhere they need to have it be an NXT style match instead of a WWE style match. In other words, DON’T HAVE THEM SPEND HALF THE MATCH IN A CHINLOCK. We know these three can go as hard as you want them to so let them show off their talents and pop the crowd instead of sending them off to the concession stands. This could be something special but more than that it could be something important.


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  1. Milksword says:

    I wouldn’t say Sasha and Charlotte are “flat out better” than Becky. I actually think Becky is more talented in-ring than Charlotte, and possibly equal to Sasha. She got really over as a babyface during a feud with Charlotte going into Royal Rumble and has a really natural likeable quality to her.

    Greg Reply:

    I think Becky just hasn’t been given the chance to be in Sasha’s or Charlotte’s position. They have booked her clearly to be the lesser of the three.

    Becky is sort of booked like Rowan and Banks is Harper. Rowan was given no chance and made into a jobber while they pushed Harper.