Wrestlemania XXXII

I’ll be at the show tonight so use this to discuss the show if you like.  I’ll be back tonight (hopefully not too late) with a post about anything major that happens.  Full reviews of Smackdown (yeah I know), NXT, Wrestlemania and then Raw later this week, probably once we get home.




  1. ted says:

    pathetic show.

  2. Hamler says:

    Just awful.

  3. Heyo says:

    If I was a drinker, I would be going through so much alcohol right now.

  4. SamualDude says:

    Really questionable Mania. The wrestling was for the most part good but the results were really odd.

  5. Dorian says:

    What???? Did you guys watch the same show as me.

    The worst match of the night was by far Reigns vs HHH; but even that had the awesome Stephanie-getting-speared shot.

    ted Reply:

    Steph getting speared was a desperate attempt to get Reigns cheered and it still didn’t work. This show was full of blown spots and stupid booking decisions. When your main event has your babyface booed by eighty thousand fans. You have failed to book a proper wrestlemania.

    Dorian Reply:

    Hmm, put any other wrestler in there, like Ambrose, who is currently unilaterally over and you have everyone gushing over how awesome that spot was.

    But, because Roman did it – it was for getting him cheered. I am sure there is some truth in there but I thought the match was pretty organic. Reigns had to take out Stephanie, to level the playing field with HHH. This moment is exactly what they have been building to over the last year.

    Now, has the last year been an absolute hodgepodge booking for Reigns; no doubt. But after playing all their cards – THIS was always going to be the Wrestlemania conclusion to this story.

    I for one am glad; Roman has it; fair enough; MOVE the f#ck ON, WWE. Get him in some decent feuds with wrestlers that are not part time, have him defend this title; and if the crowds (especially in places like Boise, Des Moines etc) continue to give him heat – take note – and turn him.

    Dookie Blaster 4.35 Reply:

    so if Roman says hi its a desperate attempt to get him over. if he lets another car get in front of him its also a desperate to get him over. if he says bless you after someone sneezes its a desperate to get him over.

    i agree with dorian. after all the months of steph slapping dudes around this was her comeuppance. it had to and was gonna happen even if roman had 100% crowd behind him.

    and yeah the build up wasnt the best but did people forget this was gonna be the outcome? once triple h won the royal rumble, which everyone said was logical and made sense and all, you knew roman was winning.

  6. Dragon says:

    I thought it was good. Especially the women’s triple threat, Jericho/Styles, and Hell In a Cell.

  7. Bradley316 says:

    I did not like this show. I was completely underwhelmed. Mostly all heels won, too. Not a lot of feel good moments here. The crowd sounded pretty dead also.

    Why the heck did Jericho win? I guess Vince doesn’t like TNA guys still.

    Brock vs. Dean. WTF? Pretty lame stuff.

    The best match I would say was the Women’s triple threat match. Overall, this WrestleMania seemed like a very long RAW to me. Disappointed.

    Dorian Reply:

    # of heels winning – Jericho, League, Corbin (?), Charlotte
    # of faces winning – Reigns, Kalisto, Total Divas, Ryder, Usos

    And this doesn’t count the Rock, Undertaker and Lesnar – who are all faces and won, but perhaps booking didn’t really care for face vs heel – especially for this crowd.

    Bloodbuzz Bunk Reply:

    Ok so counting the pre show some faces won but I can’t honestly endorse a show that runs 6 and half hours and a majority of the face victories come in the span of 1 hour and half hours.

    To the second point yes Lesnar and Taker get cheered like faces but for all intents and purposes they were playing the heel role. You can’t tell me that the stadium doesn’t erupt if Dean kicks out of the F5 and Dirty Deeds Brock onto Barbie for the win. Also can’t tell me that some interference helping Shane win and shift the dynamic of the company for the future wouldn’t have people excited. Nothing coming out of that show gives me reason to be excited for Raw tonight.

  8. Your Eternal Reward says:

    Watching it live was as painful as 25, 27 and 29. It was like all three events mixed together without HBK vs Taker 1 to save it.

  9. Heyo says:

    Oh, and another thing: What the flying fuck was that thing with Stephaine before HHH came out?

    Honestly, there were just three things in the whole damn thing I liked: The Women’s match, the New Day entrance, and Paul Heyman being Paul Heyman. That’s it. Only one of those things involved a match being good.

  10. M.R. says:

    Shane’s still a crazy fuck.

    Dorian Reply:

    I know, right?

    I don’t know how people are walking away from this mania and complaining about lack of catharsis when you have a man jumping off of a FUCKING CELL? Again, I for one, was quite invested in the moment.

    I really hope Shane sticks around.

    Ted Reply:

    Except Shane lost and this supposed change isn’t coming. It’s still status quo. This show was sad and felt like being trolled. If you liked it fair enough. I did not..

  11. Opti says:

    Probably the worst Mania I’ve ever watched. So much terrible booking, Jesus Christ.

    Pre-show, Ryback loses to Kalisto who I’d nearly forgotten existed. Brie Bella gets to retire with a win, using more of her husband to get over. Now she can go have babies, while the ‘Divas’ get culled. Uso continue to be bland.

    Main card, Ryder wins. One of the few not terrible points of the event. Then we have New Day losing for no reason, so League of Midcard can get destroyed by three Attitude era legends, who then also beat up Woods.

    Lesnar puts in minimal effort and just suplexes over and over, while Ambrose uses none of the weapons given and loses after one F5. AJ loses to Jericho after hitting him with every finisher except the Spinal Tap. Just fuck TNA/Indy’s I guess.

    Charlotte wins cause of her dad… Again… At Wrestlemania… Shane killed himself in a spot that took 15 minutes too long to get to and another 5 mins too long to conclude. Taker is so done. Corbin wins the Battle Royale which will mean nothing.

    And that was the last highlight.

    Cena and Rock combine forces to bury the fuck out of the Wyatt’s for God knows fucking why. I mean come the fuck on.

    Then the main event draaaaaaaggggs on in silence as the crowd boo so heavily that they mute the crowd. I mean come the fuck on.

    Nothing changed. The biggest event of the year and nothing changed. Ryder wins a title and will promptly be destroyed tomorrow on Raw,the Authority still run the show and hate Roman, Brock and the rest of the part timers take their time off in knowing that a fresh batch of talent are to be raised and sacrificed to them in time.

    Tomorrow we will have Cena still divide opinion, Reigns getting booed, Ambrose and Wyatt incapable of winning a big match, a 20 minute Authority promo, the League of Nations existing and Ric Flair as a pushy parent.

    Fucking pointless show with terrible booking.

  12. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    It’s like James Gracie swelled up from overheating and exploded over the comment section. I do mostly agree with the main point of contention: BAD BOOKING.

    There are zero moments of catharsis or joy or the face triumphantly defeating a bad guy and ending a feud. We begin with Ryder winning a fun spotfest ladder match that didn’t need to exist based on the sheer electricity the crowd had for Zayn and Owens face offs. Also Ryder who outside of a distraction aided victory over Jericho on Monday hasn’t won a match in either NXT or WWE in MONTHS. Also he wasn’t in the match until Neville got hurt basically so this i random.

    The faces now do not win again from now until the main event which is a stretch because Reigns ain’t nobody’s idea of a hero or an idol that you relate to or live vicariously through.

    Styles and Jericho wrestle a great match and Jericho inexplicably wins because we are all bad people for not cheering Roman.

    New Day had the entrance of the night and lost to the League of Meh because we need to get that cheap nostalgia pop with two of our stars from Texas and because we are bad people for not cheering Roman Reigns.

    Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar had about 5/8 of the match I thought they would have and then when Dean gets the barbed wire bat he inexplicably loses because we like him and are horrible for not cheering on Reigns.

    The ladies TORE IT TO THE GROUND! Match of the night and Charlotte won which I would understand because I can see the logical steps in this grand story of the Div…. I mean women’s revolution but it hurts because the heels have beaten the more popular person for about two hours at this point. All because we are despicable humans for not cheering the Greek God of Goodness Roman Reigns.

    Shane McMahon then tried to sacrifice himself at the end of a cell much that should have gone on last but didn’t because change is a cruel and fickle illusion that we don’t deserve because we are worse than human for not cheering American Icon of Fatherhood and muscles Roman Reigns.

    Then we get a battle royal and try to forget that Shane is probably on the way to a hospital. Shaq and a Corbin win try to save the crowd it doesn’t really work because Corbin is a still a friggin heel but that is what we get because we deserve to be tortured for not cheering for Roman Reigns and his smooth, smoky, and illiterate supposed sexiness.

    Now the Rock comes and attempts to top the amount of time he can waste while we try to manage the guilt of Shane jumping off a 20 ft cage because we don’t love Roman Reigns. Rock also almost puts Wyatt over but in the end he doesn’t because…well that’s because Bray patted Vince on the ass before WM30 and its been over ever since for him. Thank God Harper got hurt so he wouldn’t get to lose in 6 seconds to the Rock.

    Finally WWE visualizes what it really wants us to do and screw barriers over our filthy mouths and just let Triple H have the grandest entrance ever for the third straight year. Then Roman comes out and I know it’s blasphemous to say this but actually has a good match which is too bad because the war was lost the months ago. So we end the night muted and drinking in the image of the glorious image of Roman Reigns wearing gold.

    This was either the most POORLY booked and BEST wrestled show I have seen that it makes no sense it would occur naturally. No friends this was a declaration of war by Vince McMahon and his Yes Men who dare us to boo his hero again because he knows best and will punish us if we don’t behave.

    Dookie Blaster 4.2 Reply:

    good, now i hope you cheer roman like you should instead of trying to be cool for the internet.

    Bloodbuzz Bunk Reply:

    I actually like Roman objectively speaking. He has a limited mic skill set and he might not ever develop beyond this but he has improved in ring wise leaps and bounds over the last year. Vince and the rest of the WWE do him no favors booking a whole 5 hour chunk of the card like they did. They either book all the heels to win because A) they are dumb and thought that would make fans relish the Roman victory or B) as a screw you to fans who aren’t playing along with story they have been committed to for about 21 straight months.

    Ted Reply:

    Why should I cheer Roman? Just because he’s a good guy and I’m supposed to? What about the fact that he’s boring? he’s character is not over? He has lost the crowd for months now? You think the only reason people dislike Roman is to be cool on the Internet? No it’s because he’s boring and there are other wrestlers I’d like to see in that spot. I’m not just going to clap because the wwe tells me so.

  13. Dookie Blaster 4.0 says:

    im confused no one interfered the hell in a cell match with so much at stake. like, not even vince showed up.

  14. Marky-Marc says:

    I was there live and it was incredible. Definitely some questionable booking choices but the show was awesome.

    Also KB, the people in my section didn’t even notice how long the show was, it seemed to flow nicely.

    Long rant on the hassle I went through to get to my seats coming later.