Post Wrestlemania Raw

I’ll be at the show again so use this if you want to talk about it.  I’ll be back tonight with a quick live recap and then hopefully the NXT review tomorrow (I’ve started it).



  1. Isaiah Morrow says:

    *cricket* *cricket*

    Dorian Reply:

    1006, meaning when? The USOs?

    Isaiah Morrow Reply:

    I was referencing to the comments section. no one was discussing.

  2. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    Well that flat out worked. Styles finally pins Jericho after hitting the Clash and is gonna face Reigns. Owens vs Zayn is the legit number two feud. Wyatts finally turn face. Great night for all 4 of the nxt call ups. Cesaro is back. Let’s see where they go from here.

    CrazyHorse Reply:

    Unless it was a total work, Owens is injured. He didn’t move around a whole lot, and the limp was noticable.

    Dorian Reply:

    I thought it was great piece of acting – and something that KB is always yearning for in this site – CONSISTENCY.

    I’d say soak in the main event – because IWF have what they’ve wanted. A rogue Reigns vs a baby face Styles. This might last as long as the next week Monday night – but it’s exactly what the shit-Sayers post WM wanted.

    What’s interesting would be to see if Styles can really sustain the interest. Already during the Roman segment it was pretty obvious Zayn > Owens > AJ in term of pop.

    Even during the main event Cesaro was hot. So it does look ominous for AJ.

    All that said, AJ vs Reigns is fresh, if they allow it to be built organically.

  3. CrazyHorse says:

    Agreed. The IWC is a continuously changing and substantially sh*tty community, so I expect them to change their minds within days if not hours.

    A lot of great feuds set up and debuts tonight, so the next few months are gonna be fun/interesting

  4. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    Owens sold the Wrestlemania ladder match damage like a champ. Unfortunately Zayn may have actually been hurt and re-injured the shoulder but that main event seemed all to polished to me. I think AJ will be fine on his pops because well he isn’t Roman and if AJ gets to tell his story about how he worked his way to the top of every company he has competed in and earned it than I think folks will latch onto it.

  5. CrazyHorse says:

    IWF…not IWC *facepalm*

  6. Jay H (the real one) says:

    Heck of a Show tonight with Returns,a couple Debuts,a rocking crowd,and AJ is #1 Contender.

  7. Your Eternal Reward says:

    Jeez quite lazy of the WWE Champion and new face of the company to only show up for 10 minutes and hit a single spear.

    Enzo and Cass was great. We know who they are, their feud with the Dudleyz instantly works. Bully with the great ring awareness to toss an uso into a table after the time keeper rang the bell too early. Dudleyz vs Enzo and Cass has more build in 5 minutes then Dudleyz vs Usos got in 2 months…..

    Rest in peace Zack Ryder. The US and IC title have once again hit rock bottom. They spend all of last year building it up but now that Cena is no longer doing the thing both titles have crashed and burned. Shame really.

    Wyatt face turn is great. Could keep him exactly the same just have him use the buzzards to help power the whole being a face thing up leading to great future success from the wyatt family or something.

    Dookie Blaster 4.35 Reply:

    gee, you guys dont want him as champion but complain when he isnt on tv.

    wrestling fans are the worst.

    ted Reply:

    First of all stop trying to elevate yourself above wrestling fans. Your posting here your a wrestling fan. Second that is a good point. If this guy is supposed to be the centerpiece of the show. He should probably be on it for more then 10 mins. He probably shouldn’t also suck and have large sections of the crowd boo him. But one problem at a time.

    Your attitude is the worst.

    Dookie Blaster 4.35 Reply:

    first of all, blow me. i never put myself above wrestling fans.

    second, Reigns was used perfectly on this show. the promo he did was good and was what fans had been asking for, less talking by him. any more screen time he had would have ruined that.

    also, we got the retun of cesaro, womens wrestling being treated like it mattered, 3 awesome debuts and AJ as the #1 contender. yet you 2 complain about the most hated wrestler not being on tv more. so stupid.

    wrestling fans are indeed the worst.

    Jay H (the real one) Reply:

    Yes ted we get it you hate Roman Reigns. Get over yourself already. You complain when he’s on TV but now as WWE Champion when he gets 10 minutes its not good enough.

    ted Reply:

    Hey if it were up to me i’d rather not see him at all. But I don’t get to make that call. But I can sure as hell say him being champion doesn’t make him any less boring. If your going to go all in with him. You would probably need more then 10 mins. There’s nothing to get over. I don’t like the Roman Reigns character. I’m going to post why. You don’t like it don’t read it. If you like him then it really shouldn’t matter what I say should it?

    As for you dookie blaster

    “first of all, blow me.”


    “i never put myself above wrestling fans.”

    Yes you did by implying wrestling fans are the worst for daring to dislike aspects of the show that you like. Suggesting you are above them by not doing this yourself. I’ll bet you do it again by the end of this post.

    “second, Reigns was used perfectly on this show.”

    No he wasn’t the sheer amount of boo’s should have been your indicator. They’re ignoring but it still doesn’t mean this face character is working.

    “the promo he did was good and was what fans had been asking for, less talking by him. any more screen time he had would have ruined that.”

    No it really wasn’t. Roman looked petty and practically heelish. I heard a rumor that he was trying to “handle the audience” The way Cena used to. If that is true he sucks at it. If it isn’t then that was a terrible baby face promo.

    “also, we got the retun of cesaro, womens wrestling being treated like it mattered, 3 awesome debuts and AJ as the #1 contender.”

    That is all awesome, but I thought we were talking about Reigns? The question isn’t whether raw was good? It was how is Roman being handled? Guess what it’s still bad.

    yet you 2 complain about the most hated wrestler not being on tv more. so stupid.”

    Me and who? Didn’t you just say he was used well. You realize he isn’t supposed to be the most hated guy on the roster right? You can’t have it both ways. Either he’s the super baby face who should be dominating raw or he’s so bad in his role he has to be heavily protected and not used to avoid the crowd not reacting the right way.

    wrestling fans are indeed the worst.

    How did I know you would insult everyone who posts on here. Including yourself. Well done.