Enzo Amore Injured At Payback (Updated)

He was being sent outside and went neck first into the middle rope, causing his head to slam into the mat/apron.  The match was almost immediately stopped and Enzo was taken out on a stretcher.  This clearly wasn’t storyline and looked very bad.  The camera wasn’t on him so no word on if his limbs were working or not.

Update: Cole says Enzo is talking and moving his extremities. That’s such a huge relief.


  1. #MrScissorsKick says:

    Didn’t look good. Hope he gets better soon. Possible concussion perhaps kb?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Possibly but I was thinking more about his neck.

    Grrrrrizzlay Reply:

    I watched a replay a bunch of times on YouTube and it didn’t seem to have any of those weird angles that you usually associate with neck injuries. That aside, the impact made his whole body ragdoll, which was the scary part to me since in every KO I’ve witnessed the body usually instinctively clenches the fists.

    Hopefully he just had a bad coincidental shutdown knockout instead of a full brain scramble concussion.

  2. M.R. says:

    Talented dude, hope he’s alright.

  3. Dragon says:

    I hate to see this happen to anybody but its a case of two green teams not quite polished in the art of working and bumptaking.

    Bloodbuzz Bunk Reply:

    Wow that may have been the dumbest take on the injury that I have read so far. I don’t think you know what green means.

    Grrrrrizzlay Reply:

    Go on Facebook or something and read the comments on the photos and videos. There’s so many people out there who think it’s because they’re young and don’t know how to do everything properly. It’s ridiculous how many people don’t realise they’ve spent years and years training and that it was a freak accident.

    The only thing “green” about the whole thing was Gotch being the stupidest person alive and trying to lift an obviously knocked out guy BY HIS FREAKING HEAD.

    Greg Reply:

    To be fair, you don’t usually think well that guy is knocked out right away.

    Ted Reply:

    All four guys have years of training what are you talking about?

    Bloobuzz Bunk Reply:

    All four guys have at least been in NXT 3-4 years. Cassady has been at it for 6 and Gotch has been wrestling for about a decade. Enzo was the least experienced guy in the match and has worked steadily in NXT for 4 years. They are far from green.