Three More WWE Releases

And they’re bigger names this time.Santino Marella – Basically retired at this point and never appears.  Not exactly a big loss but he’s certainly a name.

Wade Barrett – He was leaving in a few weeks/months anyway so this really means nothing.  He’s still one of the most mishandled names I can think of in years.

Damien Sandow – This one is all on WWE.  Sandow was over and had worked hard for years but hey, let’s have him get really close, get a huge pop, and then have him lose to Big Show so he can FINALLY win a (third) battle royal in WWE.  It’s a case of a guy getting popular and WWE saying “eh we’re good” and then going with what they felt like doing.  This has never sat right with me and I hope Sandow goes somewhere else and has a nice run.


  1. Greg says:

    Thought Marella was already gone. Probably more of a formality than anything.

    Barrett’s multiple injuries killed him. Same boat as Ziggler.

    Sandow was something. I’m not sure what his potential is but he is worth a roster spot. This is the only release I don’t agree with.

  2. RK says:

    santino but i like him again in wwe.

  3. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    I just hate the spring cleaning WWE does around this time every year. You see such wasted opportunities like Barrett and Sandow. Both of those guys had done good work was recently as last year and they gave up on Sandow and burned Barrett out. I also really liked Riley but he has supposedly hit a political glass ceiling which means he can’t even get a real push in NXT, so it’s probably better for him to get a fresh start elsewhere. Hard to find a place for dwarf wrestlers in WWE but at least those guys got to have a fun match that was memorable. Zeb got the raw end of bad creative with MexAmerica and could have helped somebody( even if they just reformed the Real Americans with Swagger and another guy). Cameron….. Well she could have at least jobbed for the 8-9 women who are worth giving a decade’s worth of pushes/feuds/tv time to.

    WWE waste so many people that its baffling sometimes.