WWE Releases Three Talents

These are always interesting days.Hornswoggle – Not exactly an important deal.  He’s a background/comedy character at best and hasn’t been around in forever.

Zeb Colter – Same, though he should have been brought back as someone’s manager.  The guy can still talk and has so much knowledge and experience.

Alex Riley – Arguably the biggest name gone but he hasn’t meant anything in years either.  It’s a shame too as he had so much potential after that Miz feud.


There could be more names later today so stick around.


  1. M.R. says:

    There’s rumors Cena was anti-Riley and has put the kabash on the guy over the past few years.

    Greg Reply:

    He thought Riley sucked. Tried to help him. Kept sucking. Pissed Cena off.