Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy: The Final Deletion

Of course it’s online now and this really is something that needs to be seen to be believed. It’s a bit long but check this stuff out and don’t skip ahead to the match itself as you’ll miss the most amazing part.


  1. CrazySole says:

    Yeah…I liked it, really cool, really creative. Kudos to TNA (especially the Hardys) for doing something different. This is certainly a “either you love it or hate it” situation, and I for one loved it.

    I’m assuming Mr. KB hated it?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Actually not as much as you would think. This is much more not my style than hating it.

  2. Greg says:

    It has the problem that you mentioned, they cannot follow up on it in any way. It is freaking dumb. I’m embarrassed by it.

  3. Not really M just someone pretending to be M says:

    I want to say something that sounds a bit crazy. This is good for wrestling as a whole. The move of the times is towards a more outlandish style, and the fans love it. There aren’t many wrestlers out there who can juggle all the ball that you’d need to in order to be the top of the current convention – think about it, you need a gimmick that you can create a character with, then you need to be able to portray that both in the ring and out, while also having the skill set and athleticism required for the in ring part.

    When the market is saturated with so many average joe types who have basic characters to work with, it creates a system where very few can succeed regardless of talent. The result in stuff like this JeffJeff’s Bizarre Adventure whateverthefuck creates the scenario where the average joe is the odd one out. If unique ever becomes the norm, the norm will always be unique and what was once the norm would also be unique. Of course, the perceived risk of this style will probably prevent it ever happily on a larger scale.

    If Matt was in his ROH actually working out body and Jeff was still 2008 Jeff this would have probably been a masterpiece. Old hardys make me sad

    Greg Reply:

    How would being in better shape make this better?

    How does this make anyone money? The type of fans attracted by this won’t stick around. Plus it’s not like this is actually going to bump the ratings.

    Sharknado became popular due to high levels of bad. It won’t stay popular due to the same reason. This is the same thing. Shit never stays popular because it’s shit. Shit can become popular for being legendarily shitty but it eventually starts to stink.

    Not really M just someone pretending to be M Reply:

    Jojo’s bizarre adventure has been around for longer than Monday night raw and is one of the highest selling Japanese manga of all time. This style is more similar to JoJo than Sharknado whether that was the intention of it or not, and it has been proven to sell for a consistent long stretch of time.

    The point I was trying to make, that has also seemed to fly right over your head, is that you can turn this into something not shit without much effort and still have the bizarre aspects of it. Once again I’ll state that this isn’t something I’d call the pinnacle of creativity or heap too much praise over, but that there is very much so potential going forward. Yes I also don’t believe TNA realises or has the talent to pull it off, yet the fact that they are still treating it as the most serious thing of all time and not doing what Sharknado would do (if your robot mind can’t imagine it, it goes along the lines of “lol look at us what on earth are we doing it can’t possibly get any worse can it?!”) lends some glimmer of hope.

    The match was really sluggish and that’s probably both their physical peaks so naturally you’d assume that would elevate it a little. That’s not too hard to understand right?

    Greg Reply:

    I thought you were referring to the match on the video (not the one at the PPV or whatever it was), which confused the crap out of me.

    Well then JoJo is irrelevant. It has been proven to sell in Japan. Different cultures. Comedy rarely translates well. Fun fact, that is why big budget comedy movies are seldom done anymore. They do not make that much money oversees due to not translating well.

    I do not have the best imagination in the world, so that was helpful. This is lets try to be as insane as possible which does not work unless the entire promotion follows suit. One thing in business is if you try to please everyone, you’ll please no one. So you have to pick your message and drive that message into the ground. In this case, TNA is presenting a serious show and a wacky fun time. They cannot present both long term. They have to pick one. This is different than say Raw and Saturday Morning Slam. Two distinct shows with clear different purposes. TNA has one show so they do not have that luxury.

    I get your point that with fine tuning, this creativity has potential to turn into actual entertainment. I get why you think that way. It is different. It is new. It has elements that can be taken and used in other ways. But in my robot mind, I do not see how this shit can be turned into something good without much effort. Like the old saying you can shine up a turd, but it is still a turd. Every element of this is a turd. I do like that something happened not in the arena but that isn’t a new concept.

  4. Jay H (the real one) says:

    Watching it again as I didn’t see most of it leading to the “Match” I found some of it quite amusing. Matt’s dialogue was pretty entertaining and the best part of the “Match” was him pinning Senor Benjamin,unmasking him,and saying Noooo. Plus also telling the Ref to Record the Submission was funny.

    Now on the flip side I doubt TNA will capitalize of this little bit of buzz they’ve made for themselves. Knowing their history of getting it but then taking 10 steps back.

  5. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    Once again this is solid ideas( a Matt V Jeff feud focused around the real life fact that Jeff became a much bigger star and over the top theatrics that are melodramatic and cheesy comedy at the same time) but it doesn’t work because the Hardys are way to old and diminshed at this point, the feud has gone on forever, and I’m not sure Matt nor Jeff understand what restraint is. A little is great but all this is a borderline dumpster fire.

    That being said it made waves some people really liked it and it popped a rating( however meager that is in comparison to wwe). TNA has a kernel of interest here and if they were smart would slow play this for 6 weeks and bring Jeff back as Willow and blow it off leading to nice Willow match at BFG with anyone else( Mike Bennett?). Matt will rebound into something because at least he sorta tries hard to make things work. But this is not TNA’s DNA so this will all happen in like the next episode on impact.