Ring of Honor TV – July 13, 2016: They’re Back!

Ring of Honor
Date: July 13, 2016
Location: Cabarrus Arena, Concord, North Carolina
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness

It’s about time. We’re finally back to some fresh episode with only the Ring of Honor crew as it’s time to deal with some fallout from Best in the World. It’s not clear what the next pay per view will be (or when it will be for that matter) but odds are we’ll be seeing Adam Cole as the next challenger to Jay Lethal’s ROH World Title. Let’s get to it.

We open with stills from Lethal vs. Briscoe II where Lethal retained the title clean.

Jason Kincaid vs. Donovan Dijak

Kincaid put in a strong performance in the Top Prospect Tournament. Dijak has Prince Nana because that new Embassy thing is STILL going on. Donovan powers him into the corner off a lockup and actually rams him into the corner while still in the lockup. I’ve never actually seen that. Dijak knocks him outside but can’t get a suplex on the floor. Instead Kincaid slips out and lands on the bottom rope, only to springboard backwards into a facebuster. That looked sweet and takes us to a break.

Back with Kincaid minus his shirt and getting thrown out of a suplex for a big crash. Another faceplant lets Kincaid come back again, setting up a seated Blockbuster to put Donovan on the floor. That means a suicide dive into a sunset bomb, followed by a springboard tornado DDT for two on Dijak back inside. That was a very flashy looking sequence and Kincaid gets even better by standing on the post for a super Diamond Dust (flipping Stunner). An armbar on the chokeslam arm has Dijak in trouble but he catches Kincaid coming off the top in Feast Your Eyes for the pin at 9:41.

Rating: C+. Big star making performance for Kincaid here, though it wasn’t the best idea in the world to have him use all of his big stuff in one night. That being said, when you’re not guaranteed a change to get out there very often, you need to get your stuff in. I wasn’t wild on the way he did things but he didn’t have many other options so it’s understandable. Dijak basically had one or two moves in the whole match but it’s not like he’s been doing anything other than the quick Lethal mini feud.

ACH is ready to become #1 contender to the TV Title tonight.

Tag Team Titles: Addiction vs. Beer City Bruiser/Silas Young

This was billed as the main event last week. Silas and Bruiser are challenging after winning Tag Wars on the road to Best in the World. Before the match, Daniels says he’s glad to be ready to face some REAL men. Kazarian and Young start things off by trading wristlocks before they both catch kicks to the ribs. They slowly put each others foot down before Kazarian takes over with some right hands. Daniels comes in and offers a knee for a faceplant but Young comes back with a kick to the chest.

The rather large Bruiser comes in to drive Daniels into the corner as this heel vs. heel thing is taking some getting used to. Daniels gets crushed in the corner with a running Umaga Attack, running knee and Cannonball but since Beer City Bruiser is…..well the Beer City Bruiser, Daniels easily takes over on him and scores with a split legged moonsault as we take a break.

Back (after Mark Briscoe saying he’s going to beat the better athlete in ACH tonight) with Bruiser crossbodying Kazarian to make the hot tag off to Silas as everything breaks down. Silas knees Kazarian in the face for two as the Addiction flips Silas into the air for a sitout powerbomb/neckbreaker combo and another near fall. Now it’s Bruiser getting knocked into the corner but Silas breaks up a double superplex. The big frog splash misses though and it’s the BME and Flux Capacitor (springboard spinning legdrop) to put Bruiser away and retain the titles at 12:19.

Rating: D. I’m not a big Addiction fan in the first place but this really didn’t work. Why they went with heels vs. heels isn’t clear but it caused some issues as the fans weren’t sure who to cheer and that’s not a good position to put them in. Bruiser and Young are fine as midcard bullies but they’re not really a team that is going to be a threat to the titles.

Kyle O’Reilly is fired up about his chance at the ROH World Title in two weeks.

It’s time for a live Fish Tank (Bobby Fish’s talk show) where Fish talks about how he’s the King of ROH. So he’s married to Maria and therefore Mike Bennett? Anyway his guests tonight are the potential #1 contenders to his TV Titles: Mark Briscoe and ACH. Briscoe goes first and wants to know what ACH stands for.

Perhaps it’s American Child Hero because ACH looks like a fourteen year old who has been eating grilled cheese all morning. Maybe it means Acrobatic Catlike Horseman? Fish isn’t sure but thinks Mark is on to something. ACH doesn’t like being called names like that because he wants his legacy. That means it’s time to beat up a chicken like Briscoe so the name means Annihilating Chickens Punks. Fish says let’s do the match right now.

Mark Briscoe vs. ACH

Winner gets a title shot against Fish, who sits in on commentary. Briscoe sends him to the mat to start and grabs a headlock to keep the high flier on the mat. ACH’s wristlock doesn’t last long so he goes with a rollup for two instead. It’s time to start flipping around until ACH dropkicks him out to the floor, meaning we get some basketball posing. Mark switches places with him and drops ACH, only to miss a Cactus Jack (complete with BANG BANGs) apron elbow.

ACH runs way too far around the ring and jumps to the apron for a headscissors around the post. Back in and ACH tries a springboard in but Mark dropkicks him backwards as we take a break. We come back to ACH hitting a discus lariat in the corner before they fight over a suplex for a long time. Mark finally gets him over but bangs his own head in the process to put both guys down again.

It’s time for Briscoe to take over as he sends ACH into all four turnbuckles in a row and then back to the first for a bonus. Mark can’t get a fisherman’s suplex but settles for a Death Valley Driver. He takes too long going up top though and gets kicked in the head, only to block the Midnight Star. A brainbuster sets up the Froggy Bow to put ACH away at 11:30.

Rating: D+. I really wasn’t feeling this one as there wasn’t much of a flow. Then again that’s a common problem in almost every ACH match I’ve seen so far and that’s not really surprising giving how his high flying style goes. Mark winning was the right call as I could see him winning the title whereas ACH would come off as just another guy.

Briscoe and Fish stare each other down to end the show.

Overall Rating: D+. The show was far from great but it was so nice to see some fresh stories for a change. It wasn’t the best wrestling in the world but at least these people aren’t the same imports that we’ve been watching for months now. It should be interesting to see them add in some more stuff going forward as things are kind of starting over again. Not a great shot but it was a major change that I had been waiting for since the beginning of the year.

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