Checked Out The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake Roberts

It’s actually better than it was advertised. If you’re interested in seeing someone completely broken and brought back to what he should be, this is more than worth checking out. The scenes with Jake breaking down about how much he’s wrecked his life just like his dad did are amazing and really do make you see how bad it was for him.

Above all else though, it shows you that Diamond Dallas Page might actually be a saint. You can put people in rehab all you want but there’s something about that personal connection and individual work that makes this come together. Yes Roberts and Scott Hall have had some issues since but they’re both so far and away ahead of where they were that it’s almost impossible to believe. This really does make you believe that anyone can get better and that’s the important thing.

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  1. Mike M. says:

    I work in mental health and it’s one of the most honest depictions of addiction that I’ve ever seen. It’s a constant journey. Best of luck to Roberts and Hall. And all respect in the world to DDP.