Lucha Underground – September 21, 2016: Not Quiet Yet

Lucha Underground
Date: September 21, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro

This season has been off to an interesting start as we have Dario Cueto doing various things and…..that’s really about all that can be pinned down. Almost everything else feels like one random match or story after another but Lucha Underground has earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to storytelling. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the Dial of Doom, Rey Mysterio vs. Pentagon Dark., which set up Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Pentagon and the Worldwide Underground’s issues.

Mysterio and Azteca are working out with Mysterio saying to forget Pentagon because they have their own battle to fight. Chavo Guerrero comes in and grabs a leg lock on Azteca but Rey quickly chases him off.

Dario spins the Dial of Doom and we’ve got a title match.

Lucha Underground Title: Matanza vs. The Mack

Mack is challenging and, somehow knowing he would be getting the shot, runs in through the crowd to go after Matanza in the aisle. A Stunner on the floor gives Mack three straight near falls, followed by a hurricanrana for good measure. Matanza shrugs it off and grabs a release German suplex. A pumphandle throw makes it worse and Cueto wants to see Mack dropped on his neck. Mack sends him outside for a flip dive but his frog splash hits knees. Wrath of the Gods retains the title at 6:03.

Rating: C+. I don’t know what it is about Mack but he’s just a likeable guy. On the surface he’s an overweight guy with bad fashion sense who can do a Stunner but his matches almost always wind up being entertaining. There’s something to this challenger of the week as the big ending should be a major name, though there will have to be some shenanigans to get them around the choices on the wheel.

Somewhere on the open road, as in somewhere in a basement, Son of Havoc is watching Famous B. commercials. Mascarita Sagrada is watching with him but here’s Mama Havoc with Bagel Bites in the most bizarre advertisement I’ve ever seen.

Johnny Mundo and Taya come in to see Dario with Johnny demanding his title shot. Dario laughs them off and says tonight the Worldwide Underground gets their rematch for the Trios Titles instead. That’s not cool with Johnny so he storms off, leaving Taya to say she’ll fight in his place.

Cage vs. Texano

Dario comes out of his office to say that the winner of this will get the ULTIMATE OPPORTUNITY. They go to the mat to start until Cage sends him over the ropes, only to get Stunned across the top. Texano gets kicked to the floor and taken down by a big man flip dive which always looks cool. Back in and Cage grabs a reverse Boston crab of all things but his rolling Germans are countered into an ankle lock. They trade some small packages for two each, followed by Cage hitting a Death Valley Driver for two more. A big old discus lariat takes Texano down and gives Cage the pin at 6:02.

Rating: C. Two power guys beating each other up for a few minutes is entertaining and that’s something you can always use. Well assuming you haven’t done the same thing for the last month or two with the matches losing any meaning they might have had in the first place. I like both guys though so this was a fun little match while it lasted.

Dario says not so fast as that was the first match in a Best of Five series. And before you ask, this was taped before Cesaro vs. Sheamus started.

Dario is in his office and opens a box containing…..a Famous B. hat? There’s also an envelope with some black and white photos which we can’t really see. Dragon Azteca comes in and asks for a match with Pentagon Dark. Dario actually says he’ll pencil it in so Azteca leaves. Ricky Mandel comes in and asks when his next match will be. That goes nowhere though as he sees the pictures that Dario had put in his trashcan. Dario gives him the pictures to get rid of him. Chavo comes in and says they need to talk.

Trios Titles: Aerostar/Fenix/Drago vs. Worldwide Underground

Aerostar and company are defending. Drago and Evans start things off with Jack having issues removing his warmup gear. Black tags himself in but Taya does the same so we can finally get contact. They trade technical stuff to start with Taya flipping out of a waistlock for a standoff.

Black comes in again and kicks Aerostar in the ribs, only to have the spaceman come back with a soringboard corkscrew crossbody. A tornado DDT is muscled over into a suplex for two but Black dives into raised boots. It’s off to Evans vs. Fenix but again Jack tags out again. Fenix pops Taya in the face with a slap so it’s Black coming in, only to get stomped in the back of the head. A mask pull puts Drago down and Black tags himself in again which causes some friction between Taya and Evans. Doesn’t make sense but whatever.

Black misses his top rope Lionsault and Taya has to throw Evans in by the hair. The champs start speeding things up and whip each other into Black in the corner as Evans is sitting on the floor with his arms folded. Black tries a springboard but Aerostar springboards up into a hurricanrana of his own. I know it looked bad with Black clearly just being there so he could get taken down but still, cool spot. A springboard Codebreaker puts Black away at 9:23.

Rating: D+. Really not much to see here other than some issues with the Worldwide Underground. It’s nice to have a promotion where stables aren’t beaten into the ground so a new one can feel fresh. Unfortunately this wasn’t the most interesting match in the world as they were doing the whole “no you fight” for the first five minutes or so. The ending helped but it’s still nothing compared to the usual stuff from these titles.

Post match Mundo runs in to help with the beatdown. Sexy Star comes out for the save and we’ll likely have an eight person tag soon.

Mysterio is in Dario’s office to say Azteca isn’t ready to face Pentagon. Dario agrees so instead we’ll have Azteca vs. Chavo with the winner facing Pentagon. As a bonus, Mysterio gets to be guest referee.

Overall Rating: D+. Maybe it’s just the beginning of the season but these first few episodes haven’t done much for me so far. There’s some good stuff going on here but this episode felt like another week with nothing to see and another “wait until next week” show. The good thing though is this promotion has shown that they know how to pick things up in a hurry with whatever wacky storyline they have next. Not a good show this week though.

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  1. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    I liked it better than a D+. Solid C+ for me as it is moving along stories in particular the idea of all these folks who had their arm snapped by Pentagon coming back for a piece of him. The dial of doom is a good way to showcase Matanza, the title, and reintroduce the midcard at the start of the season. I didn’t like the trios match either until the champs did what they do best which is move at light speed and hit incredible high spots that I haven’t seen anyone else do( well Aerostar and Fenix at least). I’m just not really feeling the Worldwide Underground as much this season as it feels like Taya works in super slow motion all of sudden and pouty Jack is by far the most annoying version of him.

  2. comadre says:

    I’m too not sold on this season so far but i think they didn’t do them self a “favor” in creating as many stars or interesting characters in the last two years. It must be pretty hard to feature them all in 45 minutes a week…

    I guess the success of this season will also depend on how long Matanza will hold on to the title. I don’t get the booking of his character as he gets beaten up from every midcarder who gets thrown at him be it Havoc or Mack. I really liked his dominant debut at Aztec Warfare but from there on it went downhill. As solid as he is in the ring for his size but they have a WAY better Monster character in Mil Muertes.

    Therefore i hope this stuff with the dial won’t run that long before Matanza drops the belt. As said before they build so many believable and/or capable Championship contenders (Puma, Muertes, Pentagon, Fenix, Mundo or even Rey, Cage and King Cueron if he’s still around) that it would be a waste if his reign holds on for months.