Lucha Underground – October 5, 2016: Now That’s An Upgrade

Lucha Underground
Date: October 5, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

I don’t know how many other ways I can put this but Lucha Underground has been pretty boring lately. There’s been one good match with Killshot vs. Marty the Moth but the rest of the season has been spent running around in circles from one loose end to another. Maybe this is the show that starts to fix things though so let’s get to it.

We open with recaps of Dario’s Dial of Doom, Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes and Texano vs. Cage.

Here’s Dario Cueto to spin the Dial and it’s…..Prince Puma. Now that’s an upgrade.

Ivelisse vs. Mariposa

Mariposa has Marty in her corner. Ivelisse is taken down to the mat to start and Mariposa goes after her hair. They fight over a lockup and Ivelisse takes over with a clothesline. The fans are way into Ivelisse here and it’s hard to argue as she looks awesome out there. A Marty distraction lets Mariposa take Ivelisse down by the hair and it’s off to something like a Sharpshooter but with Ivelisse using her arms instead of the legs.

After the rope is grabbed, Marty gets slapped away so it’s time for both villains to choke in the corner. Ivelisse fights out of a fireman’s carry and kicks out of a Samoan drop. Mariposa can’t get the Butterfly Effect either so it’s Code Red (running sunset flip bomb) to give Ivelisse the pin at 6:20.

Rating: C-. The women of Lucha Underground are such a strange group. Sometimes they can have the best match in weeks and other times you would think they had learned by watching old Bella Twins tapes. This felt like a collection of moves instead of a regular match and that’s rarely a good thing. As usual, it’s another match for the sake of having a match, which has plagued this season.

Marty decks Ivelisse post match.

Dario is on the phone when Johnny Mundo comes in, yet again demanding a title shot. Why did Puma get one tonight? He didn’t earn it like Mundo earned his abs so why should he get a title shot? Dario says no so Johnny will settle for Sexy Star and the Gift of the Gods Title. That’s not happening either because Johnny’s Worldwide Underground stablemate Jack Evans already has that shot. Johnny isn’t pleased.

The White Rabbit Tribe is coming. Somehow I like this idea.

Texano vs. Cage

Match #2 in a best of five series with Cage up 1-0. Texano misses a running boot to start and gets shouldered in the corner. Cage is knocked outside and sent into various metal objects but Cage comes right back with a superplex for two. A hard elbow to the jaw drops Cage again but he grabs a powerslam to set up a middle rope moonsault. Striker is very happy that we’re guaranteed another one of these though I don’t quite share that sentiment. Cage catches him coming out of the corner with a sitout Alabama Slam and an F5 wraps up Texano at 6:28.

Rating: C. Striker thinks that going up 2-0 makes Cage the favorite to win the whole thing. That’s Michael Cole levels of stating the obvious and it’s getting harder and harder to sit through. It’s also getting hard to sit through this best of five series, but at least the matches have been quick and we should be done next time. Then again, this is wrestling so we’re going to go to five matches because of course we are.

Ivelisse’s boyfriend Jeremiah (Sami Callihan) wants to beat on Marty and Mariposa for jumping her but Ivelisse says she wants to keep things separate.

Lucha Underground Title: Prince Puma vs. Matanza

Matanza is defending and has Dario in his corner. They trade hard shots to the face to start with Matanza getting the better of it, only to miss a charge and get dropkicked out to the floor. A shooting star off the apron makes things worse for the champ but he’s more than capable of hanging in a fight on the floor.

Puma is whipped hard into the barricade and it’s time for the monster to throw him around with raw power. We hit the chinlock for a bit before Matanza runs him over with a hard shoulder so Puma can sell the heck out of it. That’s so important and makes monsters look even better. Puma comes back with something like a 619 around the post to set up a springboard clothesline.

Another shooting star gets two on the champ as the fans are WAY behind Puma here. Matanza opts for another splash but Puma actually pulls him out of the air for a lifting suplex. Now THAT makes the fans lose their minds but Puma’s kick is caught in the air and turned into a capture suplex for two more. Wrath of the Gods is countered into a DDT though and Dario gets to panic all over again. More kicks to the head set up the 630 but Mil Muertes comes in with a spear to take Puma out…..but Dario says it’s No DQ. Muertes gives Puma a Flatliner and Wrath of the Gods retains the title at 12:55.

Rating: B. This was a very entertaining match but because it had two people who know how to wrestle the big match style. However, there’s only so much you can do with no story. Other than a wheel spinning, there’s no reason for Puma to get this shot. The action more than carried this one though and that’s what makes something like this work.

Killshot is lifting weights when Joey Ryan comes in with a note for him. Killshot asks who gave it to him. Ryan: “What do I look like? A detective?” The note says Killshot left someone for dead.

Overall Rating: B-. This show was better than usual but the big problem is still there: the lack of stories building up to the big matches. Almost none of these matches have any real build to the showdowns and almost everything feels like it’s thrown together in a few minutes. Lucha Underground works because they build things up over time whereas recent weeks have been little more than “here’s the story and here’s the match a week or two later”. That takes away the uniqueness from the show and that’s not a good thing.

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  1. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    The beginning of the seasons always feel hit or miss because they have to essentially start half a dozen feuds and introduce several characters. This will all line out once we get Mil v Puma, Pentagon v Azteca, Mundo v Star etc.