Ring of Honor TV – October 15, 2016: Not My Cup of Good Wrestling

Ring of Honor
Date: October 12, 2016
Location: MCU Park, Brooklyn, New York
Attendance: 1,500
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Bobby Fish, Steve Corino

It’s week two of Field of Honor, meaning we’re only a week away from moving forward on the pay per view from the end of September. By Ring of Honor standards, that’s actually a pretty big improvement. I’m not sure what to expect from this show but last week’s edition was rather entertaining. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We’re back at Field of Honor on August 27.

Katsuyori Shibata vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Shibata’s Never Openweight Title isn’t on the line. Kyle is taken down to start and the fans give Shibata a polite golf clap. Back up and Shibata blocks a right hand, only to be taken down into a cross armbreaker attempt. I could go for some mat grappling and it’s cool to see Kyle getting to hang with a big name like Shibata. Kyle ducks a big kick and looks terrified at the near miss.

Instead it’s off to a pretty weak chinlock from Shibata before switching it over to a triangle choke. We take a break and come back with Shibata starting in on the arm to stick with the submission skills. Back up and we get the forearm exchange and it’s Kyle taking over for the first time. A backdrop suplex sets up a kneebar, followed by some hard kicks to Shibata’s chest, which are completely no sold as part of the fighting spirit or whatever it’s called this time.

Shibata goes for the arm again but settles for another triangle choke as we take a second break. Back with Shibata grabbing a guillotine which is countered into something like a reverse sleeper. Shibata puts both guys down with an STO, followed by rolling German suplexes from Kyle to put both guys down again. Back up and Kyle hits two straight brainbusters. An Omoplata has Shibata in trouble and the referee stops it to give Kyle the win at 17:30.

Rating: B-. The match was entertaining but I don’t care for this style. It also doesn’t help that there’s nothing on the line other than bragging rights. Shibata’s tough guy style doesn’t do much for me either, though you kind of have to expect it at this point. Kyle winning is nice though as you almost never see the New Japan champions losing.

Video on the rest of Field of Honor.

ROH World Title: Adam Cole vs. Jay Lethal vs. Tetsuya Naito vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Cole is defending and this is one fall to a finish. Thankfully there are tags here so Lethal wants Naito to start. Instead he gets Cole, who immediately tags in Tanahashi. Now Naito and Cole tag themselves in as we’re over a minute in with no contact. And wait a bit longer as Naito isn’t ready yet. We’re over two minutes in with no contact because ADAM COLE BABY!

That earns him a kick to the ribs before they hit the mat for all of ten seconds. More posing ensues as we’re somehow over three minutes into this. Lethal comes in for a staredown with Naito, who tags out to Tanahashi. Cole and Naito are knocked off the apron and it’s time for Jay to do some dives.

Back from a break with Lethal putting Tanahashi in the Figure Four. Cole tags himself back in and Naito does the same so we can have a heel battle. Naito sends Tanahashi outside and does his signature pose as this is really, really going through the motions so far. Jay comes back in and takes a slingshot dropkick in the corner from Naito, who tags Cole back in to stay in control. The announcers start talking about the January 4 Tokyo Dome show as Cole almost superkicks Naito.

Lethal knocks them both down and we take a break. Back again with Tanahashi cleaning house and getting two off a slingshot senton splash. Naito breaks up the High Fly Flow and takes Tanahashi out, leaving us with Cole vs. Lethal again. The Lethal Injection gets two and it’s time for the parade of secondary finishers to leave all four down. A Tower of Doom is broken up and another Lethal Injection drops Tanahashi but Cole hits Lethal with a Last Shot to retain at 18:32.

Rating: B. I wasn’t feeling this one either but it was still entertaining. The problem here is it felt like your standard house show main event: a lot of action with little drama and none of the guys going out of their comfort zone. It’s still good enough and fun live, which is the point of something like this, but it’s not the best to sit through at home.

Overall Rating: B. This is a weird show as the matches were both good but I didn’t get a lot of entertainment out of them. They were both just there and didn’t show me anything I haven’t seen before. The main event is better and the show is definitely worth watching if you have the time but it’s just not my style. I’m pretty sure we get the regular shows back next week and that’s the best news I can hear every time we go through this weird taping cycle.

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