Lucha Underground – November 2, 2016: It Worked Before

Lucha Underground
Date: November 2, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

We’re only a few weeks away from Aztec Warfare and that means things are about to pick up in a big way. With Matanza seemingly unstoppable in singles matches, the best way to get the title off of him is to throw everyone at him at the same time, even though that didn’t work so well last year. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap….is cut off by an ad for a movie marathon airing this Saturday. It seemed to be talking about the undercover cops and Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero in a loser leaves the temple match.

It’s time for Dario’s Dial of Doom and the spin lands on Dario’s Choice. After a tease of Mysterio, Dario has a surprise for us.

Lucha Underground Title: Matanza vs. Cortez Castro

Castro is challenging and has a broken arm. Striker asks if we should get the Bob Orton Jr. jokes in now or save them for later. See, it’s because Matt is the wrestling fan and overly smug. Matanza kicks him in the arm and breaks the cast in two. That actually gives Cortez an opening as he swings the broken cast at the champ, only to get smacked back down. Wrath of the Gods retains the title at 2:27.

Dario calls Castro a rat in a rare instance of the backstage stuff being mentioned in front of the cameras.

Dario and Joey Ryan are laughing in the back when Son of Havoc comes in with Mascarita Sagrada. Mascarita wants to face Famous B. so Dario makes Havoc vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. If Havoc wins, Mascarita gets to pick the stipulations for the match with Famous B. If Wagner wins, he gets to pick.

Here’s Prince Puma to address the crowd for one of the only times ever. He pinned Mil Muertes a few weeks back but that’s not enough revenge for Muertes putting Konnan in a coffin. Therefore, Puma wants Grave Consequences. Catrina comes out to accept almost immediately but here’s Muertes to jump Puma. The Prince fights back and clears the ring, complete with his backflip into the pose.

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Son of Havoc

The winner gets to pick the stipulations for next week’s Famous B. vs. Mascarita Sagrada match. Wagner gets clotheslined to the floor at the bell and Havoc follows with back to back suicide dives. Havoc sends him into the barricade but gets spun inside out off a clothesline back inside. Famous B. goes after Sagrada due to reasons of evil as the fans chant 423-YOU-SUCK. The clothesline is returned to put Wagner down and the shooting star gives Havoc the pin at 5:25.

Rating: C-. This might be better if it wasn’t designed to set up a glorified comedy feud. I mean, does anyone really care about Mascarita Sagrada beating up his former manager? This feud has gone on for months now and they were really smart to bring in some fresh names but it’s still not interesting whatsoever.

Mascarita picks Believers Backlash, meaning fans bring the weapons. I’m not sure how that helps him but I’ll just be glad for this feud to end.

The White Rabbit Tribe is still coming.

Grave Consequences is confirmed for next week.

Rey Mysteiro Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Loser leaves the Temple and unfortunately that means we have to hear about how great and legendary Chavo is. Chavo headlocks Rey down to start as Dinero talks about how many times this match has taken place over the years. Not the best argument, but neither is having Chavo in a featured role.

Rey headscissors him out to the floor for another headscissors into the crowd but the fans are too busy chanting for Chavo Classic (Chavo Senior, in the crowd tonight). Back in and Rey’s hurricanrana is countered so Chavo can start in on the leg for a smart move. Chavo throws Rey off the top but gets powerbombed down for a double crash. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker sets up Three Amigos on Rey but he comes right back with a headscissors. Cue Chavo Classic with a chair… hit his son and that’s a DQ, meaning REY IS GONE!

Actually never mind as here’s Dario to say we’re restarting this match under No DQ rules because Chavo Classic isn’t ruining his main event. Classic takes the 619 but Chavo Jr. rolls through a top rope seated senton into a half crab. Rey gets out but his leg is really banged up. The Gory Bomb gets two more on Mysterio, who comes back with a basement dropkick. Now the 619 and springboard splash get rid of Chavo at 13:40.

Rating: B-. Chavo is a great example of someone skilled but not interesting. Aside from his time with Eddie and the last few months of WCW, I don’t remember a single time where I was interested in seeing a Chavo Guerrero match? The guy is just there and probably wouldn’t be on this show without his last name. The false finish was good stuff though and the match was solid for an off weak main event. Chavo being gone is for the greater good and that’s the most important part.

Overall Rating: C. There’s a different feeling around here because Aztec Warfare gives us something to look forward to. You can only get so much out of short form stories like Lucha Underground has been doing for months now and this is the big upgrade that the show has been needing. It’s still entertaining enough and I’m looking forward to the big gimmick matches they’ve got coming up. In other words, Lucha Underground is getting back to what works and that’s very good.

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  1. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    Chavo had a pretty good heel run with Chavo Classic as his manager in WWE as heel of the crusierweights but the division’s overall problems drug down his value. But outside of those three instances( which are really just his peak from 2001-2004) he has been a good hand and just annoying enough to get by as a heel. LU is probably better off without him as his name recognition demands an unwarranted amount of attention which should go to the less established but ultimately more promising wrestlers. I am gonna miss the Chavo surprise matches when he randomly showed up and got into a 3 to 4 week feud and end up having an above average payoff match that was a pleasant surprise.

  2. NightShiftLoser says:

    Chavo is actually one of the executive producers, but I wonder if he’s leaving as a wrestler AND producer, or just as a wrestler to focus more behind the scenes.

    I totally disagree on Sagrada v Famous B. I think it’s one of those feuds that lightens up the show and you want to see the chickensh*t heel get the beating that’s coming to him. Thus, Believer’s Backlash.

    Next week should be a great show, with that and Grave Consequences.

  3. Wim says:

    And don’t forget his run as Kerwin White.

  4. Isaiah Morrow says:

    Do the fans legitimately hit full force with the belts and weapons during a Believers Backlash match? I was wondering that when Hernandez and Drago had a match. Are the fans told before hand what to do? Or are they plants? Your thoughts KB?